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Allan Goes: Moves:
Compasso: Press LK (from Stand/Left Step)
Feint Tackle: Press RK, LP + LK (from Stand/Forward Step)
Punch Combo 4: Press LP, RP, LP, RP, LP (from Mount/Top)
Daijiro Matsui: Moves:
Dropkick: Press RK + LK (from Forward Step)
Triple Slap: Press RP, RP, RP (from Guard/Top)
Lift Up Reversal: Press RP + RK (from Back Mount/Bottom)
Dan Henderson: Moves:
Double Body Hook: Press LP, RP (from Stand/Back Step)
Low Ducking Kick: Press RK, RP + RK (from Stand/Forward Step)
Step Back Upper: Press RP (from Stand/Back Step)
Don Frye: Moves:
Power Upper Combo: Press RP, LP, RP, RP (from Stand)
Double Straight: Press LP, LP (from Stand)
Stomp Kick: Press RK (from Stand/Back Step)
Enson Inoue: Moves:
Machine Gun Jab: Press RP, RP, RP, RP (from Stand)
Yamato Damashii Smash: Press RP (from Stand/Back Step)
Mid Kick and Tackle: Press RK, RP + RK (from Stand/Forward Step)
Gary Goodridge: Moves:
Down Swing Combo: Press RP, LP (from Stand/Back Step)
Rush Combo 5: Press RP, LP, RP, LP, RP (from Opponent Stun)
Down Swing Punch: Press LP (from Back Step)
Heath Herring: Moves:
Overhead Punch: Press RP, LP (from Stand/Back Step)
Double One Two Punch: Press RP, LP, RP, LP (from Stand)
Front High Kick: Press RK, RK (from Stand)
Kazuyuki Fujita: Moves:
Crouching Tackle: Press LP + RK, LP + RK (from Stand)
Step in High Kick: Press RK (from Stand/Forward Step)
Lift Up Slam: Press LP + LK (from Stand/Forward Step)
Renzo Gracie: Moves:
Step Punch Combo 3: Press LP, RP, LP, RP (from Stand/Forward Step)
Step Punch Combo and Tackle: Press LP, RP, LP, LP + LK (from Stand/Forward Step)
Leg Drag: Press LP + LK (from S&D/Bottom)
Ricardo Arona: Moves:
Away Step Back Straight: Press LP, LP (from Stand/Back Step)
Double Toe Kick: Press RK, RK (from Stand)
Delay Tackle B: Press LP + LK, RP + RK (from Stand)
Royce Gracie: Moves:
Step Left Punch Combo 3: Press LP, RP, LP, RP (from Stand/Forward Step)
Right Heel Kick: Press RK (from Guard/Bottom)
Right Feint Punch: Press RP, RP (from Guard/Bottom)
Tom Erikson: Moves:
Tom B2B: Press RP + RK (from Stand/Forward Step)
Triple Axe Handle: Press RP + LP, RP, LP (from Mount/Top)
Double Right Power Punch: Press RP, RP, RP (from Guard/Top)

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