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LMA Manager 2003

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The game's codes are matched to the unique user ID of each game, which will vary. The following codes will only work with games that have the same user ID. To get a new user ID, keep starting a new game. User ID: Your unique user ID will change each you start a new game unless you have a LMA Manager 2003 saved game. Use the following steps to stop it from changing. First start a game with a memory card in slot one. Get to the name entry screen. Get the cheat codes for that user ID and make a note of them. Then, enter the codes one at a time as your name. After activating the desired codes, progress to the main game. As soon as it loads, save your game. This will now also keep your unique ID. If you ever need or want to start new, as long as you do not delete the saved game (just overwrite it), you will have the same unique id for whatever team you pick, and do not have to get a new set of cheat codes.

Start with £500,000,000:
Enter LMA2003A as a manager name.
Low gravity: Enter LMA2003B as a manager name.
Win all matches: Enter LMA3DJEMWR as a manager name (ID 1791).. Enter LMA3JCXSLP as a manager name (ID 2321). Enter LMA3CZIREA as a manager name (ID ?).
No yellow/red cards: Enter LMA3CZISLP as a manager name (ID 1791). Enter LMA3FZYMWR as a manager name (ID 2321).
All inures heal in one day: Enter LMA3LUBYHY as a manager name (ID 1791). Enter LMA3SHHHWL as a manager name (ID 2321).
Build stands in one day: Enter LMA3TLHXCJ as a manager name (ID 1791). Enter LMA3RWMYZF as a manager name (ID 2321).
All players are free: Enter LMA3MVQVRU as a manager name (ID 1791). Enter LMA3LWHHHS as a manager name (ID 2321).
Players never age: Enter LMA3LSDBBR as a manager name (ID 1791). Enter LMA3LJFUXH as a manager name (ID 2321).
Player morale always maximum: Enter LMA3MMMGYP as a manager name (ID 1791).
Super coaching: Enter LMA3LJLREA as a manager name (ID 1791).

The four digit code for the cheats below is 7865

Effect .... Code

Full pace/agility .... LMA3YPJIFR
1 day injuries .... LMA3DHMKSU
1 day stadium building .... LMA3KUPYDD
Free transfers .... LMA3ODCXPN
Players never age .... LMA3MJUNLW
1 day training .... LMA3OSATFI
Instant team training .... LMA3IHHBUL
90% Player ratings .... LMA3NPXCDO
Free release .... LMA3HZCHLT

Submitted by: AJ, M. Green and CheatBookJon

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