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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
Tiger Woods 2005

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Enter one of the case-sensitive Passwords below as a code, to enable the Effect you require.
You will hear Tiger say 'Oh Yeah!' to confirm. 

Effect .... Password
Unlock all golfers and courses .... THEGIANTOYSTER
Unlock all courses .... THEWORLDISYOURS
Alastair Captain McFadden .... NICESOCKS
Adriana Sugar Dulce .... SOSWEET
Aphrodite Papadapolus .... TEMPTING
Arnold Palmer .... THEKING
Ben Hogan .... THEHAWK
Ben Hogan(2) .... PUREGOLF
Bev Boomer Bouchier .... THEBEEHIVE
Billy Bear Hightower .... TOOTALL
Bunjiro Bud Tanaka .... INTHEFAMILY
Ceasar The Emperor Rosado .... LANDOWNER
Dion Double D Douglas .... DDDOUGLAS
Gary Player .... BLACKKNIGHT
Hunter Steelhead Elmore .... GREENCOLLAR
Jack Nicklaus .... GOLDENBEAR
Jeb Shooter McGraw .... SIXSHOOTER
Justin The Hustler Timberlake .... THETENNESSEEKID
Justin The Hustler Timberlake(2) .... ALTEREGO
Kendra Spike Lovette .... ENGLISHPUNK
Raquel Rocky Rockers .... DOUBLER
Reginald Reg Withers .... REGGIE
Seve Ballesteros .... THEMAGICIAN
Sunday Tiger Woods .... NEWLEGEND
Tiffany Tiff Williamson .... RICHGIRL
Skillzone Roof level .... NIGHTGOLFER
Adidas items .... 91treSTR
Callaway items .... cgTR78qw
Cleveland items .... CL45etUB
Maxfli items .... FDGH597i
Nike items .... YJHk342B
Odyssey items .... kjnMR3qv
Ping items .... R453DrTe
Precept items .... BRi3498Z
Tag items .... cDsa2fgY
Tourstage items .... TS345329
Accessories unlocked .... TIGERMOBILE
Wind sound always present .... ROAR

Set your system date to the following days to play the corresponding special RTE event for money and bonus items:
January dates: January 1: New Year's Day, January 2: Paradise Cove Challenge, January 7: Natalie Gulbis' Birthday, January 10: New Moon, January 15: Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday, January 18: January EA Sports Event, January 21: Jack Nicklaus' Birthday, January 25: Full Moon, January 26: Australia Day, January 31: The Hustler's Birthday.
February dates: February 1: Turnberry GC Challenge, February 2: Groundhog Day, February 3: Retief Goosen's Birthday, February 6: Ricky Barnes' Birthday, February 8: Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), February 9: Chinese New Year, February 10: February ruary EA Sports Event, February 14: Valentine's Day, February 21: Presidents' Day, February 22: Vijay Singh's Birthday, February 24: Full Moon.
March dates: March 1: TPC at Sawgrass Challenge, March 7: Jesper Parnevik's Birthday, March 10: New Moon, March 12: Bunjiro Tanaka's Birthday, March 17: St Patrick's Day, March 20: Spring Equinox, March 25: Greek Independence Day, March 27: Easter, March 29: March EA Sports Event.
April dates: April 1: April Fool's Day, April 2: Colonial CC Challenge, April 5: April EA Sports Event, April 8: New Moon, April 9: Seve Ballesteros' Birthday, April 13: Adriana Dulce's Birthday, April 21: Queen's Birthday, April 22: Earth Day, April 24: Full Moon, April 28: John Daly's Birthday, April 29: Arbor Day, April 30: Queen's Day.
May dates: May 1: May Day, May 3: Troon Monument Challenge, May 5: Cinco De Mayo, May 8: Mother's Day, May 12: Jim Furyk's Birthday, May 15: May EA Sports Event, May 21: Raquel Roger's Birthday, May 23: Full Moon, May 30: Memorial Day.
June dates: June 2: Italian Republic Day, June 2, 2006: Ty Tryon's Birthday, June 3: Coeur d'Alene Challenge, June 6: Swedish National Day, June 8: June EA Sports Event, June 11: Caesar Rosado's Birthday, June 14: Flag Day, June 15: Justin Leonard's Birthday, June 19: Father's Day, June 20: Charles Howell III's Birthday, June 21: Summer Solstice, June 22: Full Moon, June 23: Colin Montgomerie's Birthday.
July dates: July 1: Canada Day, July 2: Edgewood GC Challenge, July 4: Fourth of July, July 6: New Moon, July 7: Running of the Bulls, July 14: Bastille Day, July 16: Adam Scott's Birthday, July 21: Full Moon, July 28: July EA Sports Event, July 30: Justin Rose's Birthday.
August dates: August 1: Swiss National Day, August 2: Sherwood CC Challenge, August 5: New Moon, August 6: Bev Bouchier's Birthday, August 11: August EA Sports Event, August 13: Ben Hogan's Birthday, August 15: Kendra Lovette's Birthday, August 19: Full Moon, August 21: Hunter Elmore's Birthday, August 24: Rich Beem's Birthday.
September dates: September 1: Pebble Beach Challenge, September 3: New Moon, September 4: Billy Hightower's Birthday, September 5: Labor Day, September 8: September EA Sports Event, September 10: Arnold Palmer's Birthday, September 14: Notah Begay III's Birthday, September 15: Emerald Dragon Challenge, September 18: Full Moon, September 20: Fall Equinox, September 24: Dion Douglas' Birthday.
October dates: October 1: Aphrodite Papadapolous' Birthday, October 2: Oktoberfest, October 4: Greek Isles Challenge, October 6: Alastair McFadden's Birthday, October 11: Columbus Day, October 12: Reginald Weather's Birthday, October 14: New Moon, October 15: Harbour Town Challenge, October 22: October EA Sports Event, October 28: Lunar Eclipse, October 31: Halloween.
November dates: November 1: Gary Player's Birthday, November 3: Fancourt Links Challenge, November 5: Bonfire Night, November 11: Veterans Day, November 12: New Moon, November 13: Tiffany Williamson's Birthday, November 21: November EA Sports Event, November 25: Thanksgiving, November 26: Full Moon, November 30: St Andrew's Day.
December dates: December 2: December EA Sports Event, December 4: St Andrew's Challenge, December 8: Hanukkah, December 12: New Moon, December 14: Jeb McGraw's Birthday, December 21: Winter Solstice, December 25: Christmas Day, December 26: Boxing Day, December 30: Tiger Woods' Birthday.


