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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Alt name(s): GTAVC, GTA VC, GTA Vice City

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GTA Vice City: The Missions
Cheats, hints and playing tips

Alloy Wheels Of Steel mission: Enable the "Rhino" code and put two tanks in front of the other motorcycles. You will have enough room to get in front. Keep up your speed and you will win the race easily because the other motorcycles will crash into the tank and either fall off or have to go around them, using up time.
Alloy Wheels Of Steel mission (2): Before starting the mission, enable the "Faster acceleration" and "Higher top speed" codes. The other racers may pass you for the first few turns, however they will over-shoot the turn on the first long straightaway because they are going too fast. You will see them piled up in the alley beside the curve. Keep following the markers as fast as you dare, and you will easily win.
Alloy Wheels Of Steel mission (3): Take one of the racer's bikes. It is very responsive and will not tip over or slide in a turn. Note: The Angel will not retain its special qualities if saved in a garage (or destroyed and placed in a garage.)
Alloy Wheels Of Steel mission (4): Go to the Hyman condo hideout and enable the "Never fall off motorcycle" glitch with a Freeway bike and go to the starting point. You now will not fall off at all, unless you press Triangle because your Freeway is on fire. If you press Square and aim at someone with a gun; or press Circle, the glitch will end.
Bombs Away mission: Instead of chasing boats and a car, you can run over all the Cubans with the RC plane. Then. just drop the bombs and blow up the boats.
Checkpoint Charlie: To have an easier time controlling the Squallo, enable the "Slow motion" code. The speed will be decreased, but the handling of the Squallo remains the same. Since the speed is less, the handling would seem better, allowing you to complete the mission without problems. Also, after complete it for the first time, every consecutive time after that, fog will appear that gets worse with each attempt. Enable the "Normal weather" code to make it disappear.
Death Row mission: Go to the Malibu Club in a really fast car, such as an Inferno. Get the mission brief. Drive as fast as you can towards the junkyard. When around the corner from enable the "Rhino" code to spawn a tank. Drive towards the guards, blasting them with the tank's cannon. Once inside the junkyard, kill as many men as you can by running them over with the tank. Grab Lance and make your way back toward the tank. Then, take him to the hospital to complete the mission.
Death Row mission (2): Fly a VNC Maverick (or any other helicopter) to the Junkyard instead of driving. This will not only get you there faster, but also will make getting Lance out of there a lot easier. Fly your helicopter next to the hangar Lance is held in, set it down, and kill the Cubans. When you pick up Lance, go directly into the helicopter. This will help you avoid the Diaz's men that chase after you. Then, just fly Lance to the hospital.
Death Row mission (3): Get a helicopter and get the mission from the Malibu Club with it. Then, fly to the junkyard and land quickly in front of the building holding Lance. Jump into the helicopter and take off quickly because the guards will shoot it once you are inside.
Death Row mission: Easy money: Kent Paul is located at the Malibu club. His first mission for you is "Death Row". When approaching the entrance to the junk yard, there are an abundance of gang members. Once you have killed all of them, collect their money and let Lance die. Once the mission is over, start it again.
Demolition Man mission: In this mission, you must fly a toy helicopter into a building and drop four bombs into specific points within the building and avoid getting beat or shot down in only seven minutes. There are construction workers and security guards with guns who will attack the toy helicopter throughout the building. The countdown however, does not start until you pick up the first bomb. The best way to begin the mission to find and kill the construction workers and security guards by flying into them with the propeller before you pick up any bombs. This will get them out of the way and you will get a feel for flying the helicopter and spotting where the targets are in the process. After you have killed them all, go back to get the bombs and start dropping them in the targets. Also avoid flying into anything -- with enough damage the helicopter will be totaled.
Demolition Man mission (2): Another way to complete this mission is to pickup the first bomb and place it on the top floor first. Then, place the next bomb on the third floor, the next bomb on the second floor, and the final bomb on the bottom level.
