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How to get max speed in career mode:
Speed is the most important ability to have in the game. To make the fastest player in the game, make him 6'10". This is the tallest you can make any player. The weight really does not matter as much, however make your created player at least 250 with a buff muscle tone setting.
How to get more playing time in career mode: To make sure your player gets enough at-bats and playing time, make his fielding rating as high as possible. If your player is a bad fielder, he will get substituted for a defensive replacement quite frequently, especially if it is a close game in the later innings.
Franchise mode options: Select 'Game Modes', then 'Franchise'. Select 'Business', then choose 'Stadium' You can now create your seats, ticket price, and more. You can also choose 'Marketing' at the 'Business' menu and go to 'Promotions'. From here you can make bobble heads, bat nights, ball nights, and television settings in 'TV'.
How to raise stats: Change the game tuning options to subtract all advantages from the CPU and give all of the advantages to player one When you create a position player, move the speed all the way up. This will allow you to artificially pump your stats. Your stolen bases will come at inflated rates. Singles will be easily stretched into doubles, doubles to triples, and triples to inside the park homers. It will not be very difficult for you to quickly build up your player stats, as the better you are the quicker your experience points will rise.
How to get old timers easier: Go to season mode. Go to the playing schedule and it will have a list. Choose 'Simulate Season'. When this is done, you will have points to buy the old timers in profile mode.
Better pitcher management: If you are a starting pitcher and do not make the rotation and are a reliever, do not just simulate over the games. When you are on the scheduled game square, press X then go to simulate to next appearance. By doing this, you can control your player and not just let him go. If you just let him go, he will do no good.

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