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WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain
WWE Smack Down Here Comes Pain
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 (Japan)

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Edit parts: Body: Face 2: Face Model 23

Figure (X:33, Y:0)

Shape (X:58, Y:0)

Age: -1

Head (X:-48, Y:3)
Eyebrows (X:24, Y:-11)
Eyes Left (X:-53, Y:-52) Right (X:-39, Y:-31)
Nose Left (X:-13, Y:57) Right (X:3, Y:16)
Cheek (X:-43)
Mouth left (X:0, Y:-27) Right (X:100)
Jaw Left (X:-53, Y:24) Right (X:-27)

Hair 34 C:(X:-79, Y:9) S:(X:5) L:(X:72)
Eyebrows 25 C:(X-85, Y:-4) S:(0)
Eyes 34 C:(X:11, Y:-13) S:(5)
Facial Hair 37 C(X:-69, Y:55) S:(-62) T:(100)
Underwear 1-1 C(X:-68, Y:20) S:(-3)

Make-up (Acc) 4 C: (X:14, Y:100) S: (0) T: (-54)
Design: Simple 147
(Rotate once, smallest size. Place over left eye, the edge touching the outside of the eye, with the top (oval) just out of sight under eye)
C: (X:-85, Y:19) S: (-27) T: (100)
(Copy last piece, edit, and move slightly to the right. Repeat on other eye.)

Make up 49 C:(X:-89, Y:-33) S:(0) T:(54)
Knee pads 14/1 C:(X:100, Y:-19) S:(0) T:(100)
Shoes 2/1/1 C (X:-68, Y:25) S:(4) T:(23)
Wristbands 1/13 C (X:100, Y:9) S:(-100) T:(100) L:(100)

Body Morphing (X:1, Y:-57)

Head (X:-6, Y:-27)(Y:28)
Neck (X:89, Y:66)( Y:-25)
Chest (X:24, Y:-25)(Y:5)
Shoulders (X:-67, Y:36)(Y:-18)
Abdomen (X:55, Y:-29)(Y:-31)
Arms (X:21, Y:8)(Y:-52)
Forearms (X:-20, Y:-5)
Hands (X:49, Y:43)(Y:-57)
Waist (X:11, Y:-5)
Thighs (X:-0, Y:16)
Legs (X:-27, Y:9)(Y:33)
Feet (X:-17, Y:-7)(Y:-69)

Height 6 6

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