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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Half Life

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On the Cheat Screen, press:
Left, Square, Up, Triangle, Right, Circle, Down, X

On the Cheat Screen, press:
Down, X, Left, Circle, Down, X, Left, Circle


On the Cheat Screen, press:
Right, Square, Up, Triangle, Right, Square, Up, Triangle


On the Cheat Screen, press:
Left, Square, Right, Circle, Left, Square, Right, Circle


On the Cheat Screen, press:
Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle


On the Cheat Screen, press:
Up, Triangle, Down, X, Up, Triangle, Down, X

On the Cheat Screen, press:
Triangle, Square, Left, Right, Circle, X, Up, Down.
Choose the "Extras" at the options screen to load new levels found from other discs, such as the Official US PlayStation Magazine Issue 57 (June 2002) demo disc. To get a bonus level in Decay, get one A in every section. The final level will then become available.

Alien mode:
Complete all nine Decay levels with an "A" rank. You will now be able to access the secret tenth mission where you will play as a Vortigaunt for the first time. Note: The Vortigaunt only has two attacks, the E-bolt attack and the claws. Note: You must start a new game or else the code will not work. After you start a new game, you will experience the game through the eye's of a Vortigaunt (alien).

Extra health:
Buy a soda from the random soda machines. If you are impatient, shoot the soda machine.
Saving ammunition: Do not waste precious pistol ammo on headcrabs. Use your crowbar, as it is more useful.
Using guards: If you have a guard, get him close enough and he will take care of almost anything for you. The only time you ever need to fire is if the creature is close to the guard.
Barney gets cut in half: When you enter the room where the lasers are shooting out the walls, run through. There should be a Barney (security officer) on the floor. Watch carefully and you can see the laser go across and literally cut him in half.
Defeating Gonarch: The Long Jump module can be used for more than moving between floating platforms. You can get extra height when you jump into a wall or other object. When you first get dumped in Gonarch's lair, to your right you may see white "plants" coming out of the ground. You can use these as stepping stones to get up on the raised area in the middle. This may not easy, but if you get up there Gonarch will have trouble hitting you with any attacks. It is best to use weapons like the crossbow for this part. You can also use the long jump technique to get to other places you are not supposed to, and it is useful for getting past annoying opponents quickly.

Submitted by: AJ, CheatBookJon, H. Featherstone and JKF

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