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War of the Monsters

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Play as Mecha-Sweet Tooth:
Use a memory card with a saved file from Twisted Metal: Black with Sweet Tooth completed. A message stating that Mecha-Sweet Tooth will appear when the game loads. Then, play as Agamo and select costume #4. He is slow, but still laughs.
Defeating Cerebulon: When you first fight him, he is in a full body of UFO armor and shoots an extremely powerful last cannon from his hands. Hide behind either of the pillars and hold R2 to block one (it breaks, and you will receive little damage). Or, jump on the buildings that are along the perimeter. Get beside one of the buildings that are slightly higher than the rest. Cerebulon will shoot the buildings before he hits you. However, you will most likely receive damage. After hitting him about seven times with throwable objects or ranged special attacks such as Preytor's Parasite or Kineticlops' Electric Bolt, he will strip off his armor and become a mechanical brain. To destroy this, pick up either of the two pieces of spacecraft that are indestructable and throw it. Hit him about six or seven times. He will damage you; there is nothing you can do to stop his orange electric bolt attack that he does every ten seconds. Hit him as many times as you can with the spacecraft pieces. When the metal breaks off him, his real body will appear. He will do a 10-hit combo that takes off about half of your life -- block if he gets close to you. Do your best by combining good combos, special attacks, and throwing items. When he dies, you shall receive between 30,000 to 45,000 Battle Tokens, depending on how quickly you killed him.
Multi-player mode: Easy win: Select Congar and trick your opponent to choose Midtown Park. When you start, pick a radio tower and head to the building that falls toward the center of the park. Lure your opponent there. When he passes in the path of the building , "impale" him with the radio tower. As soon as he is impaled, turn toward the building and do an long-range attack (at the building ). If done correctly, the building should land on your impaled friend, killing him instantly.

Dodgeball mini-game:
Spend 105,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Dodgeball mini-game.
Big Shot mini-game: Spend 65,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Big Shot mini-game.
Crush-O-Rama mini-game: Spend 85,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Crush-O-Rama mini-game.
Play as Raptros: Spend 200,000 Battle Tokens to unlock Raptros.
Play as Zorgulon: Spend 200,000 Battle Tokens to unlock Zorgulon.
Volcano level: Spend 45,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Volcano level.
Mini Baytown level: Spend 65,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Mini Baytown level.
Capitol level: Spend 85,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the Capitol level.
UFO level: Spend 105,000 Battle Tokens to unlock the UFO level.

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