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Sony Playstation2 PS2 Game Cheats, Hints, Codes and Information
Madden NFL 06
Alt. name(s): Madden NFL 2006

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Madden NFL 06
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How to enter the Card codes: Select the My Madden option at the main menu. Select the Madden Cards option, then select the Madden Codes to enter the code.

Card .... Code
3rd Down (Opponent has 3 downs to get a 1st) .... 3F9G4J
5th Down (Get 5 downs to get a 1st) .... 3E9R4V
Bad spot .... N44D6E
Bingo! (+75% defensive interceptions) .... J33I8F
Coffin Corner .... L96U8Z
1st and 15 (Opponent must get 15 yards for first down) .... 2W4P9T
1st and 5 (First down yards to go set to 5) .... 2Y7L8B
Da Boot (Unlimited field goal range) .... 3J3S9Y
Extra Credit(2 points for interceptions, 1 point for sacks) .... 3D3Q3P
Human Plow (Broken Tackles increased by 25%) .... 3H3U7F
Super Dive (Diving distance increased by 25%) .... 3H8M5U
Tight Fit (Opponent's uprights very narrow) .... 3D8X6T
Unforced Errors (Opponent fumbles when he tries to juke) .... 2Z2F4H
Super Bowl 2006 Stadium .... 6L2B9M
Aloha Stadium .... 5A3P0V
Donovan McNabb Gold Card .... 8Q2J2X

How to get easy practice points in NFL Superstar mode (1): Pick a formation with at least three receivers, Then, choose a play that has an inside receiver doing a slant or short post. Pick the defense 4-3 Engage Eight or 3-4 renegade. Simply throw the ball to your slanting receiver every time. He will be wide open and get tackled for 17 to 48 points per play.
How to get easy practice points in NFL Superstar mode (2): Choose a deep pass play on offense. Choose I Field Goal Block on the defense. You should be able to get a touchdown every time.
How to get easy practice points in NFL Superstar mode (3): Use the following trick to get easy training camp and practice points for offensive players only. Select the Hail Mary for an offense play. For defense, select Goaline and the Blitz C. Call a Hot Route to have your left outside receiver run a 5 and out towards the sideline. The left slot receiver will be open every time to get a touchdown. When completed successfully you will get an "A" for a practice grade and boost your player's stats.
The NFL Superstar mode Movie answers: Answer the following scenes as indicated during the movie deal: Scene 1: Answer 3. Scene 2: Answer 2. Scene 3: Answer 2. Scene 4: Answer 1.
How to get easy sacks: Be a defensive lineman and back up a few feet. When the play starts, immediately run forward and hitsick an offensive lineman. He will fall down and your person will still be running fast towards the quarterback. Then, sack him.
How to get easy touchdowns: Take the best wide receiver on your team and put him in the tightend position. Audible his route so he does a fly (straight) route. Because he has such a low overall rating, they might just have a line backer on him or he might not even be covered. Throw it to him and he will easily be able to burn the defense.
How to get easy training camp points: When on offense, select an offense with three receivers. Trip Bunch in Single Back formation works very well. Put the defense on goal line Zone CB cover. By doing this, no one rushes your QB, and once your receiver gets past the zone, they are left unguarded in the endzone for a guaranteed 48 points per play almost all of the time. This should work with most short zone coverages and does not take many attempts to learn which receiver to pick, mostly anyone running a long slant.
How to get an easy first round first pick: Do the following in franchise mode to get a good rookie draft pick. Go to create a player. Make his age 45. Set his years pro at 27. He does not need a name, leave it at "New Player". Skip over "Build", "Appearance", and "Equipment". Go to attributes and set "Awareness" to 99. Then, go to "Throw Power" and "Throw Accuracy" and make them both 99. Exit and save your created player. Then, sign the player. Trade him to the team with the first round first pick. You should now have the first pick in the draft, almost 99% of the time.

The Antonio Gates Has 0 TDs game glitch: Look in the Antonio Gates Player Information screen. It shows his receptions, rec yards, etc. However, they show that Gates had 0 TDs. Gates set the record for TDs by a Tight End with 13.
The Fake Deuce McCallister stats game glitch: When your game is loading you will see a player and their 2004 stats while you are waiting. Once you see Deuce McCallister, it shows that he had 1600+ yards rushing. However, Deuce had 1074yards rushing last year (2004).
The Movie line game glitch: When you get the movie deal for Muligan O'malley, in the last scene your line says something then "Mt. Dortiz". However the correct answer is "Ms. Dortiz"
The Go to Performance Institute more than once per week game glitch: In NFL Superstar mode, you can go to the Performance Institute more than once a week. To do this, do not go until the day of the game. Then, go and do whatever drill desired. When you are done, leave the map and go to your schedule. Leave there, then go back to the map and you can do it again. This will allow your player to be very well prepared for the next game.
The IQ test misspelling in NFL Superstar mode game glitch: One of the questions is "When watching a movie, do you prefer the original, the remake or the sequal?", with the word "sequel" misspelled.

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