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SpiderMan: The Movie
Spider-Man The Movie, Spider Man The Movie

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On the Cheats section, under the Specials menu, enter one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require.
You can enter any password a second time to turn the effect off.

Password .... Effect
arachnid .... Master code
girlnextdoor .... Play as Mary Jane
hermanschultz .... Play as The Shocker
serum .... Play as Scientist
knuckles .... Play as Thug 1
stickyrice .... Play as Thug 2
thugsrus .... Play as Thug 3
captainstacey .... Play as Helicopter Pilot
freakout .... Play as Matrix Spidey
realhero .... Play as Police Officer
organicwebbing .... Unlimited Webbing
koala .... All Fighting Fighting Controls Unlocked
romitas .... Enables ''Next Level'' Feature in the In-Game menu
imiarmas .... Enables all levels
dodgethis .... Matrix Attacks
joelspeanuts .... Bighead enemies
spiderbyte .... Mini Spider-Man
goestoyourhead .... Bighead and Bigfeet Spidey
underthemask .... 1st Person Mode
chillout .... Super coolant
headexplody .... Enable Bonus Training Levels


Defeating the Green Goblin while he is on the ground: Shoot webbing at him, which distracts him briefly. Then, hit him when he is distracted. This is easier if you use combos to kill him.
Hit the Green Goblin in his glider: This trick will work on any level with the Green Goblin. Get close to him and while in the air start web attacking him. He will stop to rip it off. When he does this, manoeuvre yourself towards him and jump. If done correctly, you will be on the back of the glider and can punch him. If you stop punching him, the Green Goblin will throw you off the glider. Note: This is difficult to execute.
Fight Bonesaw: Go to specials menu, choose "Training", then enter basic combat. After a couple of swarms of enemies, Bonesaw will appear. To get up to him easily, enable the "Unlimited webbing" code and keep using the Web Dome or more powerful Web Dome attacks. Bonesaw has a life meter and takes a couple of minutes to defeat.
OsCorp's Ultimate Weapon: Destroying the generators:
When fighting the Super Mech in this level, you do not have to run around and just dive in for the shield generators. As soon as you start the level, swing off to the left. There should be a big pillar that you can hide behind and go under to the other side. However, do not go to the other side or the Super Mech's laser will hit you. Instead, climb up that wall to reach a walkway. Get on it and when you are up here you do not have to worry about Light Mechs or the lightning bolts. They cannot go this high. Nothing can hit you unless you are too close to the edge. Target the shield generators then jump or double jump and do a web shot to destroy them in two or three shots.
OsCorp's Gambit: Easy passcode download: When you are downloading the passcode, just wrap the guards in webbing and you can download it. After they break out of the spider silk they will not raise the alarm if you are on the ceiling or walls.
Search For Justice: Secret sub-mission: During the first level, swing to the left slightly when you start. You should go over a building with a helipad. Then, go down to the next building that has a billboard. There will be two Skulls on the rooftop and a purse. After you defeat the two Skulls your character will notice the purse. Next, turn towards the billboard and go back over the roof with the helipad and start to go right to the next rooftop. There will be two Skulls and a woman. Beat up the Skulls and talk with the woman. She will say she lost her purse. Go back to the building with the purse and bring it back to her. This will give you points for the secret in this level.


Unlock "Pinhead" Bowling mini-game:
Earn 10000 points in the single player game. Points are earned for playing well, and other constraints (time bonuses, etc....)
Unlock unused Vulture CG scene: Earn 20000 points in the single player game. Points are earned for playing well, and other constraints (time bonuses, etc....)
Unlock the Shocker CG Movie: Score 30000 in single player mode and get unused shocker cg movie
Green Goblin FMV sequence: Successfully complete the game under the hero or greater difficulty setting.
Play as Alex Ross: Successfully complete the game under the normal or higher difficulty setting to unlock the Alex Ross costume in the specials menu.
Alternate Green Goblin costume: If you are using the Alex Ross Spider-Man, play any level with the Green Goblin in it and he will have an alternate costume that resembles his classic costume more. Note: This will only work when you are in the Alex Ross costume and the Green Goblin alternate costume will not be in the very last in-game intermission.
Play as Peter Parker: Successfully complete the game under the easy or higher difficulty setting to unlock the Peter Parker costume in the specials menu.
Play as wrestler: Successfully complete the game under the easy or higher difficulty setting to unlock the wrestler costume in the specials menu.
Play as the Green Goblin: Successfully complete the game under the hero or super hero difficulty setting to unlock the Green Goblin costume option at the specials menu. Select that option to play as Harry Osborn in the Green Goblin costume with his weapons in an alternate storyline where he tries to correct the Osborn family's reputation.

Submitted by: David B, OpexZed, T. Reed, Andy A, Daniel Jukes and CheatBookJon

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