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Speed Kings

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Enter your name, at the start of a game, as one of the Names below to enable the Effect you require.
Note: remember to include the dot before your name.

Effect - Name

18 best laps - .lapt18
All 9 driving test finished - .test9
All six meets won - .meet6
GP Mode finished - .prix


Start a new game and enter your name as:
followed by a space and a number.
 Example: Enter:
.resp 30
You will begin with 30 respect points.
Note: remember to include the dot before your name.


Quick start:
Hold Gas + Square, then release Square after the countdown.
Tricks: Wheelie: Hold the Left Analog-stick Back.
Standing Wheelie: Press L1 + Left Analog-stick Back.
Surfing Wheelie: Press L1 + Circle + Left Analog-stick Back.
Cross Surfing Wheelie: Press L1 + Left Analog-stick Back + R1 + Circle.
Endo: Press Left Analog-stick Forward + R1.
Surfing Powerdown: Press L1 + Left Analog-stick Forward + Triangle.
Handstand Powerdown: Press L1 + Square + Left Analog-stick Forward + Triangle.
Surfing: Press L1 + Left Analog-stick Forward, then Left Analog-stick Back.
Handstand: Press L1 + Left Analog-stick Forward, then Circle
Pavement Ride: L1 + Left Analog-stick Forward, then Square.
Donut: Hold Brake + Gas and turn in one direction with the Left Analog-stick.
Loading saved games: Some versions of the game will not find a saved game, even though on is present on your memory card. To fix this, before actually playing the game for the first time, enter the options screen and make a save game there. Then, saved games created during game play will be successful.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ and Marcus Crowe

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