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Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front
Also known as: Zeonic Front: Kidou Senshi Gundam 0079

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All simulations:
Successfully complete the game three times. This game will not unlock Program 33. After you unlock it, you can play any character on any sim program.
Additional missions 1: Successfully complete the game to unlock another set of missions.
Additional missions 2: Successfully mission mode two times on the same file, then check the Simulations. The following missions are now unlocked: Breakthrough II, Midnight Fenrir II, Dobday Rescue II, The Hunter II, Final Defense II, and The Last Fang II.
Amuro Ray's Gundam: Get "S" or "A" ranks on simulations 27 to 31 to get the same Gundam as Sayla's.
Char Aznable: Get an "S" rank in Simulation Program 1.
Federation GMS: Successfully complete the game once, then complete practice mission 1 with all the other pilots.
Federation Shield for Austin's Zaku 1: After you complete the game once, play practice mission 1 with Austin's Zaku 1. Successfully complete it and you should have a heavy Fed shield like the Gundam's, and a few new supplies.
Gaia: Successfully complete the game, then play again. Complete mission 12 a second time to unlock Gai
Garma Zabi: Get an "S" rank in Simulation Program 2.
Kai, Hayato, and Lt. Agar 1: Successfully complete the game, then play again. Complete the "Attack Jaburo" a second time.
Kai, Hayato, and Lt. Agar 2: Get an "S" rank on the Federation Simulation mission Burning Sands to unlock Kai and his Guncannon, and Hyato and his Guntank.
Beam rifle for Sandra's Zaku2: After successfully completing the game once, get an "S" rank on simulator mission 1.
LC Garret Schmitzer: Successfully complete all thirteen missions to unlock LC Garret Schmitzer.
Lt. Agar's Mudrock: Get one "S" rank on one of the Federations simulations with Lt. Agar's Guncannon to get his prototype Mudrock from mission 10 (Attack Jaburo). To get the fully upgraded Mudrock from mission 12 (Hail Zeon), win another Federation simulation with Lt. Agar's prototype Mudrock.
Lt. Fran's Guntank: Get an "S" rank on one of the Federations simulations with her GM S-Armor. Note: The easiest way to get it is to get an "S" rank on Burning Sands with her.
Ramba Ral: Successfully complete the game, then play again. Complete mission 8 a second time to unlock Ramba Ral.
Sayla: Get three "C" ranks or below on the Federation missions to unlock Sayla.

8th MS Team's GM:
Sometimes when you play Iron Spear, you will see a Mobile Suit with the body of a Gundam(G) and the head of a GM. It is similar to the GM from the show 8th MS Team. Note: The Mobile Suit might just be a GM Command.
Beam Rifle for Sandra's Dom Tropen: After successfully completing the game once, get an "S" rank on any simulators except for the Federation simulator and Simulators 1 and 2. Note: You must first unlock a beam rifle for Sandra's Zaku 2. If you did not get the beam rifle after you got an "S" rank with Sandra Dom Tropen, then try another simulators or just keep getting "S" ranks on simulators with her Dom Tropen until you get it
Strafing: While running, hold L1 and press the Left Analog-stick to the direction that you want to strafe with.
Kill units easier: Try to get behind the enemy, then shoot (or hack) at them.
Get "S" rank for practice mission 1: Go to the right side through the woods. Once you get behind the enemy, just shoot them from the back and they will not notice you.

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