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V Rally 3
V-Rally 3

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Enter your name as one of the names below to enable the Effect you require..
Note: Enter your first name as the numbers and the Surname as the letters. 

Effect .... First Name .... Surname
Floating cars .... 210741974 .... MARTY
Small cars .... 01041977 .... BIGJIM
Smashed cars .... 25121975 .... PILOU
Jelly cars ....  07121974 .... FERGUS
Flat cars .... 21051975 .... PTITDAV
Stretched cars .... Gonzales .... SPEEDY
Small cars/high-pitched commentary .... [Leave name blank] .... PALACH

Unlock the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI:
Select career mode and win the 1.6L championship.
Unlock the SEAT Cordoba Repsol: Successfully complete the game in challenge mode.
Unlock the Subaru Impreza 2000: Select career mode and win the 2.0L championship.
Unlock the Toyota Corolla V-Rally: Set a record time in all circuits.
Unlock the Reversed tracks: There are four tracks in each country. Beat the record of a track to unlock the next one. Unlock all of them to access the four reversed tracks for that country.


To increase the level on your license, you have to win championship titles in Career Mode.
Win the 2.0L championship twice and you'll get a 'Level2' license which allows you to drive higher performance cars in the Single Race mode.
Win the 2.0L championship four times in total and you'll get a 'Level3' license allowing you to drive at Performance Level 3 in Single Race mode.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, Harlow11 and HouseeMM

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