How to unlock the bonus courses: Emerald Dragon: Earn $1 million. Greek Isles: Earn $1.5 million. Paradise Cover: Earn $2 million. EA Sports Favorites: Earn $5 million. Mean8teen: Earn $10 million. Fantasy Specials: Earn $15 million. Legend Compilation #1: Defeat Ben Hogan in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation #2: Defeat Gary Player in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation #3: Defeat Seve Ballesteros in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation #4: Defeat Arnold Palmer in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation #5: Defeat Jack Nicklaus in legend tour mode. The Hustler's Dream 18: Defeat The Hustler in legend tour mode. Tiger's Dream 18: Defeat Tiger Woods in legend tour mode.
Dream 18 with 100 prestige rating: The following are 18 holes you can use to receive a rating of 100 on your Dream 18. They can be put in any order and do not have to be Tiger Proofed: St. Andrews No. 1, Pebble No. 8, Fancourt No. 5, Harbour Town No. 18, Colonial No. 16, Sherwood No. 18, Paradise Cove No. 18, Troon No. 6, Pebble No. 7.
St. Andrews No. 18, Colonial No. 5, Sherwood No. 16, Greek Isles No. 1, Coeur d'Alene No. 14, Paradise Cove No. 4, Pebble No. 18, St. Andrews No. 17, Sawgrass No. 17.
Easy course with 100 prestige rating: Hole 1 : St. Andrews No.1 (Par 4), Hole 2 : Turnberry No. 3 (Par 4), Hole 3 : Pebble Beach No. 18 (Par 5), Hole 4 : Sawgrass No. 17 (Par 3), Hole 5 : Coeur d'Alene No. 2 (Par 4), Hole 6 : Sherwood CC No. 1 (Par 4), Hole 7 : Troon North Monument No. 3 (Par 5), Hole 8 : Paradise Cove No. 3 (Par 3), Hole 9 : St. Andrews No. 12 (Par 4), Hole 10: Sherwood CC No. 18 (Par 4), Hole 11: Emerald Dragon No. 1 (Par 5), Hole 12: Greek Isles No. 13 (Par3), Hole 13: Turnberry No. 14 (Par 4), Hole 14: St. Andrew No. 18 (Par 4), Hole 15: Harbour Town No. 2 (Par 5), Hole 16: Colonial CC No. 9 (Par 4), Hole 17: Pebble Beach No. 15 (Par 4), Hole 18: Greek Isle No. 8 (Par 3).
Double Eagle Trouble Trophy Ball: If you are having trouble getting the Double Eagle Trouble Trophy Ball, use the following setup at Coeur D'Alne #15: Tiger Proofing settings: Fairway: 100% Dry No Hills, Green: No Hills 50% Wet/Dry, Wind : 70% Rough Length: 0. Then, just wait until the wind is blowing forward . If you have a controller with a turbo feature, use it to power up your swing. This may require a few attempts.

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