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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
MK Deadly Alliance

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Fatalities may be done from anywhere on screen.
Note: Press L1 at the "Finish Him/Her" screen to change into your fatality stance, or you will have to figure out the distance range.

Fatality .... Press

Bo Rai Cho (Belly Flop) .... Away, Away, Away, Down, Circle
Johnny Cage (Brain Ripper) .... Away, Toward, Toward, Down, Triangle
Kano (Heart Grab) .... Toward, Up, Up, Down, Square
Kenshi (ETelekinetic Crush) .... Toward, Away, Toward, Down, X
Kung Lao (Hat Throw) .... Press Down, Up, Away, X
Li Mei (Crush Kick) .... Toward, Toward, Down, Toward, Circle
Mavado (Kick Thrust) .... Away, Away, Up, Up, Square
Quan Chi (Neck Stretch) .... Away, Away, Toward, Away, X
Scorpion (Spear) .... Away, Away, Down, Away +Circle
Shang Tsung (Soul Steal) .... Up, Down, Up, Down, Triangle
Sonya (Kiss) .... Away, Toward, Toward, Down, Triangle
Sub Zero (Spine Rip) .... Away, Toward, Toward, Down, X
Cyrax (Smasher) .... Toward, Toward, Up, Triangle
Drahmin (Iron Bash) .... Away, Toward, Toward, Down, X
Frost (Freeze Shatter) .... Toward, Away, Up, Down, Square
Hsu Hao (Laser Slice) .... Toward, Away, Down, Down, Triangle
Jax (Head Stomp) .... Down, Toward, Toward, Down, Triangle
Kitana (Kiss of Doom) .... Down, Up, Toward, Toward, Triangle
Nitara (Blood Thirst) .... Up, Up, Toward, Square
Raiden (Electrocution) .... Away, Toward, Toward, Toward, X
Reptile (Acid Shower) .... Up, Up, Up, Toward, X

Raiden easier:
Open the FN Krypt first to get 1800 of the 3300 that is needed, before opening the XG Krypt to unlock Raiden.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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