Distribution mission: When doing the Cherry Popper drug deals, it is easier to just go to the beaches and sell. Once one star is achieved, simply drive around until it disappears. The bonus to doing it this way is that you will always have plenty of customers, and no cop cars. The only downside is that the ice-cream truck moves very slow. However, you can easily outrun any on foot cops. Try this to make 100 sales easily.
Driver mission: In the mission when you are racing Hilary, just stay an his tail and he may spin out.
Driver mission (2): Go to the Malibu Club, and enable the "Flying car (Dodo)" code. When racing Hilary, drive as fast as you can without flying. Since Hilary's car is much faster than yours, it will not stop flying and you will always be in the lead. When the cops show up, enable the "Lower wanted level" cheat, and cruise from there on. You will win without worry about Hilary catching up.
Four Iron mission: When you arrive at the driving range, go to the line of parked Caddys. Drive your Caddy straight to the edge of the river bank, behind them next to the telephone pole. Put the front wheels hanging over the edge. Next, one at a time, use the parked Caddys to ram them off the bank and into the river. The last one you use (the pink one) should be parked with the front wheels off the bank far enough where you cannot back it off. Be careful, or you will drive off the bank and die. Your last act should be to steal the last Caddy that has the guard in it. After you hijack the Caddy, the target will send his guards after you and attempt to run. He will get into the last available Caddy (the one parked at the edge of the bank). He will eventually fall off the bank, into the river, and drown. Your mission will be complete. Do not engage the guards -- as soon as the target gets into the Caddy, drive around. You can also ram his Caddy from behind to speed things up.
Four Iron mission (2): Make sure you have a gun of some type. When you go through the metal detector, the gun will be saved outside for you to pick up on your way out. Note: You can take a chainsaw inside with you, if you have not died since your last Cortez mission. Once inside, go directly to the driving range and pester one of the guards by jumping in his Caddy, or run up the stairs and jump off the top of the driving range. This will put everyone in motion. Kill, beat, or otherwise disable most of the bodyguards so that you can jump in a Caddy and leave the area. Go directly back to the metal detector entrance and kill the two rent-a-cops there. Walk outside, pick up your weapons, and wait for the target to exit the club. When he does so, kill him to complete the mission.
Four Iron mission (3): If you do not have the sniper rifle, enable the "Weapons" code to get it. Go into the range, exit back out, then park a car in the left hand corner next to the entrance. There should be a small wooden club holder there. Jump on the car then jump over the wooden club holder. You should be able to snipe the man without the guards even noticing.
Four Iron mission (4): When you get to the Leaf Links Country Club, go past the security checkpoint, then enable the "Weapons (tier 2)" code. Take the Caddy and go to where the target is located. Keep a fairly good distance from where he is, then change to your rocket launcher. Use it to kill him and complete the mission.
G-Spotlight mission: Instead of using the motor bike to complete the entire mission, only use it for the checkpoints that are in the office building. Then, use a helicopter (either from the police station or the Hyman condo) and proceed to stop at the checkpoints on the roofs of the other buildings.
G-Spotlight mission (2): First, get the PCJ 600 near the guard booth near the entrance of the movie studio. Proceed to the pink marker on your radar. Drive through the first building, hitting all the pink circles on the way (enjoy the elevator ride). When you see the first jump to the next building, fall off the building on the bike. Return to your mansion on Starfish Island and go inside. Go up to the roof of the mansion (go inside, turn left before "Tony's Room", follow the wall until the passage on right, follow passage until the stairs, then climb the stairs), get the helicopter if one is there, and proceed to hit all the pink markers. Note: You do not need the helicopter from the mansion; any available one will suffice.
G-Spotlight mission: New bike: No matter what condition your bike is in, ditch it as soon as the second set of stairs come down. You will find a new bike in seconds. Then, restart the run up the second steps.
G-Spotlight mission: New spotlights: After you complete the mission, the spotlight will have a picture of breasts with the word "Suxxx" under it to promote the new movie for Candy Suxxx.
Guardian Angels mission: Damage proof vehicle: After you pass or fail the mission, go to the white car to the right of the stairs that you will go back down. This car is bulletproof, fireproof, and damage proof. However, if it flips upside down it will explode and will still cause you to drown if driven into water.
