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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Alt name(s): GTAVC, GTA VC, GTA Vice City

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GTA Vice City: Weapons and Objects
Cheats, hints and playing tips

Brown Thunder vigilante missions:
Collect all 100 hidden packages and go to Fort Baxter Air Base. You can use this ultimate vehicle to do Brown Thunder vigilante missions.
Hidden package rewards: Collect the indicated number of hidden packages to get a reward at the specified location.
10 hidden packages: Body Armor at hideouts.
20 hidden packages: Chainsaw at hideouts.
30 hidden packages: Python at hideouts.
40 hidden packages: Flame thrower at hideouts.
50 hidden packages: Laser Scope Sniper Rifle at hideouts.
60 hidden packages: Minigun at hideouts.
70 hidden packages: Rocket Launcher at hideouts.
80 hidden packages: Sea Sparrow at Starfish Island Mansion's Helipad.
90 hidden packages: Rhino at Fort Baxter Air Base.
100 hidden packages: Ultimate Secret Vehicle (Apache Helicopter) at Fort Baxter Air Base You can use this vehicle to do Brown Thunder vigilante missions.

Enter the apartment building in Ocean Beach next to the Pay & Spray. Find the open door to apartment 30. To your right is a bathroom with blood all over. The chainsaw can be found there.
Colt 45: To easily find a Colt 45, go to Cotez's docks. Across from where you get missions from him is a white building. The gun is on the side of it. You must use the steps to get up to the slightly higher area next to the building.
The knife: Go to the alleyway in the south-east corner of the east island (where you start) to find the knife.
Baseball bat: Look in the alleyway directly behind your hideout to find a baseball bat.
Brass knuckles: Look slightly north (less than 100 feet) from the baseball bat behind your hideout to find a set of brass knuckles.
Cleaver: You can find a cleaver behind the Well Stacked Pizza shop in Washington Beach
Shotgun: You can find a shotgun at any time by going to the top of the Washington Mall via the car park (the circle ramp). When at the top of the building, do down the left side ramp, and then immediately turn around. The gun is to the left of the ramp at the back.
9mm Uzi with a mini stock: Go to the bottom of the first islands pay 'n' spray go behind the pay 'n' spray and you will see a cage go into it and while your in the cage take a right and you will find a 9mm Uzi with a mini stock on the back.
Tear gas: Tear gas can be found in the parking lot directly behind the Police Station in Washington Beach.
Flame thrower: There is a flame thrower near 8' Balls place in Vice Port. Before you turn into it, go south near the wall to find it.
Katana: In the North Point Mall, go into the Tarbrush Cafe. Go into the back room to find the katana.
Meat cleaver: Go to the pizza shop walk around the back. Look to the northwest corner to find a meat cleaver.
Machete: On one of the bridge sidewalks that connects to Starfish Island where the estate mansion is located, there is a machete.
Sniper rifle: Go to Sunshine Autos, then head north until it ends. Turn right and then find the alleyway that connects the two roads. Go in it, turn right, and find the set of stairs. Go up the first, then there is another. Go up that then go to the corner furthest away form the stairs.
Minigun: After the completion of the Trojan Voodoo mission and the drug factory has been destroyed, there will be a minigun on top of it. It may be easier to use a helicopter to get it.
Rocket launcher: On the long drive to the airport, there is a short left turn into the Hooker Inn hotel. There is a rocket launcher in the pool there.
Spaz 12 shotgun: Look behind the wave-shaped billboard (unique jump) in front of the airport terminal to get a Spaz 12 shotgun.
Molotov cocktails: Go to where the Hyman Condo is located and go past the save point. Follow the alley until it reaches the street. Across the street you will see a restaurant named Tacocalypse. Enter the outdoor eating area and turn left to find the Molotov cocktail.
MP5: This is the most powerful submachine gun but it is only found when you have a 5 or 6 star wanted level. FBI Agents who come out of FBI Ranchers(not cheetahs), and army guys who decide to come out of their truck, the Barracks OS or the Tank are the only people in the game to carry these guns. Even SWAT guys do not carry these around.
M60: This is a tough one to get unless you have unlocked the cop uniform but it's worth the risk. It is in the guard tower to the left of the entrance to Fort Baxter Air Base. If you have a cop outfit on, the army will let you stroll through. It's hard to miss once you are up there.
Colt M4: To find the Colt M4, go to Auntie Poulet's house. Go down the small passage to the left of the house and you will see this often useful machine gun. If you do not know where her house is, you will have to try to find the shack with the haitian voodoo car parked in front of it. There will be a bunch of other shacks around. It is in Little Haiti.

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