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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Madden NFL 2001

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Press Start before anything appears on the coin toss screen.


Select Punt Block, then move three men over to the left.
Starting with the first man to the right of the center until the end man is not lined up on the safety any more.
If done correctly, the three men moved should be blocked on the left end, and the SS and the RB/FB should run in unblocked to stop the punter before he kicks the ball.
Select the SS and run at the punter as fast as possible when the ball is snapped.
Substitute a fast SS on defensive subs on the punt block play.


Move your right end to the left side between your left end and left D.
Move your right DT in front of the center.
Almost every time a pass is thrown, the end will break through and get a sack.

Always get the onside kick during kickoff

Turn off the penalty for kicks not over 10 yards. Hold Left and continuously press X.
Your players will recover the ball, because it will only travel about 6 yards with your opponent nowhere near.


You cannot challenge a play on your own.
On very rare occasions you will be asked after a play if you would like to challenge a questionable call.
It is usually due to a player running out of bounds.

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