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Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
Also known as: Bokujou Monogatari 3: Heart ni Hi o Tsukete (Japan)

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You can cook food after you buy a kitchen.
Blue Berry Jam:
Blue Berry (3x) and Pot.
Boiled Egg:
Egg and Pot.
Cake: Egg, Milk, Breadfruit and Oven.
L Milk and Pot.
Cooked Fish:
Potato (or Herb), Fish and Pan.
Cran Berry Jam:
Cran Berry (3x) and Pot.
Cream of Corn Soup:
Milk, Corn and Pot.
Cream of Mushroom Soup:
Milk, Mushroom and Pot.
Cream of Tomato Soup:
Milk, Tomato and Pot.
Creamy Soup:
Potato, Milk and Pot.
Egg, Milk and Oven.
Fruit Cake:
Breadfruit, Milk, any fruit and Oven.
Fruit Omelet:
Egg, any fruit and Pan.
Hot Milk:
S Milk and Pot.
Mixed Jam:
Very Berry, Cran Berry, Blue Berry and Pot.
Mixed Omelet:
Egg, any vegetable and Pan.
Egg, Milk and Pan.
Special Cheese:
G Milk and Pot.
Sunny-Side Up:
Egg and Pan.
Very Berry Jam:
Very Berry (3x) and Pot.
 M Milk and Pot.

Submitted by: Mike Dammers

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