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Simpsons Skateboarding

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On the Character Selection screen, Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press one of the Button combos below to enable the Effect you require

Effect .... Button combo
Unlock all boards .... X, Triangle, Circle, Square
Unlock the Level select .... Triangle, X, Square, Circle
Get $99.00 .... Triangle, X, Circle, Square
Unlock all skaters .... Circle, Triangle, X, Square
Fuzzy skaters .... X, Triangle, Square, Circle
Big head Homer .... Circle, X, Triangle, Square
Underwear Homer .... Triangle, Circle, X, Square
Big head Bart .... X, Square, Circle, Triangle
Gangsta Bart .... Circle, X, Square, Triangle
Demon Marge .... X, Square, Triangle, Circle
Big head Lisa .... Square, Triangle, X, Circle
Gangsta Lisa .... Square, Triangle, Circle, X
Big head Nelson .... Triangle, Square, Circle, X
Ballerina Nelson .... Triangle, Square, X, Circle
Sunglasses Otto .... Square, X, Circle, Triangle
Big head Frink .... Square, X, Triangle, Circle
Groovy Frink .... X, Circle, Triangle, Square
Business suit Krusty .... Circle, Triangle, Square, X
Big head Chief Wiggum .... X, Circle, Square, Triangle
Man eater Wiggum .... Triangle, Circle, Square, X


Successfully complete the game as any character or collecting all items in Skatefest with Chief Wiggum to unlock a cheat.
Bonus skaters: Finish in first place on two different Timed Trick Contest stages to unlock an additional skater.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and Daniel Parry

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