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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
MX Unleashed

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Follow the steps below..
1. Go to the Options screen.
2. Find the 'Cheat' section.
3. Scroll down until you find the 'Career Completion Cheat' option.
4. Type in the password below:

Unlock 50cc Bikes: Enter SQUIRRELDOG as a cheat code.
Unlock Pro Physics: Enter SWAPPIN as a cheat code.
Unlock 500cc bikes: Enter BIGDOGS as a cheat code.
Unlock A.I. Bowling: Enter WRECKINGBALL as a cheat code.
Unlock Expert A.I.: Enter OBTGOFAST as a cheat code.
Unlock Freestyle tracks: Enter BUSTBIG as a cheat code.
Unlock National tracks: Enter ECONATION as a cheat code.
Unlock Supercross tracks: Enter STUPERCROSS as a cheat code.
Unlock all machines: Enter MINIGAMES as a cheat code.

Submitted by: Double D *Dd* and CheatBookJon

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