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Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Alt. name(s): Sly 3 Honour Among Theives

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Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
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Toonami Plane:
Pause game play while flying Sly's original plane, then press R1, R1, Right, Down, Down, Right. A sound will confirm.

Dimirti's Greasy Sweet Remix music video:
Get a 100% game completion.

Black Baron: This fight starts with an air fight. First, shoot his ship down. When you get to the fist fight, wait until he throws a big uppercut. Hit him while he is stunned. When he gets to two thirds of his health, he will send out guards to defeat you. If you got hurt, look for health icons that they drop. When you continue the fight against the Baron, he will have a second attack. When he growls and gets angry, he will jump on the wing of the plane. Jump to avoid this attack. When he gets to one third of his health, he will send out more guards. When you defeat them and the fight continues, the guards will still be coming. Use the guard that sprays oil and ignites the oil against the Baron. Lure him to the oil and keep him there until he is set on fire.
Don Octavio: To defeat Don Octavio, wait for Sly's signal to lure Octavio to the tar pit. Get close to the tar pit and wait until he gets stuck in the tar, then punch him rapidly. Don has three attacks. He rams you, punches you, and when half his health is depleted, he sends a sonic boom toward you. When his health is half depleted, you will have to run to another tar pit. Hold R1 to sprint and follow Sly to the next pit. Run away or sidestep when he tries to charge at you, and back away when he punches you. To dodge the sonic boom, jump over it or back away from it.
Defeating General Tsao (Laptop Retreival): To defeat General Tsao on the treetops, wait until he super jumps across the forest to try to hit you. When he does that, super jump at him then double jump to change direction and hit him. Continue to do this until you go to the forest. When the fight begins inside the forest, it will be basic. Wait until he is done attacking, then hit him. When he flies off, sprint to where he is and hit him again. Once in awhile, he will duck down and rapidly spin. When he ducks, jump away from him. When he is done with that attack, keep hitting him. He will gain black magic powers at two thirds of his health, but if you keep hitting him repeatedly, he will not have time to use many of them.
Giant Carmelita (Carmelita of Dark Earth): To defeat Giant Carmelita, climb your way up to the mask hooks from her feet. Be careful, as her henchmen will be trying to shoot you down. When you get to the hooks on her forehead, hit them with your cane.

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