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Pro Evolution Soccer 3
Alt. name(s):  Pro Evo Soccer 3, PES3, PES 3

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Pro Evolution Soccer 3
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How to get easy goals:
The following combinations are very good for shooting goals: From an opposite goalie shot, press R1 +Circle, R1 + Circle, R1 + Square.From the corner, press X , Circle , Square. From the corner, press X , Triangle ,Circle, Square. From the corner, press Circle + Down, Square. 
How to get better players: Enter 1999 as a code when editing a player to increase every players' stats by 5 points.
How to get worse players: Enter 2999 as a code when editing a player to decrease every players' stats by 5 points.
How to do a Zidane Spin: To do a Zidane Spin (360 step over), rotate the Right Analog-stick in a full 360 degree turn. Pressing R3 will do a manual pass instead.
How to do a Jay Jay Okocha-style Standing Chip n' Chase: Press Right Analog-stick Down then Right Analog-stick Up quickly to chip the ball over the oppositions head. Then, chase after it. Pressing the R3 Button will do a manual pass instead.
How to do the Ariel Flickspin: The Ariel Flickspin is a trick that requires a bit of practice to get used to. When an Ariel Ball is coming towards you (roughly knee-height) quickly press the Right Analog-stick towards the ball, then away to flick it over the opponent's head from receiving it.
Master league: When you want to acquire a player, such as Ronaldo, Beckham, Zidane, etc., save the game. Then, go to "Edit" and make the players you want to buy bad. Set all their stats down to about 1 to 10. Then, go back to your game and buy them cheaply. Save your game, go back to "Edit", and increase their stats again.

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