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This button combination works in Story, Endurance, Challenge, and Multi-Player modes.
Follow the steps below..
1. Set the control option to "Classic".
2. During play, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press:
Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
3. If entered correctly "Invulnerability On" will appear.
You can repeat the code to turn it off.


During play, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press:
Right, Left, Down, Up
You will see a message if entered correctly.

One hit kills

During play, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press:
X, X, Up
You will see a message if entered correctly.


During play, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press:
Up, X, Left, Circle
You will see a message if entered correctly.


During play, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press:
X, X, Triangle
You will see a message if entered correctly.


During Play, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press:
Triangle, X, Square, Circle
You will see a message if entered correctly.

Use Minion's Special

During Play, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press:
Right, Left, Up.
Your car will shoot three of Minion's Fireballs and a Freeze, similar to the old Minion weapon.


During play, press:
Select + Right


During play, Press:
Down, Up, Down + Fire.
Note: This does not work with all weapons.

You need energy to use this attacks..
Freeze attack:
Up, Down, Up.
L1 + R1.
Land mine:
Right, Left, Down.
Charge Mine:
Right, Left, then hold Down.
Left, Left, Down, Down.
Right, Right, Down, Down.
Rear fire:
Left, Right, Down + Fire.

Shadow: Secret special attack

While playing as Shadow, select her special attack weapon and press:
Up, Up, Up.
She will come through the roof and fire a turret weapon at her opponents.

Shadow's alternate special move

To do Shadow's alternate special move, make special the active weapon as if you were going to use it. Instead of pressing L2, press Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up.
Raven will appear from the top of Shadow and shoot a machine gun Outlaw-style.


During the Junkyard level, shoot down the airplane the is flying around.
The air plane will crash into a wall that leads to a underground tunnel.
Follow the tunnel until you see a control panel.
Shoot the panel and a message saying that Yellow Jacket has been unlocked will appear..


Go to the Freeway level.
It is recommended that you destroy all but one or two of the other vehicles before proceeding. Toward the centre of this level is a large construction site with two big cranes.
The one on the right is holding a pipe, the one on the left is holding a crate.
Use the ridge between the cranes and the road and aim yourself at the control box of the left crane (at the centre box).
You only need to hit it once with some kind of missile.
The crate will then lower into the construction yard.
Shoot it open to unlock Axel.


Once the ship docks on the island in the Prison Passage level and you can exit the boat, go to the right (left if facing the ship).
Follow the waterline until you reach some crates.
Shoot them up until a ramp is formed. Shoot the side of the ship until a opening appears.
You will find and unlock Man Slaughter there.


Unlock all of the secret characters, then successfully complete the game in story mode with all of the regular and secret characters.
A FMV sequence showing Minion reassembling and a "Beware of Minion" message will appear.
He appears after Sweet Tooth on the character selection screen.
Translated Minion codes:
1. I do not think this is real
2. I must speak in code or he will discover me
3. We are trapped in his head
4. This is how he sees the world, how Sweet Tooth sees his life, it is not real
5. All of us are trapped in his head
6. I miss the old colorful world
7. We will return to old world one day
8. In the real world my name is Marcus Kane


Start the Suburbs level and go to the entrance to the carnival.
Turn left and jump off a hill to land on top of a building with a structure on top of it.
Blow up the structure to reveal a hole in the building.
Fall through the hole and destroy the panel.
A message stating Warthog has been unlocked will appear.

Elevators level

Begin game play on the Highway Loop level.
Make sure that there are no more than one (preferred) or two enemies remaining.
Go to the bridge with the gap in it.
Go to the side opposite the long tunnel.
Facing away from the bridge and to the left on the other side of the wall, you can see two round towers at what seems to be a powerplant.
Hit the one closest to the bridge with a gas can.
It will pop off and start rolling toward the bridge.
Make sure you and none of the enemies are in its path or it will break. It will slowly jump the bridge and will make a hole just inside the tunnel. You will find the cube inside.

Freeway level

Start an endurance match in the Snowy Roads level. Get ten consecutive kills without being killed.

Minion's Stadium level

Begin game play on the Downtown level.
Locate the set of buildings connected at the second story on one side of the river/bayou.
You can find it easily since when you drive between them, there is a big section of wall that is very visible that you can shoot out to get to the elevators.
There is one on each building.
When facing the buildings from the river, take the left-hand elevator up.
Then, circle around to the back of the building.
Along the way you will notice that the ground changes color.
About one car length to the left of that line is where you want to creep to the edge and barely fall off.
You should hit the cube while falling.
If not, you should be on a different level off of the ground -- jump (press R1 + L1) to get the cube.
It can be seen from the ground floor once you know where to look.

