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Fight as Unknown

Unknown is the last character to become available after you have released all other characters. She has both of her arcade outfits for you to choose. In regular Arcade Mode (with tag) you team up Unknown with anybody else and she will change styles everytime you tag out, much like Mokujin. Unlike Mokujin however Unknown can change who she mimics by pushing down the R3 analog button on the dual shock controller. When playing in 1 on 1 Mode you can once again change who Unknown mimics with the R3 analog button. This rather fun to try and launch an opponent, change characters and finish the combo as someone else.

Bowl Mode
Bowl Mode is released after you unlock about 10 hidden characters. As you can guess, you have to play bowling, plain and simple. A simple interface: direction, strenght, effect, all done by a 'press the button at the right time' method. Each character has different characteristics. Law's cursor will be slower, Paul will be more powerful, and Yoshimitsu has an auto-aim.

Reach 200 pts in Bowl Mode to open the jukebox to choose the bg music.

Secret characters
Characters are released each time you finish the game. In this order, Kunimitsu, Bruce Irvin, Jack-2, Lee Chaolan, Wang Jin Rei, Alex & Roger, Kazuya Kuma/Panda, Ogre, True Ogre, Prototype Jack, Mokujin/Tetsujin and Devil/Angel.

Armor King's new costume
Once you've finished the game with Armor King, you can get the costume he uses in his ending by pressing start.

Gallery mode
This mode appears when you have earned all characters. This enables an options on the pause menu (in arcade, VS and Team battle) that will let you save screen captures on the memory card. You can save up to 12 screens.

Theatre mode
The theatre mode is opened the first time you win the game. In this mode, you can see the endings you earned, and you can select what outfit the characters will wear while it plays. You can also see the intro movies in this mode.

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