Gun Runner mission: The key to this mission is to keep moving and to keep renewing hearts and armor. Before you start the mission, fill your condo garage with as many Zebra cabs and FBI cars as possible, all parked outwards for a quick getaway. One you start, run over the crates. Do not pick the weapons up at this time. Run down some people and get all four crates open before you start to pick them up. As soon as you hear the Faggios, get in the car and run. The first two crates are roughly at the Pay 'N' Spray north of Cherry Pickers. You need to go into the Pay 'N' Spray every time you have a wheel shot out, coming back out of it at speed. Keep picking off Faggio riders and the other drivers as often as possible. Do not pick up the spilled crates until as late as possible. If you are chasing or being chased near the condo, drive in as soon as you are damaged. Pick up a new car, and keep swapping. Do not forget the hearts at the hospital and to buy armor at Ammu-Nation. You can even use a helicopter to get hearts from your mansion at Starfish Island.
Gun Runner mission (2): Before you start the mission, enable the "Rhino tank" code. Use the tank though the mission. Do not get the weapons until you kill everyone.
Gun Runner mission: Extra money: While doing the Gun Runner mission, other people will be shooting you (usually riding Faggios). If you kill them, you will get a $100 bonus.
Keep Your Friends Close mission: It is a very good idea to have an ample supply of either Python or Spaz Shotgun ammunition for this mission. You will start out in your office. Run out of your office and stand at the top of the staircase. Use auto-aim to target and kill the seemingly endless amounts of gangsters that enter the building. After dispatching quite a few of these Mafia members, Lance will appear near the entrance to the roof. Run after him. He will appear in the hallway as you turn -- shoot him. When you reach the roof, run up to the helipad area. Shoot down the numerous gangsters. If you lose health, locate the health behind the helicopter. There is also an adrenaline pill on the roof. The best strategy to kill Lance and his friends is to use a gun such as the Python or MP5 (something you can sprint with while holding), fire, then run away. After killing Lance, run back downstairs and prepare for Sonny. He will have a few stronger gangsters with him. Get off a few shots, then run to the side of the upstairs with the windows. Since they cannot shoot through the floor (they should be directly underneath you) shoot who you can, and when you feel ready, run back around to the front of your office and fire off more rounds. Repeat this strategy, using the health in the den when needed.
Keep Your Friends Close mission (2): The final story mission involves dispatching both your "best friend" Lance and the Mafia leader, Sonny. This mission is especially difficult, due to a seemingly endless supply of gunmen. Make sure your armor and life are at 100 (or 150 if you finished the Vigilante and Pizza missions). Arm yourself with the shotgun and position yourself by the office door, facing so that you can see anyone approaching. Instantly lock on with R1 and fire when anyone comes within range. After several attackers are cut down by the shotgun, the game will prompt you to kill Lance. Switch to your hands, so you can run. Go through the door, and an intermission sequence with Lance will play. When the game resumes, run up the stairs to the right, past Lance, as though you were heading to the roof for the helicopter. Do not worry if you pass Lance on the way up. Just before you head onto the roof (screen transition to Starfish Island) make sure your health and armor are full. On the roof, Lance will be waiting with several gunmen. Run past them to the right, and make your way beyond the helicopter pad. Refill your health and armor if needed. Switch to the sniper rifle. Go back past the helicopter, and look around the corner. Take out Lance and his men with several shots. Using the rocket launcher also works if done from a distance. Run back downstairs towards your office until the intermission sequence with Sonny plays. Run back upstairs, onto the roof. Refresh your health and armor as needed. Switch to the rocket launcher and walk to the end of roof. Take out the three limos and henchmen in the driveway. Jump off the roof and walk to the front of the house. Kill any gunmen with the shotgun if needed. Walk up the stairs until you see Sonny in the doorway. He may not see you. Fire rockets at him until he goes down for good. The intermission sequence will play as soon as he dies.
