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Legaia 2: Duel Saga
Also known as: Legend of Legaia 2

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Easy money:
Go to the Guild in Kravia. You will be able choose sidequests for money.
Legend Of Legaia theme on piano: Enter Darakin Citadel. There are two parts to it. Once you enter, there are shops. Go past that and enter an area with a mountain in the middle, by the drawbridge. Enter the second building on your right. There are blue flags with yellow symbols on the outside of the building. Go in there, and in the center is a man playing the piano. Talk to him and he should say "I'm Laurenti, this restaurant's exclusive pianist. Would you like me to play a piece?". Press X and he will play the classic Legend Of Legaia theme, as heard at the beginning of the game, when you choose "New Game" or "Continue".
Special FMV sequence: Remain idle for one minute at the title screen. A special effects scene will start.
Point Card: Inside of Nohl's hospital (the large house you start in), go to the far right of the house. Inside the drawer in Hawke's room is the Point Card, with unlimited attacking power.
Ultimate weapon shop: Combine 30 weapons in camp in order to access the secret weapon shop location on the map.
Ultimate armor shop: Combine 30 armors in camp in order to access the secret armor shop location on the map.
Unlimited Heal Leaf: Immediately after you get to the town of Darakin Citadel and are able to go outside on the main world map, Go back to your home town of Nohl. Talk to Maxwell, the man standing in front of a building to the left of the item shop. He will challenge you to a game of "Sidejump". Play this mini-game, and every time you get the high score you will get a Heal Potion. Every time you defeat him, you get a Heal Leaf. You can play and defeat him as many times as desired. Maxwell only gets a count of 20 jumps, so if you get 21 you will get a Heal Potion. If you beat your high score by 1 (22 jumps), you will get another Heal Potion. Beat your score by 1 jump each time and you can get about 20 Heal Potions. After you beat you high score as many times as you can, every time you play against Maxwell and beat him, you will get a Heal Leaf.

Ayne: Arts
Soaring Axe:
Press Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up (variable 2)
Armageddon Star: Press Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right (variable 1)
Axe Crush: Press Up, Left, Down, Left, Right (hyper)
Power Blade: Press Down, Right, Down (hyper)
Raging Warrior: Press Right, Up, Left, Up (hyper)
Firestorm: Press Left, Down, Down (hyper)
Galeforce: Press Left, Left, Up (hyper)
Solid Blow: Press Down, Right, Right (hyper)
Full Impact: Press Right, Left, Up, Down
Tidal Wave: Press Up, Right, Down, Left
Shockforce: Press Down, Right, Left
Whirlwind Attack: Press Left, Down, Up
Earthrazor: Press Right, Up, Down
Disaster Master: Press Up, Left, Right

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