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Pro Evolution Soccer 2
Alt. name(s):  Pro Evo Soccer 2, PES2, PES 2

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2
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Classic Argentina team:
Win the South American Cup as Argentina.
Classic Brazil team: Win the South American Cup as Brazil.
Classic England team: Win the European Cup as England.
Classic France team: Win the European Cup as France.
Classic Germany team: Win the European Cup as Germany.
Classic Holland team: Win the European Cup as Holland.
Classic Italy team: Win the European Cup as Italy.
European All-Stars team: Win the International Cup with any team.
World All-Stars team: Win the International League as any team.
Bonus players: Win the Master League Division 1 to unlock a new set of players. This can be done a total of three times to unlock all the bonus players.
Bonus players (2): Get a "Fantastic" rank in dribbling in the UMBRO P.T.C. challenges. Carlos Valderamma will be unlocked as an out-of-contract player in Master League mode.
Realistic faces: Win the Asian Cup as Japan to unlock more realistic faces for that team in edit mode.
Call name option: Win the Konami Cup with a club team. The "Call Name" option will now be unlocked at the "Edit Clubs" screen.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and Paul Zeond

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