Keep Your Friends Close mission (3): You will start out in the room at the top of the stairs. There is a Colt Python in the room by the door. This is the best gun you can have in this mission. Once you get the Colt Python, run outside of the room to the very top of the stairs behind the right hand rail. Get into the crouch position then target and shoot all the Mafia men (about 20) until the game tells you to get back to your money. An intermission with Lance will start. Immediately after it ends, run towards him. Do not bother shooting, as you will not hit him. Cut down the hall and go up the stairs to the roof. Do not shoot anyone yet. Get on to the helicopter pad, where they cannot shoot you. The best weapon to use here are grenades. Toss them over the guardrail onto the gangsters. There is health power-up behind the helicopter and an adrenaline pill behind the barrels on the right (when looking at the entrance). once you kill them all, go back inside all the way down the stairs to the small room with health, armor, a shotgun, and machine gun. Go back up the stairs to the place you started at. Another intermission will start. Once it is over, use the rocket launcher to take out Sonny.
Keep Your Friends Close mission (4): At the end on the “keep your friends close” mission to get this over quick here’s how I did it and it took me 5 minutes to end the game#1 when you run the stairs to protect the safe you want to be on the right side of the door way inside with the machine gun that shoots out like 50,000 bullets at a time (if you put the cheat code in enough you will have this indefinitely) shoot all the dudes coming in the doorway when it tells you to go and get Lance run out the door and it will stop you for a moment. Then run up the stairs to the top of the roof. When you get there be prepared to get shot at. Note: Have all life and full armor run to the top where the helipad is, no one follows you go to the top and start tossing hand grenades over the little balcony 4 or 5 in a half moon then jump over the railing and run back down stairs( at this point you might have little cash in you safe if it gets below 100,000 then you will fail the mission) run to where the safe is and it will freeze 
you again wait till it allows you to move and then drop a few more grenades and your done. I did this 2 times just to be sure it works and it does.
Loose Ends mission: Bring a helicopter before you start the mission at the phone. Start the mission and use the helicopter to go to the top of Cherry Poppers, instead of getting up there on foot. You will avoid most of the men that would have shot you. Once at the top, land the helicopter, shoot the few men there, get the briefcase, then fly the helicopter to the airport. Do not worry if they shoot your helicopter on fire, since there is another one on top of Cherry Poppers. Once you take the briefcase to the airport, the mission is over.
Messing With The Man mission: Go to Ammu-Nation in Downtown before you start the mission and buy three shotgun rounds. Start the mission. Do not go on a bike. Just shoot people with your shotgun. When the police arrive, shoot them and their cars. Shoot everything in sight to fill the meter before time runs out.
Messing With The Man mission (2): Enable the "Rhino tank" code before you start the mission. Once you start the mission, get in the tank and start ramming and crashing into cars. This will cause the cars you hit to explode. This will probably not make your wanted level go high since it is just like hitting a car with a regular vehicle. If your wanted level does go higher, enable the "Lower wanted level" code.
Messing With The Man mission (3): Complete the "Rub Out" mission first in order to have Diaz's mansion. After being assigned the mission by the biker gang, go to your mansion and start shooting at those gangs who are usually standing all over the grounds, talking to each other. Kill all of them -- they will not try to kill you because they work for you. Shooting at the remaining dead bodies will also increase the chaos meter.
Messing With The Man mission (4): Do not go on the bike. Instead, take out a flame thrower and burn everyone until the meter is filled.
Messing With The Man mission (5): Blow up a cop car and continue to shoot the blown-up car. Your meter will go up as you shoot it, making it a quick and easy mission.
Pizza Boy Missions: Pizza Push: During the pizza boy missions every once in a while you will drive by a person and throw a pizza at them and they will be stubborn and will just stand there and the pizza will be lying on the sidewalk. You can get off your bike and push the pizza to the person. When it gets close enough, they will grab it. This can be important.
Psycho Killer mission: Catching the killer with the Love Fist Limo is almost impossible. To make this simple, pick up the mission from the studio, then drive a fast car to the signing area. Run back to the studio and get the limo. Drive the limo to the signing area. When the killer reveals himself, hop out of the limo and chase him down using the fast car.
