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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats


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On the Main Menu, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 for about five seconds.
Note: You call also do this on the Bonus Materials, or Options menu.
If successful the Code Entry screen will be displayed.
On the Code Entry screen, highlight a character then hold X and press Left or Right to change it.
You can press Circle to leave the code entry screen.

Effect (Game version) .... Password

Invulnerability (NTSC/NA Version) .... MONSTROUS
Invulnerability (Collectors/PAL Version) .... DEMONISE
Bonus B (NTSC/NA Version) .... PRIMAL
Bonus B (Collectors/PAL Version) .... AURORA
Bonus C (NTSC/NA Version) .... DEMONREALMS
Bonus C (Collectors/PAL Version) .... PSYCHOSIS
Bonus E (NTSC/NA Version) .... OBLIVION
Solum scenes (Collectors/PAL Version) .... SNOWFLIGHT
Aquis scenes (Collectors/PAL Version) .... CHARYBDIS
Aetha scenes (Collectors/PAL Version) .... FLINTLOCK
Volca scenes (Collectors/PAL Version) .... SUNSTONE
Tarot Gallery (Collectors/PAL Version) .... ARCANUM
Easy Kill (Collectors/PAL Version) .... MORTIFIC
Bonus A (Collectors/PAL Version) .... SEABREEZE
Bonus D (Collectors/PAL Version) .... MIRRORY
Bonus F (Collectors/PAL Version) .... ASCENDENT

Concept art:
If you collect the various Tarot Cards, that you can find during play, you will unlock concept art. You can view the art after the first part of the game has been completed.
Actors featurette FMV sequence: Successfully complete the Solum realm to unlock the "Actors Featurette" option.
Making of FMV sequence: Successfully complete the Aquis realm to unlock the "Making Of" option.
Programmer interview FMV sequence: Successfully complete the Aetha realm to unlock the "16 Volt Interview" option.
Trailer FMV sequence: Successfully complete the Volca realm to unlock the "Trailer Video" option.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, Rob C, AsianHeart07 and Big 'H'

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