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How to get the Monkey Mask: To get this you must successfully complete the game.
How to get the Animals camouflage: To get this you must defeat Ocelot.
How to get the Banana camouflage: Get the high score in each stage of the Snake Vs. Ape mini-game.
How to get the Cold War camouflage: To get this you must defeat Volgen.
How to get the Fire camouflage: To get this you must defeat The Fury.
How to get the Hornet Stripe camouflage: To get this you must defeat The Pain.
How to get the Snake camouflage: To get this you must defeat The Boss to get the Snake camouflage.
How to get the Spirit camouflage: To get this you must successfully complete the game.
How to get the Tuxedo camouflage: To get this you must successfully complete the game.
How to get the Camera: To get this you must successfully complete the game.
How to unlock the Extreme difficulty: To get this you must successfully complete the game.
How to get the Patriot: To get The Boss' gun, the Patriot, successfully complete the game. This gun fires like a machine gun and carries unlimited ammo. However, if you use it during game play it will lower your rank at the end.
How to get Snake's Nightmare mini-game: Save the game immediately after Snake is captured in Groznyj Grad. Do not overwrite this file. When you load it, you can play the Snake's Nightmare mini-game.


The Boss: An easy way to defeat The Boss towards the end of the game is to put on the Snow Camo and apply an appropriate face design (Desert recommended). Stay crouched and you will not be noticed as easily. She will be looking for you and become confused, As soon as you see an opening, fire at her with any desired gun (one with a silencer is recommended, as your location will remain unknown). If you are engaged in CQC, keep tapping Circle and most of the time you will counter the attack and perform an attack of you own. If you ever find The Boss on the floor, take out any gun and fire simultaneously on her head or body. She will lose about one sixth of her health. Be careful -- as soon as she gets up she will fire at you while running away.
The End: The battle with The End is a grueling sniper battle, but if you know what you are doing you will be able to take him down without being harmed. First, go to the river area. It has a lot of space and will make it easy for you to hide. Go to the lower half of the river area and find one of the hollowed out logs. Equip your Tree Bark Camo and wait for The End to begin snoring. This may take some time and patience, but it will be worth it. Also, watch out for his parrot. If you find and shoot it, The End will have a difficult time finding you. Once you hear him snoring, equip your Leaf Camo and look for the "Z"s around his head. You can either go around him and use your Mk22, or take out your sniper rifle and shoot him. Either way, you will inflict heavy damage. Repeat this one or two more times to defeat him.
The Fear: Defeating The Fear is easy with one move. Kill a few poisonous dart tree frogs (they are represented by little red dots moving around on the ground). Equip them in your weapon inventory. Find one of the many traps between two trees and aim for that area. When The Fear runs out of stamina, he will go for your food as long as you are near it. If you placed it right under a trap trigger (the rope that sets the trap off) he will come down, take the bait, get hit by the trap, and vomit. Then, shoot him about two or three times with the MK22.
The Fury: Wear the Spider camouflage and black face paint. When the battle starts, run straight to the end of the row and do a left U-turn down the next row. However, stop at the beginning of that row. You can get a single shot off at him with the shotgun. Then, run to the main door. Once at the door, crouch down and he will eventually walk by. You can shoot him and he will not see you if you have the correct camouflage and your stamina level is high enough. He stops at two places in front of the door where he can easily be shot. He will fly off after every shot and return where you can shoot him again until he dies. Sitting by the door allows you to defeat him without any damage to Snake.
GRU soliders in the Rassvet: When you first enter the Rassvet area, there are soliders near you or are going to be near you. Take out your EZ Gun (or a real gun that can kill), and shoot in the air or at a solider. They will try to find you. Press Start, go to the camo at the main menu and wear one that fits perfectly with the grass around you. Go into a corner and lay down. When a guard hears but does not see you, take out the EZ gun or any other gun and shoot them. Note: If another solider comes into the same area they may see the person dead or sleeping. If sleeping, the solider will kick the other one and wake him up; then the place goes in caution mode, If dead, the other guards will start to panic and go into high alert. Try using the EZ gun, and when all the guards are sleeping, shoot them with a real gun to kill them. After you get the first one or two guards down, go farther and closer to the Rassvet. Hide in grass. There is a part where there are trees where you can hide and attack from. If they find you, run, or attack. If you decide to run, go farther north and there should be some crawl-spaces. Climb in them and go to the west side. There are soldiers here. Attack and kill them. There should be at least seven soldiers at the most in the Rassvet. When you get all of them, there is an area with a door. Go in the door and you will find Sokolov. An intermission sequence starts, then Sokolov escapes. Ocelot will find you, and more soldiers will arrive. This will be more difficult than the first part, but do the same thing as before. Go to where there are steps and another intermission sequence will begin.
The Pain: The Pain is the first Boss that you will fight in this game, not counting your little duel with Ocelot. This Boss is a Hornet Trooper that can control wasps. On the very easy mode, find the shotgun before you fight him. If you do not have it and have already fought Ocelot, you will not be able to get one. Shoot when he either is about to shoot you, is prancing around, or does not have wasps protecting him like body armor. With a few well placed shots, you will be fighting the second part of him. This is when he has his Halloween mask off to reveal his deformed face. During this time, he will have his body armor of wasps and will have wasps that will fly into your body that eats your organs away. Para-Medic will tell you how to heal. The Pain's health is still very low. Also, try to fight in the water. When he shoots the wasps at you, swim underwater so they cannot get you. If you run out of ammunition, use your AK 47.
The Shagohod: Take out your RPG and aim for the Shagohod's treads. When you hit one of them, the Shagohod will be stunned for a fear seconds and give you an opportunity to attack. There is only one place you can do damage and this is on its back where sparks are flying out. You can only hit it once per tread damage, but if you shoot the weak point then aim for the treads and wait for them to start moving again and shoot, the Shagohod will be done for before you make a full rotation around him.
The Sorrow: The Sorrow does not really do much as far as fighting, but if you want an easier battle with him you must keep your kill count at a minimum. The Sorrow only attacks you with the soldiers that you have killed in the game. If you only used your Mk22 throughout the game, there will be no soldiers to attack you.
Volgin: The following trick is an easy way to defeat Volgin on top of the Shagohod. Once the battle begins with Volgin chasing Eva, move Snake to one of the two turret guns. Get inside and maneuver the turret gun towards Volgin and the Shagohod. Wait until Volgin is at the farthest end away from Snake. Once you have determined that he is far enough, start shooting at Volgin (preferably at his head). Continue shooting at him until he is dead. You should not have to worry about ammunition because the turret gun has an unlimited amount. In the event that you do not achieve the actions described above with the first turret gun, there is also a second one that you can use.