Psycho Killer mission (2): Enable the "Weapons (tier 2)" code to get the Rocket Launcher. Have it out before you get into the Love Fist Limo, and drive down to the record signing. Position your driver's side car door in a way so that as soon as the psycho gets into his car, you can just exit your car facing in his direction. Quickly aim and just shoot a rocket, blowing him to bits.
Publicity Tour mission: Enable the "Dodo car" or "Better driving skills" code, as well as the "Car floats on water" code before mission starts. After you begin driving the car, go straight until just before you get to the water. Jump or fly over the rail onto the water then drive until the bomb gets defused without worrying about obstacles or other drivers.
Rub Out mission: Vercetti's Estate: After finishing the Rub Out mission, Diaz's estate will be yours and be called Vercetti's Estate.
Rub Out mission: Helicopter: After completing the Rub Out mission, Diaz's estate will become yours. Complete all of the missions for the estate. When that is done, enter the house and go up the stairs. Enter the room and follow it to another set of stairs. Keep going up and you will eventually reach the top. Go up the "ramp" to get the helicopter.
Shakedown mission: Get a motorcycle, preferably a PCJ 600. Make sure you have a sub-machine gun to do drive-bys with, and a Ruger or M4 is recommended. With the bike, enter the mall. Do drive-bys on all the stores that are marked on the bottom. It should not take that long as you have the bike to get around the mall quickly. For the top, get off your bike, run up there, and use your Ruger or M4 to take out those stores. You do not need to have an assault rifle, but it does make it slightly easier. If the cops are giving you trouble, just shoot them. You will not retain your wanted level after the mission is completed.
The Shooter mission: Grand Theft Auto 3 reference: When you aim at Phil Cassidy's shooting range targets, they are characters from Grand Theft Auto 3 such as Maria and Salvatore.
Sir!, Yes, Sir! mission: Use a motorcycle for this mission. Move up the left side of the convoy, pull in front of the thing you want to steal then stop and get off the bike. Before anyone can react, hop into the door on the left side and pull away.
Sir!, Yes, Sir! mission (2): Get a motorcycle and park it directly in front of the first car. Enable the "Weapons" codes and get the sniper rifle ready, While they move the motorcycle, snipe the person that is driving the tank. Then, take the tank. Make sure you have full health and armor. Drive the tank to complete the mission.
Sir!, Yes, Sir! mission (3): The easiest way to get the tank is to get to the convoy as quickly as possible. Follow the convoy until they reach a red light. When it stops, the troops will all cluster around each other and rest, leaving the tank relatively unguarded. Run up, hop in, and drive it to the garage. Do not stop for anything or you will probably get pulled from the tank and get busted.
Sir!, Yes, Sir! mission (4): Get to the convoy as quickly as possible. Use the bike near the docks. Follow the convoy until they stop for donuts. When the sergeant tells them to get donuts, the door will be unlocked, You can drive away with the tank, but do not stop.
Sir!, Yes, Sir! mission (5): Before you start the mission, get a fast motorcycle. When you start the mission, drive as fast as you can to the convoy. Drive a few blocks ahead of the convoy and enable the "Rhino tank" code. Steal the tank you spawned and position it on the road. Take out the escort vehicles with your tank. Then, fire a shot at the target tank to take out the machine gunner. The area should now be free of troops. Jump in the target tank and get to the lock-up as fast as possible before the tank self-destructs.
Sir!, Yes, Sir! mission (6): Enable the "Rhino tank" code and destroy everyone in the way, which will bring out the men in the tank. Note: Block the Patriot first.
Spilling The Beans mission: It is easier to board the charter boat if you first buy a sniper rifle and take out the guards standing on deck. To be more thorough, you can snipe from land on one side of the boat and from water on the other side.
Stand-off mission: In the final Kaufman Cab Company mission where you are tricked into entering a demolition derby with a group of other cabs at Viceport, it is a good idea to get the rocket launcher from the nearby swimming pool before you park your cab in the lot. When you fight the Zebra cab, your taxi will probably get very smashed up. Kill the Zebra cab with rockets. He is usually not fast enough to run you down if you are on foot.
