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The King of Fighters 2000

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To unlock all K.O.F intro's in Memory option (From KOF 94 - KOF 99):
You would notice there is a ''memory'' option from the game KOF 2000, and you'll notice that you can't view the old KOF intro scene unless you unlock it. So, this is how you unlock it.
King of Fighters 94 intro: You Just Have to have a Playing Time Of 10 Hours Then it's unlocked! Playing time is measured everywhere so it's best to keep the autosave function ON.That way you won't waste any time.
King of Fighters 95 intro: In Practice mode, do a 30 hit combo with any character and you'll unlock it.
King of Fighters 96 intro: In Practice mode, use any character, set the enemy's Life Recover option to Quick, and deplete your enemy's life to zero.
King of Fighters 97 intro: In Single Play mode, your ability point up to 200 points or more, and finish the Single Play mode.
King of Fighters 98: In Team Play mode . Get your ability point up to 300 points or more, and finish the Team Play mode
King of Fighters 99: Set the game difficulty to 8 (Expert), and clear it in any mode (Team Play mode or Single Play mode). And you'll unlock it.

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