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Kill Zone

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On any menu, hold L1 and enter one of the Button Combos below to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Button Combo
Get one shot kill .... Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X.
Get all movies .... Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square.
Get big headed enemies .... Circle, Square, X, Circle, Circle.

Start a new game and enter the case-sensitive name below:
If successful, all levels and characters will be unlocked.

How to play as Luger: To play as Luger you need to successfully complete mission 2 in story mode.
How to play as Rico: To play as Rico you need to successfully complete mission 3 in story mode.
How to play as Hakha: To play as Hakha you need to successfully complete mission 4 in story mode.

How to get easier kills: When in possession of either the Helghast assault rifle or the shotgun, conceal yourself near funnel-points for maximum effect. The shot-spread pattern is enough to inflict mortal damage on dense groups of opponents. Should the survivors retreat; chase them with a hand grenade. You can easily knock out entire "clumps" of opponents using only two actions.
How to get easier kills(2): When playing as Luger, aim for an enemy's chest or head and use her secondary fire. The secondary fire almost always kills an enemy grunt in one shot (depending on where you shoot them). Also, this fire mode is completely silenced so that none of the other enemy units will know where you are. Also, if you cannot find a enemy, use her night vision by pressing Square for an easy shot.
How to get a quick reload: Press Reload, switch the gun, then immediately switch back to your original weapon.
How to get fast gun switching: While sprinting, release L3 then immediately switch your weapon. The next gun will automatically appear in your hands.
How to control the character selection screen: On the character selection screen Press Left Analog-stick Left and Left Analog-stick Right to move the portraits in the corresponding direction.
How to perform fast gun switching: While sprinting, release the button. As soon as you do that, switch your gun. The next gun will automatically appear in your hands.
How to shoot three shells with shotgun: When using the shotgun, it has two modes of fire (regular shoots one shell, alternate shoots two shells). By pressing both fire buttons, you will shoot three shells, which in most cases is more useful. Try using this on groups or stronger enemies.

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