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NBA Live 2001

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When they check the ball to you, fake the shot and they will jump.
Run around them and dunk the ball.


In order to get the ball to a player without pressing X more than once, hold L1.
You should see button symbols over all the players.
While you are still holding L1 press the button that is over the player you want to pass.

To increase the Super Star stats, press Circle at the main menu to access the active menu. Select Roster, then Edit Player.
A Super Star player will appear if your Create A Player" list has no entries.
Press R2 to increase the player's stats at the edit player screen.
To choose a different player, press L2 to return to the Create A Player list. Then, press Start and change to another player.

Strong pass: Press L2 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball quickly to your opponent.
Between the legs pass: Press R2 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball between your legs to your opponent.
Rolling pass: Press R1 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball by rolling it to your opponent.
Roll the ball on a check: When you play in one on one, you can press L1 + R1 + X to roll the ball to your opponent to check it.
Smash the Backboard: Hang on the rim and press: L1, X, R2, L1, X, L2.

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