Cancel alert radio: The following is a list of some of the "Cancel alert" frequencies: 149.46, 140.61, 141.45, 146.67, 141.98, 142.79.
Healing radio: The following is a list of all "Healing Radio" frequencies: 148.39 Surfing Guitar / 66 Boys, 146.65 Rock Me Baby / 66 Boys, 148.96 Pillow Talk / Starry.K, 144.86 Jumpin' Johnny / Chunk Raspberry, 143.32 Sailor / Starry.K, 145.83 Salty Catfish / 66 Boys, 142.09 Sea Breeze / Sergei Mantis, 141.85 Don't Be Afraid / Rika Muranaka.
Fire support radio: Tune to one of the following radio frequencies for fire support: 140.09, 141.31, 141.62, 142.12, 145.68, 146.74, 147.32, 147.90, 148.56, 149.29.

How to interrogate Eva: Get Eva to stand, then grab her and interrogate her as you would a guard. She will say four different things. Note: You must keep holding L3.These are: "And then when I was 17", "Instant noodles", "36 23 34", and "Up up down down left right I forgot the rest".
How to get Eva through extreme mode: Use the following trick to complete areas when you are with Eva in extreme mode. Its very difficult to bypass the parts with Eva in extreme mode because there are a lot of enemies and her stamina runs low very quickly. Put her to sleep by shooting her with your tranquilizer gun. By doing this, her stamina replenishes and does not run low. Carry her yourself so she does not get lost, left behind, or shot and dies. To wake her up at the end of the areas, go to "Cure" and use the survival knife to awaken her.
Quick reload: While reloading your gun, quickly press R2(2), which will unequip and re-equip your gun to cancel the reloading time and still have your gun reloaded with ammunition. This method is only effective with guns that take more than two seconds to reload (for example, the RPG-7).
How to escape from prison: After being tortured by Volgin, you will be put into a prison cell. There are two ways to get out. The first is to get the fork off the ground and dig out the fake death pill that The Boss shot into your leg out and use it. Or, if you pressed R1 during the torture scene you may have seen The Sorrow holding a number (144.75). Call this while you are in prison. The doors will open and you will be able to escape.
How to regain stamina after torture: When in the prison cell after Colonel Volgin's torture, wait a little while. The guard makes two stops by your cell. With each stop he says "Chow Time!" and throws you a ration. There is also a rat running around your cell. Use the fork to skewer and eat it to help regain stamina.
How to get an instant kill: For a quick kill, manually aim at the target's head and shoot. If this does not kill them instantly, it will do a good amount of damage and they will probably die after the next shot.
How to get free hits in Boss battles: When you are facing any of the bosses (except The Boss), you can use the Fake Death. When you use it, they will think you are dead and will not pay attention. You can now use the Revival, wake up, and get some free shots in against them.
How to save medical supplies: If running low on medical supplies or want to use less, only heal part of the wound. As you heal the wound, the circle around it will become smaller. When healing a wound with one item, it will make the wound automatically heal, but the more supplies used the faster it will heal.
How to find medical supplies: You can get medical supplies from special garden plants (which appear using the thermal goggles), holding up soldiers/scientists, dragging scientists, and from special fruits and animals.
How to avoid detection by workers: When wearing a scientist or maintenance uniform, stay away from other workers as they will know you are not one of them. Use cig-spray or the handkerchief to knock them out first.
How to open the door in weapons lab and getting Scorpion: To open the door that requires a radio frequency, you must capture a guard. Hold the knife to him to get the information by pressing L3 (145.86). Call that while standing in front of door to open it. You should hear a click. Once inside the door, the very powerful Scorpion (includes laser sighting) can be found in the far northeast of the room, along with ammunition. Note: The room can only be entered through the door located to the east. The one to the west does not open until after the east door is opened.
Special snake: When you are fighting The Boss at the field of daffodils, throw a grenade anywhere when you get the chance. If you hear the sound of an animal turning into a ration, put your thermal goggles on and look for the ration with a special snake inside. Press Start and look at your food. If you picked it up, you will have a snake named after one of the sons of Big Boss. You can eat it, and he loves it. If you do not find a ration or hear a sound, throw another grenade. Eventually you will get one. They are mostly near the rocks.

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