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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats

Premier Manager 2002

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When you type in a mascot name (hire new one or change name conversation) type the following:
- cenbarter - if your account balance is below £100 million, then an extra £100 million will be added to your cash.
- nobby - you will never get sacked
- bobo - players will always agree to come to your club
- adyw - clubs will always accept you as their manager

These are not saved (except the money one) so every time you load your game you'll need to put them in again.
During a match, you can press the following all at once:
- Triangle + Circle + R1 - you will almost certainly win the game
- Triangle + Circle + R2 - you will almost certainly lose the game
- Triangle + Circle + L1 - Game will be a draw
- Triangle + Circle + L2 - Cancel the above cheats
Again these aren't saved.

Submitted by: Merv Silver

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