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.hack: Part 1: Infection
Hack: Pt. One: Infection

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Unlock the Parody Mode: To access Parody Mode, .hack with funny dialogue, the Mummy Ship with extra boss, and the Goblin Summon, simply beat the game.
Unlock the Mummy Ship: After beating the game, you will get a mail from Bandai telling you the location of the Mummy ship. Inside the Mummy ship is an extra boss.
Goblin Summon: Also after beating the game, on the BBS is the final goblin location. Beat the goblin, and equip all the other Goblin equipment. You can now summon a yellow goblin to attack.

Easy money:
The best way to earn money is to get charms and sell them. Put the ones you want in storage and the ones you want to sell in your inventory. You may want to keep some Speed Charms and the ones that effect the enemy, Paralyze, Poison, and Sleep. Most charms are level 1,but on occasion you may find a level 3, which is worth more. You often have to trade for level 2, or go to tougher dungeons. The level 1 charms sell for 100 GP each. It is recommended that you complete the dungeons completely (open all the portals on the field and in the dungeon). When you complete this, words will appear that all of the portals on the field or dungeon have been opened. Run through the areas you have not visited and collect the items. You could sell your weapons, but it is obviously better if you trade them in for a Dante's Blade or Hell's Gate; or perhaps a Shadow Blade if you are still in Delta Server. If you rely on charms a lot, keep the ones you desire in your storage and sell the useless ones to the merchants.
Easy experience: Go to "Delta, Closed Oblivious Twin Hills" to find weak enemies that give lots of experience points each. You should go there only if you are at level 20 and above.
Getting items needed for trade: Use the following trick to get certain items needed for trade (for example, Cooked Bile). Remember a place that has the item and go there. Once you get to a place with a lot of jars or eggs/small eggs (usually a treasure box area), break everything. If you get the desired item, exit then immediately return. The jars or eggs/small eggs have been restored. Break everything again. Note: This does not mean you will get the desired item every time. Keep repeating the process until you have enough of those items to trade. You will get items that are useful, such as Healing Potions, Healing Drinks, Antidotes, Resurrects, and Restoratives. This is especially useful just before Bosses. Also, since it is free you will not want waste any money.
Escape from battles: When you are in a fight, point the camera away from the enemy and run in that direction. Do not stop running until "Battle Mode Off" appears and the enemy sign disappears. Be careful not to run into other enemies or other portals. Note: This does not work on Bosses.
OrcaAxeman: Use this trick to get good party members. You must have a party of Piroshi and BlackRose. Level up to at least level 20.Go to stages like theta, hidden, bursting, remnant. If you are very skilled, then go to theta, chosen , hopples, ( ) .Keep doing this and Piros will have 1050 health like Orca.
Regain SP: Walk around and your SP meter will refill. This is especially useful if you have monsters to fight next. You can just wait in an empty dungeon room until it refills.
Blackrose: Best weapon: The strongest weapon you can get for Blackrose or any Heavy Blade is a Blaze Sword. You can get it by Data Draining the Hell Hounds in a Level 28 to 30 Keyword, such as Voluptuous Geothermal Paradise.
Kite: Best weapon: To get Kites best available weapon for Part 1, Data Drain the "Mu Guardians" enough times. Eventually you will get the rare Level 14 Dual Blades.
Secret rare weapons: Data Drain enemies and on rare occasions, you will get a secret weapon. Each secret rare weapon lowers one or more stat parameter by -10. Secret Rare Twin Blade: Hyakkidorran (Data Drain the Parasite Dragon). Secret Rare Blademaster: Jinsiran
Iron Grunty: The only way to get an Iron Grunty is to give the Grunty what it exactly wants, even as very Little Grunty.
Poison Grunty: A Poison Grunty requires four Piney Apples, three Snaky Cactuses, one Immature Egg, and eleven Golden Eggs.
Grunty items: The two most annoying items to find for the Grunties are the Piney Apple at "hidden solitary sunny demon" and Twilight Onion at "hidden gluttonous melody".
Grunty keywords: As keywords in the Grunty place, put in "Chosen Hopeless" then whatever you want. There will now be some level 30 places.
Charms: You can get a lot of charms from places. The Moon, which puts people to sleep and The Hanged man, which paralyzes people, can be used on the Gob Kings. Then you can go over there and just hack at them.
Dryad's sword: The only place to get the sword is at (-) Beautiful Hopeless Spiral. It is the most powerful weapon for BlackRose.
Giant Hill: To get the rare heavy axe, Giant Hill, Data Drain the enemy Mantis in places at levels 26 to 30.
Golden Axe and Silver Axe: Use the following trick to get a free Golden and Silver Axe. Go to a Monsieur level 1 and give him any moderately high level weapon or armor. When he asks you what you lost, tell him "Neither one". He will give you a Golden Axe, Silver Axe, and your weapon back.
Master Blades: In the last level, Data Drain the Orges and you will get a more powerful weapon, named Master Blades.
Ryu Book: To get a Ryu Book, use Data Drain frequently. However, do not use Data Drain can cause some damage to you. There are only eight Ryu Books in volume one. The Ryu Books keeps a record of almost everything. It will tell you if you broke a record. It will then give you a new sound or movie for your computer on the game. Note: Movie only works the game has been completed, and all movies are just some memories of what happened. Check every Ryu Book if you got everything for the computer. If it is red, it can not create any more things for you. You can only check a Ryu Book when in the server.
Spring Of Myst: Through a weapon or armor in it while it is sunny and it will gain two levels. If it is at sunset, it will gain one level. If it is raining, it will go down by one level.
Summons: A level 1 summon for each type of element can be found in dungeons level 29 and 30, for the corresponding element. They are not as powerful as level 3 magic, but they seem to not miss the targets.
Thunder Cloak: Look for someone named Tim. He may be a Wavemaster wearing a green outfit. He has an item for trade called Thunder Cloak. It is a level 31 armor, and has the power to revive dead players so you will not need to use Resurrect potions all the time. It also has other powers.
Virus Cores: Go to "theta bursting passed over holy ground". You can get Virus Core Bs easily by Data Draining the Squilla Demons. This area is level 16.
Chaos Gate: Extreme difficulty field: At the Chaos Gate, choose "New Keyword" and put "Putried Primitive Melody" for extreme difficulty (battle level 17).

Submitted by: Ju ju, CheatBookJon, AJ and Jez Miller

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