Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats

Okage: Shadow King
Also Known as: Boku to Maou

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Continue after defeating the first evil king (the rat).
After defeating second evil king (the fish-like creature), return to the place where the first evil king was located, in the sewer.
Once you get there, you will see bars that resemble those in a jail cell.
Approach them and wait.
A ghost will come after you. Let it get you for very good experience.
The save and healer will also be nearby.

In Tenel, go to the blacksmith's shop and talk to him.
He will give you a Fruit Knife.
Go to Madril and enter the shop.
Talk to the kid at the counter and give him the knife.
He will give you 300 Sukel.

Submitted by: Carl H

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