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Professional mode
Select the Arcade Mode, highlight the Hard selection on the Difficulty Selection screen.
Hold L1 + R1 until it changes to "Professional".

Fast Money in The Beginning

Race the oval tracks over and over to make some easy and fast cash.

Get the Pikes Peak Racer, then enter the endurance 100 lap race (last one in series).
Put sticky tape over the X button (or find another way of holding the button down) so the accelerator is down and running on its own.
The car will follow the track because it is oval and win the race by a large margin.
You win 200000 every time without being there and a new car.
What could be easier?
Note from editor: You may have to keep half an eye on the race in case the car spins out.

License Car Tip

Turning on all of the License codes will NOT unlock vehicles. License Cars can be unlocked if all of the License codes are on and you're able to get a gold in any of the tests. EXAMPLE: Activate all of the License B Gold codes and successfully complete License test B-1. If you complete test B-1 and receive a gold medal, you'll be awarded a bonus car.

Tiers Tiers & More Tiers

There are more Tiers of tracks in arcade mode. If you beat tier 3 you get tier 4 and if you beat tier 4 you get tier5 and I f you beat tier 5 you get the last one tier 6. And now you can select goal in the clear status menu all the way at the bottom.

*Test Course HP

I'm not sure if it's true for all the cars, but it worked for me when I noticed my car would have one extra HP after every run. (Max Speed) It didn't work for the 400 or 1000. I tried it with another of my cars and it took it down, maybe because it was older and had more miles on it. The car this happened with was a V8 Vantage. I topped it out at 992, then i noticed it go up one each time, and now it's running 1000. Now I'm not 100% sure of this, but try it out and see if anyone else can verify this. :)
*Test code!

F090/s (Indy Car)

An easy way to get this car is to use the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak on the Super Speedway (Enduance) and never pit in.

Getting the Prize Car You Want

Only works when race series has multiple prises..
Save your game before the last race in a championship series that you have at LEAST an 11-point lead over the second place opponent. Start the final race and quit out of it. Since you had an 11-point lead over the closest opponent, you'll still win the race series and get the bonus car. If the prize car you're awarded is the one you want, then keep it and move on. If it's not the car you want, then go back and Load your save game from before the last race and repeat the process until you get the prize car that you were hoping for.

Escudo -More Speed

If you buy a Suzuki Escudo it will have about 980 HP. Install a Stage 4 turbo in it and it will have about 1800 HP! Now! Go to "MY HOME" and "Run/Settings"
Go to settings. Change the gearing angle to WIDE. Now your Escudo will go like 450 km/h!!!

Unlock the Almighty Escudo: Pikes Peak Version

You had to remember this car from GT2, and now, it makes it's debut once again in GT3, only faster with a bigger engine. All you have to do is beat EVERY rally event (obtaining first place in each.) This can be done only after the rally license is obtained. It may seem difficult, but WELL worth the wait! With about 1800 hp and top speeds around 292 mph!! (thats 472 kmh) you can destroy the competition.

Here is a Quick Way to Get $350,000

Enter the European Championship in Ameateur league. Win the first Four races, racking up $30,000 ($7,500 per win). Save. Skip the last race (you MUST win the first four). Collect the $20,000 for winning. For winning the championship, the game will randomly give you a car. If you are lucky, you win the Gillet Vertigo Race Car. If you don't, load the game from after the fourth race and try again until you get the Vertigo. The Vertigo is a decent S-rank car that sells for $300,000. Do this three times, and you can afford the Suzuki ESCUDO Pikes Peak Version, Viper GTSR Team Oreca, or the Corvette C5R (I suggest the ESCUDO).

Completion Tips

75% game completion= mazda 787b
100% game completion= fo94/s
100% arcade mode completion= fo688/s
complete time trials= panoz esperante gtr-1

Max Out Your Gears in an Automatic

Whenever your car reaches the end of the gear hold R2 and the gear will be extended until R2 is let go or the car starts to decelerate it will give you an extra acceleration boost when needed. This really helps in the license test.

Dodge That Viper

To get a rocket on wheels, simply buy a Dodge Viper GTS for around £80,000, bung an NA stage 3 kit on it, give it every possible upgrade, change the gear ratios to Auto Setting 48; AND BANG!!! You got a bullet on wheels. Trust me, you can get 450km/h out of it on the test track, AND IT'S STILL ACCELERATING !!! See it?? IT'S THERE !!!! The one of the fastest cars in the game.

Make Your Own

Rally cars too expensive? Buy a car (most work with this cheat) and give it fully customised supension, dirt/racing tires and some engine and turbo upgrades and ...VOILA! A new sweet little rally car! PS 4WD cars work best!

Win Toyota Sprinter Truendo GT-Apex

To win the sprinty Toyota Truendo, complete the Sunday Cup with gold medals in each of the three races.

Win Mazda Eunos Roadster

To win the Eunos Roadster, complete the Cupman Cup with gold medals in each of the three races.

Unlock Blue Toyota MR-S S Edition

Win the Beginner MR Challenge to unlock the Blue Toyota MR-S S Edition.

Unlock Mazda Roadster RS

To unlock the Mazda Roadster RS, complete the Spider and Roadster cup with gold medals across the board.

Unlock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car

Win the Amateur Evolution Meeting to unlock the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car.

Unlock Nissan Silvia K's 1800cc

To unlock the Nissan Silvia K's 1800cc, win the Beginner FR Challenge series.

Unlock Silver Daihatsu Mira TRXX

Unlock Silver Daihatsu Mira TRXX Avanzato R by winning Beginner Race of Turbo Sports.

Unlock Silver Honda CRX Del Sol SiR

To unlock Silver Honda CRX Del Sol SiR, win the Beginner Race of NA Sports series.

Unlock Tan Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II R32

Win the Beginner GT World Championships to unlock Tan Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II R32.

Unlock Titanium Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR

Win the Amateur 4WD Challengeto unlock the Titanium Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR.

Unlock White Mine's Lancer Evolution VI

Win the Amateur Race of Turbo Sports to unlock the White Mine's Lancer Evolution VI.

Unlock Yellow Honda Civic SiR-II EG

Win Beginner Type R Meeting to unlock Yellow Honda Civic SiR-II EG.

Unlock Tracks in Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode track unlocking: beat each tier of tracks on easy mode, and you unlock the next tier of tracks.
Tier 1: (start out with these):
Super Speedway, Midfield Raceway, Smokey Mountain, Swiss Alps, Trial Mountain, Midfield Raceway II
Tier 2:
Smokey Mountain II, Tokyo R246, Grand Valley Speedway, Laguna Seca Raceway, Rome Circuit, Tahiti Circuit.
Tier 3:
Swiss Alps II, Trial Mountain II, Deep Forest Raceway II, Special Stage Route 5, Seattle Circuit, Test Course.

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