Stand-off mission (2): Park in the pink circle facing the gateway. Drive to gateway as soon as can. Get out and run back up to the back end, by the ship. The cabs will attack your abandoned taxi and leave you alone. Get to the back edge of wharf, jump up carefully, and walk around the stacked boxes. Jump down and walk back to the gateway from the other side. The cabs are now trapped on the other side of the gate trying to kill you. They will all self-destruct while trying to get to you. When the Zebra cab appears, it will mount the gates to get at you. Shoot it to pieces until it explodes.
Firefighter missions: Fireproof: Steal a fire truck and press R3 to start the firefighter missions. Press Circle to use the firehose to put out burning cars. Get to level 12 to become fireproof while on foot.
Pizza missions: Extra health: Go behind the pizza restaurant near the beach and steal the pizza delivery moped and press R3 to start the pizza missions. Successfully deliver 55 consecutive pizzas to increase your maximum health from 100 to 150.
Paramedic missions: Unlimited sprint/stamina: Steal an ambulance and press R3 to start the paramedic missions. Get to level 12 to have unlimited sprint/stamina.
Paramedic missions: Easy area: The easiest area to complete this mission is near Vice Port. Once you start, do not look at the timer and just pick up your patients with the best driving possible with good speed. Pick up the patients that are the farthest at all times. You can ignore because it will build up faster as you pick up the closer patients.. Try your best to not flip over and enable the "Health" code as the ambulance becomes very damaged.
Taxi missions: Hydraulics: Steal a cab and press R3 to start the taxi missions. Carry 100 passengers to get hydraulics on all taxi-class vehicles. Press L3 to jump whenever needed.
Love Fist missions: Use a helicopter (found on either the side of the police station near the Greasy Chopper building and the Sunkmole Shack or on top of the Vercetti Mansion once you have killed Diaz). A helicopter helps with most of the Love Fist missions.
Vercetti missions: Getting money: After completing the Vercetti missions at the Vecetti Estate, a money symbol will appear on your front porch. Walk into it and collect however much money is labeled at the top of the spinning symbol. This is how you collect your pay for owned businesses.
Vigilante missions: Extra armor: Steal a law enforcement-class vehicle and press R3 to start the vigilante missions. Get to level 12 to increase your maximum armor from 100 to 150.
Vigilante missions: Easy completion: Instead of trying to ram the target and thus destroying your car as well, just drive alongside them and unload clips from your Uzi. When the car begins to flame, pull away. The driver might get out, and if the explosion does not kill them, your bumper can.
Vigilante missions: Easy completion (2): First, get a hideout with a garage. Then, steal a cop car. Park in the garage and start the mission. Exit the car and walk out of the garage so that the door closes. Enable the "Destroy all cars" code to instantly complete the mission. Go back into the car before time runs out. Repeat this until reaching level 12. This is also a good way to make easy money.
Vigilante missions: Easy completion (3): For an easy way to get to level 12 in the vigilante missions, use the Hunter helicopter from the Fort Baxter Air Base. You will not have to worry about police chasing after you, and can easily dispose of the criminals from above.
Vigilante missions: Easy completion (4): Get a Rhino tank. Turn the turret around so that it is directly backwards. Repeatedly press Circle to shoot and go fast. Start a vigilante and run into all the criminals to blow them up and pass the level.
Vigilante missions: Easy completion (5): Collect the mini gun (enable the "Weapon tier 3" code if needed), and get a good distance in front of your target on a straight-way. Quickly get out, make sure you are holding the mini gun, and fire. It takes four to seven shots to destroy it, but since the mini gun has a clip of 500 rounds, there is no need to be precise. This strategy works well when you have multiple targets.
Vigilante missions: Easy completion (6): Get a cop car go to one of your garages, activate the mission with analog stick. Put the cop car in the garage. Use the blow up all cars cheat(R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1) and you should have killed the vigilante. Just repeat this method to have success.
Hyman Memorial Stadium missions: Go to Hyman Memorial Stadium in Downtown for three missions. One is a race car mission, the second is a dirt bike checkpoint mission, and the third is a demolition derby mission. You have to read the billboard to see which event is being held for which night. Enter through the center doors at the top of the stairs. The doors will only open at 20:00.

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