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Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour 2002
Tiger Woods 2002

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Enter one of the Codes below to enable the Effect you require..

Effect .... Code
Unlock all golfers and courses .... ALLORNOTHIN
Unlock all courses .... GIVEITUP
Unlock Big Mo Ta'a Vatu .... O1UTAVAAT06T
Unlock Brad Faxon .... ENOXAF14D
Unlock Cedric "Ace" Andrews .... TSWERDNA12O
Unlock Erika "Ice" Von Severin .... RVESNOV08G
Unlock Jasper Parnevik .... 0KIVENRAP02U
Unlock Jim Furyk .... OKYRUF05R
Unlock Justin Leonard .... RDRANOAEL13O
Unlock Kellie Newman .... SNAMWEN172
Unlock Lee Janzen .... INEZNAJ11W
Unlock L'Mo .... P2UTAVAAT15S
Unlock Melvin "Yosh" Tanigawa .... WAWAGINAT07I
Unlock Monty .... EYTNOM09E
Unlock Notah Begay III .... DYAGEB04E
Unlock Stuart Appleby .... UYBELPPA160
Unlock Solita Lopez .... GZEPOL10R
Unlock Super Tiger .... 2TREPUS01S
Unlock Vijay Singh .... SHGNIS03P


To unlock golfers, go to Tiger Challenge and beat the following golfers to unlock them for other modes:
Super Tiger Woods
Justin Leonard
Solita Lopez
Colin Montgomery
Kellie Newman
Jesper Parnevik
Vijay Singh
Moa Big Mo Ta'a Vatu
Melvin Yosh Tanigawa
Erika Ice von Severin
Cedric Ace Andrews
Stuart Appleby
Notah Begay III
Brad Faxon
Jim Furyk
Lee Janzen

Unlock Trophy Balls by completing the following challenges:
Long Distance Drive: Hit a 350+ yard drive ($1000)
Long Putt: Sink a 55+ Foot Punt ($1000)
Fairway Challenge: Hit all fairways in a round ($2500)
GIR Challenge: Hit all greens in regulation ($2500)
Pin Seeker: Hit the Pin ($5000)
Aces Wild: Record a hole in one ($25000)
One Time: Reach a par 5 green in one ($2500)
Low Round: Shoot under 60 in a round ($10000)
Birdie Streak: Record 6 birdies in a row ($10000)
Birdie Buster: Record 12+ birdies in a row ($25000)
Back-to-Back: Back-to-back eagles ($50000)
Top of the Tournaments: 1st Place in all tournaments ($150000)
Eagle Extravaganza: Record 4 eagles in a round ($50000)
Scenario Challenge: Complete all scenarios ($150000)
Tiger Challenge Completion: Complete The Tiger Challenge ($250000)
Eagle Hunt: Eagle every par 5 in the game ($1000000)

Unlock Holes for Tiger's Dream Course

To unlock holes for Tiger's Dream Course, complete levels of the Tiger Challenge.


In order to unlock new courses, earn money for your created golfer.
Earn the listed amount to unlock the corresponding course:
Princeville: $50,000
Black Rock Cove: $200,000
Royal Birkdale: $400,000

Skip Tutorial
To skip the Tuturial when you first load the game, press L1. Then you can go directly to Tiger Challenge, Speed Golf, Game Modes and Options.

Speed Up the Ball

During gameplay, once you or your CPU opponent swings, you can speed up the course of the ball by pressing and holding X.

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