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Radiata Stories
Alt. name(s): RadiataStories

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Radiata Stories
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Game completion bonuses
: Successfully complete the game to unlock the "New Game+" option. Play your cleared game file to begin with all skills, money, friends, links, and some items from your first playthrough. Additionally, talk to one of the journey pigs in front of any town to access the Dragon Lair cave.
How to get Lenneth Valkyrie: Complete the Corridor Of Distortion dungeon to have Lenneth Valkyrie join your party.

How to get easy money:
Once in the bedroom and you have control of your character, you can kick the left desk to obtain ten coins. You can also kick the two beds to obtain additional items. Afterwards, leave the room, and kick the guard outside. You will receive one coin. You can do this for an unlimited amount of times. If you have a controller with an auto-fire feature, you can set it overnight to accumulate money easily
How to defeat Leonard and Natalie: Use the following trick to defeat Natalie and Leonard with a single handed sword. Depending on your level, this can be difficult due to Natalie's VoltyBlast attack. Have Cross Slash set as your primary attack, as you are not going to be doing many combos in this battle. Also have your Volty Gauge close to 100 if possible. Concentrate all attacks on Natalie, as she is much stronger than Leonard. The best strategy is to guard, then counter after Natalie strikes. Do not start up a combo because she will hurt you badly. Continuing to block then counter to slowly drop Natalie's health to the point where you can use your VoltyBlast to take off about 250 to 300 HP, depending on your weapon and level. If you see flames coming out from around Natalie, get away from both of them and use whatever you have to heal to full life. Any commands that increase defense will also be helpful. Avoid getting hit until she either uses her VoltyBlast or some other command that uses the points. If you survived, heal and continue the strategy of block and counter. When Natalie is dead Leonard is not much of a threat. Use the same strategy to defeat him in a few minutes.

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