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NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup
NASCAR 2005 Chase for the Cup

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The Master Code:
Enter the "Edit Driver" screen, then enter Open as a case-sensitive first name and Sesame as a case-sensitive last name to unlock all bonuses in the game.
Get $10,000,000: Enter the "Edit Driver" screen, then enter Walmart as a case-sensitive first name and NASCAR as a case-sensitive last name.
Get $10,000,000 (2): In the "Edit Driver" screen, enter your first name as Walmart (case-sensitive) and last name as NASCAR (also case-sensitive). Then, press Start or highlight "Done" to exit the screen. Every time you go back to the "Edit Driver" screen and leave the first and last name the same as you first entered it, and you exit this screen as done previously, you will receive another $10,000,000.
Unlimited money in Franchise mode: To get unlimited money in franchise mode, enter Walmart NASCAR as a name. Exit the name selection screen and go back to name selection. Erase "Walmart" as you first name and enter a different name or any three letters. Exit the screen again, then go back to the name selection screen. Change your name back to "Walmart". Exit the screen again. Keep doing this for as much money as desired. Try to get at least $60 million for the best car and pit crew. Also, if you upgrade everything in your cars, you will have the best vehicle in every aspect of game.
Get 2 million prestige points: Enter the "Edit Driver" screen, then enter You as a case-sensitive first name and TheMan as a case-sensitive last name.
Get 10 million fans: Enter the "Edit Driver" screen, then enter MakeMe as a case-sensitive first name and Famous as a case-sensitive last name. This will give you 10,000,000 fans and you will rank number one in fans. After enabling this code, you will get a lot of calls from Jr., Michael Waltrip, etc. for head to head challenges for production cars if you have not unlocked them yet.
Get all Dodge Track events: Enter the "Edit Driver" screen, then enter Dodge as a case-sensitive first name and Stadium as a case-sensitive last name.
Lakeshore Drive track: Enter the "Edit Driver" screen, then enter Walmart as a case-sensitive first name and Exclusive as a case-sensitive last name.
Dale Earnhardt Sr.: Enter the "Edit Driver" screen, then enter The as a case-sensitive first name and Intimidator as a case-sensitive last name.
All Mr. Clean cars: Enter the "Edit Driver" screen, then enter Mr.Clean as a case-sensitive first name and Racing as a case-sensitive last name.
Mr. Clean pit crew: Enter the "Edit Driver" screen, then enter Clean as a case-sensitive first name and Crew as a case-sensitive last name. Alternately, buy the Platinum Thunder Plate with the skill points you earn. When do a pit stop on a quick race, a group of bald men (Mr. Clean), will be your pit crew.

How to get easy points: Unlock the Ford Lightning SVT truck. Go to "Production Racing" in race now mode. Choose a truck (for example, Mark Martin). Select Talladega (the longer the race, the more points you can get). Start the race. All the AI trucks will only reach about 80 mph. You can get lots of points for leading, plus bonus points for each truck you lap. The lap ratio is about 2 to 1. In a six lap race it is possible to lap the field three times.
How to cause huge crash: Select a car in either the Busch or Nextel series. Try to qualify in last place. Start the race, and when it says to brake and turn left onto the grass, go the wrong way. When you see the leader, hit him and all of the cars behind will go flying. At least three cars will catch on fire, depending on how fast you crashed into them. If that happens, they will be out of the race. Keep going the wrong way and hitting people. After awhile they will all be out of the race and you will be the only one remaining. You can then win the race with no problems. Note: This works best at Daytona with the full amount of laps. This is also a good way to make rivals if you are a villain.
How to get Dale Earnhardt early: Use the following trick to get The Intimidator as soon as you start the game. First, go to select your favorite driver. On top, you should see Dale Earnhardt as a selectable favorite driver. When you choose him, you will automatically get his Thunder Plate. Later, you can change the favorite driver to whomever desired and still have the Thunder Plate.
Easy Bud Shootout and Nextel Challenge win: When you are racing in the Bud Shootout or Nextel Challenge, pit on the first lap. After everyone else pits, you should have good track position and be able to win. If you come out in the lead, get ready to block.
Catching air in Daytona: Choose a series that runs at Daytona. Select that track, then to the grass at the bottom of turn three. Stay close to the rail there. Your car or truck should fly in the air after a few seconds. Note: That bump marks the exact position where Dale Earnhardt came to rest after hitting Kennyboy at the 2001 Daytona 500.
Bump draft: This trick works best at super speedways. once you get behind a car, bump him in the center of the rear end. Do not spin him out or swipe the rear end. If done correctly, this will move you and the car ahead of you up through the pack. It should not affect the respect you have for him. Do not do this in the turns -- just on the straight aways.
Drift corners: Get a Featherlite and go to a short track such as Dodge Raceway Stadium, Levi Strauss Signature Track, etc. Around the corners, get your car halfway on the apron and half on the track. Your car should start sliding, but not enough to spin. Note: You will lose some time, but not a lot.

The easy money game glitch:
You can earn lots of money by just signing contracts and then going to the "Select Event" menu. Go the very last race and select "Race". Select "OK". It will run the rest of the races. As long as you have a car and are sponsored, you will make millions, depending on how much your sponsor gives.

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