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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats

Silent Hill 3

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After successfully completing the game once, highlight the "Extra New Game" option at the main menu and press:
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X.
Heather will sigh after you choose a difficulty and riddle level to confirm correct code entry.
In some scenes when you see Douglas, he will be wearing his underwear.

Bonus costumes:
To use the bonus costumes, you must first complete the game once and unlock the "Extra Costume" option. Enter the following case-sensitive passwords and you will be prompted for that costume. Once entered, you can then equip them during game play. Heather Shirt: HappyBirthDay Onsen: I_Love_You Block Head: PutHere2FeelJoy Don't Touch: TOUCH_MY_HEART God Of Thunder: GangsterGirl The Ligh: LightToFuture Transience: ShogyouMujou Killer Rabbit: BlueRobbieWin Royal Flush: 01_03_08_11_12 Golden Rooster: cockadooodledoo Transform Costume: PrincessHeart (Note: This is actually a key) Zipper: Shut_your_mouth
Game Reactor T-shirt: SH3_Wrestlarn (Asuncion putang ina mo Great!)
UFO ending: Successfully complete game and unlock the Princess Heart costume and the Heather Beam weapon. The Heather Beam is a special weapon which you can only use if Heather or Cheryl is not holding any weapon. Defeat all monsters and Bosses using only the Heather Beam. Note: The "Monster defeated" counter should read 0 kills.
Possessed ending: Kill all monsters with any weapon except melee ones, preferably the unlimited machine gun (a special weapon).


When putting the books out of order, the solution is 4 5 2 3 1, under the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings. The solution under the hard difficulty setting is 8 3 5 2.


Second lobby door password: The password is an easy math problem. The first digit is greater than the second digit. The second digit is the third digit multiplied by two. The third digit is half of the first digit. The solution is 8 6 3 4, under the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings. The solution under the easy difficulty setting is 4 6 3 9. The solution under the hard difficulty setting is 4 8 9 6.
Third lobby door password: For this, go to floor B, then to the storeroom . Go to the end of the room and take a photo of the bloody wall with a shelf near it. The solution is 4 7 5 6, under the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings. The solution under the hard difficulty setting is 1 3 2 8.
Suitcase on bed password: Look at the clock near the bed. The time is password. For example, if the clock shows the 5h:6m, you would enter 0 5 0 6. The solution is 0 7 1 9, under the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings.

Bloody mode 33rd floor lock password:
After hospital changes to bloody mode, you can go to the 33rd floor. At the top of the room is a stony picture on the wall . This picture shows you the order of the digits. For example: I is number of this bed is digit 1, II is number of this bed is digit 2, III is number of this bed is digit 3, IV is number of This bed is digit 4. Where the digits are indicate the number of beds that you see bloody. The solution is 8 2 3 7, under the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings.
Hidden ammunition: For sub machine gun ammunition, go to the hospital roof.


Order of tarot cards at the last door of the game:
Arrange the cards as follows: Northwest position: Eye Of Night, Northeast position: Moon, West position: High Priestess, 
East position: Fool, South position: Hanged Man.
Never get tired: Equipping the Princess Heart or Transform costume will make Heather run long distances without getting tired. This is also useful for the Heather Beam weapon, since it depends on how tired Heather is.
Weapons: You can find a shotgun is in the subway and a machine gun in the hospital. The best weapon for last battle is the katana.
Claudia: When the intermission sequence between Claudia and Vincent is finished and Vincent dies, use the necklace on Claudia.

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