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MDK 2: Armageddon

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To play as a character that is part Kurt, Max, and Doctor Hawkins.
Pause the game, hold L2 + R2 and press:
Up, Down, Right, Left, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square + Start

Kurt in boxer shorts

On the Main menu, hold L2 + R2 and press:
Square, Square, Triangle, Square


Begin a game as Max, then hold R2 and press:
Up, Up, Up, Up.

Panning camera

Pause the game, hold L2 + R2 and press:
Circle, X, Circle, X.

Crazy camera views:

Pause the game, hold L2 + R2 and press:
X, Circle, X, Circle.

RUDE sounds from Doctor Hawkins:

Begin a game as Doctor Hawkins, then press:
L2 + R2 + Left + X.

Submitted by: AJ

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