Skyscrapers level

Once on Warhawk's rooftop in story mode, there is a building in the background where the Tanker (Minion's) flies off to your building. Face near the edge of that side and switch the camera view to the farthest selection. You should see a black cube slightly off the building. You will lose one life when the cube is collected, but the Skyscrapers level will be unlocked in multi-player mode.

Sewers level

Begin game play on the Skyscrapers level. Switch the view to the farthest away from the vehicle. At the bottom of the crashed plane and to the left (if you were exiting the plane) is a small billboard at about car level. Shoot it down -- you may have to be on the next building (the way the billboard faces) to do so. It will now bridge the gap between the two buildings. Put yourself in the center of the board and aim yourself toward the inner part of the hole. Head in at regular speed. You will have to lose a life to get this cube.

Warhawk's level

On the Junkyard level in story mode with any character, shoot down the green Pizza Boy statue (near the Old Warplane and crane). His pizza box will fall near the vertical crusher and form a ramp. Go to the ramp and line yourself up to the crusher. When the crusher falls, use the ramp. When on top of the crusher, there will be a building you can drive through to get some weapons. Off the side of that will be a rotating black cube. Jump off to the black cube to unlock the Warhawk level in multi-player mode.

Ship level: Electrocute men

On the Ship level, you can run over a box marked "Danger High Voltage" and watch the three men who are sitting in chairs get electrocuted.
They are near the front of the ship on a platform. The box is right in front of them.

Power Plant level

Head to the end of the Snowy Roads level with the longer building.
Face the drop and head to the left side of that gap.
Slowly roll over the edge, and there should be a lower level with the cube on it.

Prison Ship level

Get fifteen endurance kills in the Junkyard level to unlock the Prison Ship level in multi-player mode.

BEATING Warhawk (1)

In the game there is not a certain number of tankers that need to be destroyed in order to damage Warhawk's shield. You can actually destroy the shield with homing missiles (granted, this takes a very, very long time, and most of your lives, but it can be done). The quickest way to beat Warhawk is to disable the tanker on the helipad, and then wait until Warhark returns to the pad and then hit the tanker with a Fire missile. Warhawk must be close to the tanker in order for the resulting explosion to damage the shield. In the easy level, you can destroy the shield using only 3 tankers. If you disable the tanker away from the helipad, you can always push it back onto the helipad with your vehicle (which is easiest to do when Warhawk is NOT on the helipad). 

The pattern that is easiest to use is to use the pick up the Satellite or Zooms weapon, and when the tanker jumps onto the roof, turn on your shields, and use the Satellite or Zooms while machine gunning the tanker. This should disable the tanker immediately and then you can run back to safety, and wait for Warhawk to return to the helipad. Once the shield is destroyed, you can use the Satellite weapon (or the Zooms, if you back up far enough) when Warhawk is on the helipad (don't forget to activate your shields!). When he is flying around, try to hit him with homing and fire missiles, while running, as the barriers are no longer a "safe-haven". Last, but not least, if you are playing with Darkside, make sure you use your special weapon as soon as possible, otherwise you may "charge" yourself right off the edge.
Submitted by: Gary Hughes

BEATING Warhawk (2)
Shoot the tankers while they are on the helipad.
Warhawk does not need to be above them.
Warhawk's shields will take damage.
After enough tankers are destroyed, Warhawk's shields will cease to exist and the tankers will stop appearing.
Remember to restore your health often on the level, and hide when you need to.
Also try using the skill weapon "Satellite" for major damage.
The number of tankers that needs to be destroyed varies by difficulty level; five for easy, seven for medium, and more for hard.
It is also possible that Warhawk's shields will take more damage the closer he is when the tankers explode. 
Submitted by: David Hillage

BEATING Warhawk (3)
The easiest way the kill Warhawk is as follows:
Get on the side of the roof opposite of the side the tankers come from. Drive at them and shoot them with homings and fires until disabled. They should be at or near the helipad by now. Wait until Warhawk is very near the tanker on the radar, then destroy it (the closer he is, the more damage it does). When Warhawk's shield is gone, get on the helipad and he will hover over you. Turn until his front (the part with spikes pointing down) is in front of you.
This is when you need to take him out with:
1. Machine gun upgrade
2. Specials (depending on your character)
3. Powers
4. anything else you have.
This should kill him very quickly.
One more thing, try to move around a little, he will try to push you off with his front spikes.
Submitted by: Mr. Grimm

Extra health
After you destroy an enemy car, run over the flaming driver for a little (but well needed) boost of health.

Submitted by: AJ, David Hillage, Foxy Moxley, TurboD, B Taylor, Gary Hughes, Augie a.k.a. JaH_RaSta and Mr. Grimm

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