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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Haven: Call of the King

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R2, L2, R1, Circle, Triangle, L2, X, Square.
This has been reported as not working on some regional versions of this game.. but give it a try anyway.

Bonus levels:
If you have the enemy spacecraft, the one you fly right before the final boss fight, use it to travel around the various planets (you can cruise from planet to planet without warping if you want, but it takes a long time) Then pick a planet and circle it, looking for craters on the ground in the shape of the runestones. Once you see one, go fly close to it, and the ship will automatically land there. Each runestone crater contains a bonus level. I believe there are 8 total.
Cut-Water Ferry: When aiming at a cannon or "heli-bomb" launcher, position the cursor as far away from the hatch or whatever in the direction the projectiles go. This way, you will have to move your target much less in order to keep shooting the projectiles and also keep laying into the hatches. e.g. cannon balls : cursor as high as pos. when cannon-ball appears, just twitch the cursor up to blow it up and then back down to its original position. The level can be overcome quite easily with this in mind. The only real difficulty arises on the last ship where it launches speed boats out of its sides as well as flying ships. When this is happening it is a good idea to keep glancing at the radar whilst shooting the main ship so you can see when these smaller enemies appear.
Defeating the first boss: Run round him to get to his back, and shoot him. When he turns around, run behind him (obviously keeping on the platform).. Then repeat.
Defeating shield fighters: These can only be killed with the large fireball-like missile upgrade on your ship. To get it, blow-up the brown asteroids.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, Andrew Carmichael and Martin Jukes

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