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Sony Playstation2 PS2 Game Cheats, Hints, Codes and Information
Pro Evolution Soccer 4
Alt. name(s):  Pro Evo Soccer 4, PES4, PES 4

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Pro Evolution Soccer 4
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Magnetic ball:
In any exhibition match, press Start, then press Up, X, Up, X. The game will quit your match. When you start a new match, in the general settings there will be a new option named Magnetic Ball. When activated, you cannot lose possession.

How to get easy goals:
When the ball has completely gone over the line, but before your player begins to celebrate, pause game play and watch the replay. Every time you watch the replay, an extra goal will added to your score. Note: It is not necessary to watch the entire replay to get a goal added. Simply select "Replay" then immediately return to the main menu. This saves a lots of time and goals. If you do this in master league, then the goal bonus at the end of the match can be huge (aim for about 200 goals).
How to swap players to different teams: Go to edit mode. Go to registration player, then select the team that has the player first. Next, click on the player that you want to move. Another half screen will appear with the team names on it. Select the team, and when you play a match with them he will be there.
How to get easy money: When you are doing a cup, remove your memory card and do the cup. When you have won the cup, you will get a lot of money. Then, go to the shop and buy anything. When you have selected what you want to buy, insert your memory card again and save what you have bought. The cup that you won will not be saved. Restart the game and the cup you have just won will be gone, but the item that you bought will still be there. Do the cup again and to get a lot of money again.
How to get easy shop points: Go into International League mode and choose to play only three teams in one half of a season. Make sure you end up at the top of your league. After your three games, you will get 1,500 PES Shop Points for winning the league. You will also get 50 points a game (150 total) to that as well.
How to do a Maradonna move: Rotate the Left Analog-stick 360 degrees clockwise to do the Maradonna.

The free goals game glitch:
While playing any match, when you shoot and your shot is going in, pause game play just as the shot crosses the line. This is difficult, but possible. Once on the pause menu, go to "Replay" and watch it all the way through (you can fast forward it if desired). Make sure that you see the ball cross the line. Exit the replay and you will notice the goal you just scored has been counted twice. To gain more goals, just re-enter the replay option and watch it again.

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