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Throw a remote mine on an enemy.
If it hits, they will scream and run around instead of shooting you.
Let them run around and eventually they will try to find guards.
When they do, detonate the bomb to get two or more frags for one.


When you reach Capek's Inner Sanctum, there will be a few guards with heavy armor.
Try and take them all out, except for one because as soon as you do, Capek appears. Run to the ramp on the right-hand side of the room and take a right at the top of the ramp to follow another ramp up towards a door.
Arm yourself with the Assault rifle and take out the last guard. As soon as you do, Capek appears and Eos blasts through the door where you are standing.
Run through the hole she made and you will find health and weapons.
Save your game at this point.
Then, use the assault rifle to defeat Capek. However, stay away from Eos because if she dies the fight ends.


Every time you see markings on the wall (for example, posters and paint) in multi-player mode, use something explosive on it. It will lead to a secret area.

Easy Way Through Electric Fence On 2nd Level:
When you are in the room with the guys in the towers shooting at you kill them and then go to the room with the rock crusher tank and drive it into the next room where there should be a electric forcefield type wall and just drive the tank through it.

BMF Location

In Deathmatch: Lobby...Go upstairs and grab the rocket launcher, now go to the wall facing the lobby (youre still upstairs) start blowing up the wall and make a hole to the roof where there is one of those BMF's at the top!


In Deathmatch: Lobby you can get the rail driver, flamethrower and fusion rocket launcher by blowing up all of the posters in the main lobby area. Happy apocalypse!

Secret Rooms
In the lobby, as you go up any ramp, blow a hole in the wall with a rocket launcher wherever there is writing on the wall. There will be a secret room in each writing spot. there are two flamethrowers, a rail driver, and a fusion rocket launcher. Also: The lobby multiplayer level, you can reach the third level of the lobby (the roof) by blasting through the wall of the ramp. There is a railgun and fusion rocket launcher up there. You will know if it is the right side of the roof if you can see arches on the other side of the wall.

Hidden Pit

In the Deathmatch: Installation XJ5, you can get outside to the pit! here is what you do Grab the rocket launcher and jump down turn left...see the archway above? Blast a hole in the wall below the doorway and start building a tunnel straight to the open window. One might ask why do all this work when you can just go to the archway above and start blasting around the window? Well it doesn't work for some reason...there is like an invisible wall which wont let you pass Once you make the tunnel all the way through, you can look down into the pit below If you drop down, you will always die! Turn to the left or right and blast a hole big enough to jump into (you make the hole on the outside of the wall). Jump into the hole and then make another hole straight in front of you but down a little ways. Now that you have made another hole, jump into it. Make sure the hole isn't to far down or you will die from the fall. Repeat this process until you have reached the bottom of the pit. I must remind you that it is next to impossible to get back up once you're down there.

Kill Bots Easily
(Deathmatch) Any round that has a bridge, launch a few rockets at the floor to make a several holes. The Bots will run over it and either get stuck or fall through to an uncertain but unfortunate doom.

Bottom of the Badlands

Usually the only way you see the bottom of the Badlands level is when your falling towards it, but you can reach the bottom with your trusty rocket launcher.Simply blast a hole in a wall, then start blasting your way straight down, or if you prefer the safer way blast your vertical path from a distance. The best way to get down your "hole" is to face down and go backwards and when you start to fall go forward and you should land on the next level downwards. When you get there, make sure you notice the graveyard of bodies that have fallen from above, and remember, its quite impossible to get back up...

More Geo-Mod Coolness

On the deathmatch level Badlands, you can destroy the whole upper bridge, just destroy all three ends of the bridge with your rocket launcher, and make sure there are no pieces of the brige connected to the wall, and you will get to see the entire upper level fall and break on the lower bridges!

Take No Prisoners

You can actually hold a Merc "hostage", sort of. How to do this is quite simple. There is a silver door opposite the Merc cafetirea in the Merc base. Go through this silver door and you'll find yourself in the Merc restroom and shower room. Behind you the there is an unarmed Merc, wait for him to walk over to the sink, he will then turn around and stare at you. Pull out your Precision Rifle and shoot him ONCE in the foot. He will then run around for cover like the scientists and tech's do. He should eventually stop and crouch down covering his head. If you go straight up to him pointing your gun at him he will start to speak to you like scientists and techs do. Here are a few of the things he say's "I'm not gonna beg for my life!" and "Go ahead, kill me, I can take it!". Thoes Merc aren't so tough after all!

Unlimted Riot Shield

You collect the riot shield when it is badly damaged you save the game quit the load it again then you will have a new riot shield.

Causing Trouble

You can meet the friendly Ultor guard and the unfriendly miner. The friendly Ultor guard is in a small room in the abandoned mine just at that bit where you hear a miner say "come on before those guards catch up". Look for a silver door and enter it. He'll give you ashort bit of advice before he is shot by other guards. The unfriendly miner is the one who comes to find you at the crash site. Shoot him in the foot and he will try to blow your brains out with his shotgun! (sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.)

Traps For Bots

On the multiplayer level badlands grab a rocket launcher and start shooting a line across the base of the bridges above once they are mostly destroyed leave them there and wait for some bots coming along to walk across the bridge and they'll get stuck in the pit and will keep trying to run forward into the middle of the bridge then all you have to do is pick your weapon of choice and kill them like shootin fish in a barrel.


In the single player game, there are two locations where you have to be stealthy.
One is when you pretend you are a businessman and the other is when you have to pretend to be a scientist.
To make it easier to avoid detection from guards or other pedestrians, always look down or away from people.
No one will learn your identity until you look them in the face.

Lobby: Hidden items

Go to the four corners on the first level of the lobby after you have obtained the rocket launcher in the multi-player level. Use the rocket launcher on the four corners to find health, enviorsuits, a fusionrocket, a flame thrower, and a rail driver.

Lobby: Secret roof area

Go to the second level of the Lobby multi-player level and grab the rocket launcher.
Walk over to the edge of the balcony and start shooting up towards the wall facing the lobby itself. After enough shots you will dig a tunnel to the roof. Walk through and jump right up.
You can shoot out the glass and snipe people down on the second level.
There also is a Fusion Rocket Launcher that you can grab.

Waste Disposal: Easy kills

In multi-player mode on the Waste Disposal level, swim down under the platform to find a fusion rocket.
You can also use mines to blow holes under the doors into the hallway.
When bots come by, they will fall into the water for an easy kill.


When a new game is started, you would usually follow a fellow miner, hear them talk, and then fight each other. Instead of listening to them talk, go right past them. One of the soldiers will start firing at you. Immediately after he starts firing, place your fellow miner in between yourself and the firing guard. Your fellow miner will die, leaving the guard he was talking to start talking to himself, fighting himself, and then killing himself.

Submitted by: AJ, FrenchRev2002, B. Taylor and GBAtone

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