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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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On the password screen, enter one of the Codes below to enable the Effect you require.

Code .... Effect

DMDML .... Raphael Alternate Costume (Hold L or R when selecting)
LDMSR .... Leonardo Alternate Costume (Hold L or R when selecting)
RRLMD .... Michaelangelo Alternate Costume (Hold L or R when selecting)
DDSMS .... Donatello Alternate Costume (Hold L or R when selecting)
LSMMS .... Bonus course 1 
SSLDM .... Bonus course 2 
MSSLD .... Bonus course 3 
SRLMD .... Bonus course 4 
LSDRM .... Bonus course 5 
RDSRL .... Raphael Attack Power Up
LMLSD .... Leonardo Attack Power Up
SMRDL .... Michaelangelo Attack Power Up
DRLDS .... Donatello Attack Power Up
LRMDS .... Raphael Defense Doubles
MRLLM .... Leonardo Defense Doubles
MRRML .... Michaelangelo Defense Doubles
SSSMR .... Donatello Defense Doubles
SLDSM .... Raphael Double Power Up
LSLSR .... Leonardo Double Power Up
MMSLR .... Michaelangelo Double Power Up 
DMDRS .... Donatello Double Power Up
DRDSS .... Michaelangelo Unlimited Fire Shurikens
SMRDM .... Leonardo Unlimited Shurikens
LSDRM .... Unlock Playmates Toy Data Base
MSRLS .... Unlock Splinter (Story Mode)
SMMRS .... New Sound Effects

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and David Broome

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