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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends
Also known as: Shin Sangoku Musou 2 Mushouden

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Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game in Musou mode with any character. Alternate costumes for all characters that belong to the same side will be unlocked. Highlight a person at the character selection screen, then press L2 or R2 to select a new color.


Flashing question mark:
You may see a small purple flashing question mark in the lower right corner of the screen. In order to complete it, you must create 120,000 Perfect combos or make 999,999 combo in game points. Once you make it one fourth of the way, you will get a purple to yellow question mark. Once you are halfway there, you will get a red question mark. Once you get the full amount, you will receive the Musuo Armor, which allows you to get hit by an arrow and just get the damage without losing your footing.
Bodyguard third weapons: When attempting to get the third bodyguard weapons, play the game under the hard difficulty setting or higher on the the Yi Ling Level. Be sure to have your bodyguards strong enough to survive through the entire level. It also may be easier to use the two player trick, where player one is weaker and player two is close to or at maximum.
Getting fifth weapons: When attempting to unlock fifth weapons, you must play the game under the very hard difficulty setting.
Yuan Shao's fifth weapon: When at Hu Lao Gate under the very hard difficulty setting in two player mode, kill the officer (Jia Xu) near the top of the screen with one player. This will trigger an event with backup troops appearing faster. When Jia Xu dies, go directly down to Diao Chan and start fighting her. If you wait, Cao Cao or Sun Jian will die. You should have her about half or two thirds killed when the troops show up, so Sun Jian should not die. Yuan Shao's fifth weapon, the Imperial Saber, will appear. Its stats are: Element: Flame, Basic Attack +44, Speed +21, Attack +27, Defense +54, and Arrow Defense +49.
7 Stars Sword: Get over 1000 combo points in the Combo Mania Xtreme Challenge. This item helps you get combos easier by having the numbers disappear slower.
Beast Harness: In order to get the Beast Harness, you must surpass the Speed Demon challenge. The Beast Harness allows you to see the last horse/elephant you rode on in the radar.
Combo+ item: In order to get the Combo+ item, you must surpass Diao Chan's record for Combo Mania (1000 combos). Suggested characters to attempt this with are Zang He, Nu Wa, or Zuan Yu.
Masters Cloak: Beat Lu Bu's top score for the Balancing Act (100). This item automatically performs the mid-air evade.
Body guards automatically restore HP one time when zero: In order to get this item, complete the Iron man Competition with a score over 351 (Zhou Yun recommended) You must complete the Speed Demon, Balancing Act, and Combo Mania competitions. These must be done in the Iron Man competition. The best way to do this is to get Red Hare in the Speed Demon (turn left and look) and rack up the points in the Balancing Act. If you get 100 KOs, you receive 100 points. Keep going past the 100 maximum. Finally, use his combo charge 3, then charge 2, then charge 5, then charge 6, tyen finish with a short Musou (and keep them in the air) in the Combo Mania. Once these three are done and you top the invulnerable Lu Bu, your will receive the item.

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