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Sony Playstation2 Game Cheats
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Alt name(s): GTAVC, GTA VC, GTA Vice City

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GTA Vice City: Actions
General Cheats, hints and playing tips


Game completion bonuses: Successfully complete 100% of the game. You will get unlimited ammunition, double vehicle health, 200 health, and 200 armor limits. A new set of clothes will be delivered to the Vercetti Mansion. If you look closely it reads; "I completed Vice City and all I got was this lousy T-shirt". Walk into the pink circles surrounding the men at your mansions and they will follow you as bodyguards.
To complete 100% of the game, all of the following tasks must be done: Complete all missions from the following people and locations: Ken Rosenburg, Avery Carrington, Colonel Juan Cortez, Ricardo Diaz, Vercetti Mansion, Love Fist, Biker Gang, Umberto Robina, Auntie Poulet, Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company, Kaufman Cabs, The Malibu Club, InterGlobal Film Studio, Pole Position Club, The Printworks, Shipyard, Sunshine Autos, Phil's, Game End Missions.
Complete all miscellaneous jobs: PCJ Playground, Trial By Dirt, Test Track, Cone Crazy, four Checkpoint Chopper Missions, RC Car Race, RC Plane Race, RC Chopper Checkpoint, Rifle Range, six Street Races, five Assassinations.
Buy all hideouts and businesses: Elswanko Casa, Links View Apartments, Ocean Heights, Hyman Condos, 1102 Washington Street, 3321 Vice Point, Skumhole Shack, Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company, Kaufman Cabs, The Malibu Club, InterGlobal Film Studio, Pole Position Club, The Printworks, The Shipyard, Sunshine Autos.
Hold up all stores: Corner Store (Vice Point), Dispensary Plus (Vice Point), First Jewelry Store (Vice Point), Gash (North Point Mall), Music Store (North Point Mall), Second Jewelry Store (North Point Mall), Hardware Store (North Point Mall), Bunch of Tools (Washington Beach), Ryton Aide Pharmacy (Little Haiti), Pharmacy (Downtown), Third Jewelry Store (Downtown), Deli (Little Havana), Doughnut Shop (Little Havana), Laundromat (Little Havana), Screw This (Little Havana).
Collect all 100 Hidden Packages.
Perform all 36 Unique Jumps.
Complete all 35 Rampages.
Complete all special vehicle missions: Vigilante (level 12), Fire Truck (level 12), Ambulance (level 12), Taxi (100 fares), Pizzaboy (13 deliveries).
Rewards for hidden packages: Collect the indicated number of hidden packages to get a reward at the specified location.
10 hidden packages: Body Armor at hideouts.
20 hidden packages: Chainsaw at hideouts.
30 hidden packages: Python at hideouts.
40 hidden packages: Flame thrower at hideouts.
50 hidden packages: Laser Scope Sniper Rifle at hideouts.
60 hidden packages: Minigun at hideouts.
70 hidden packages: Rocket Launcher at hideouts.
80 hidden packages: Sea Sparrow at Starfish Island Mansion's Helipad.
90 hidden packages: Rhino at Fort Baxter Air Base.
100 hidden packages: Ultimate Secret Vehicle (Apache Helicopter) at Fort Baxter Air Base You can use this vehicle to do Brown Thunder vigilante missions.
Get to Starfish island early: To get to Starfish Island without completing the missions, get a fast motorcycle (not a moped). Go to the Starfish bridge and floor it through the tiny hole used by bridge pedestrians. Wreck at the gate and the game should put you on Starfish Island.
Get to any locked area early (1): Enable the "Dodo car" code and use any car. Go as fast as you can and jump over the highest sign blocking the next section of the game. Keep repeating this until you get there.
Get to any locked area early (2): Get a sniper rifle and find a place where boats are appearing. Wait until one is coming roughly straight at you, then take out the man piloting it with the rifle. If the boat was moving fast enough, it will coast up to you. You should be able to jump onto it. From there, you can get to almost anywhere. It may take awhile to find out good spots to try this. One recommended location is behind Diaz's mansion in the lawn behind the hedge maze.
Get to any locked area early (3): While traveling at high speeds in an Infernus hit the gate the connects the both islands. If done correctly, you can go through the gate on the right side. Half of your vehicle will be on one side of the gate, and the other half will be on the other side. You can press Triangle to step outside your vehicle on the other side of the closed gate.
Get to any locked area early (4): Enable the "Cars float on water" code. Then, simply drive on the water to get to any island.
Restore health: Go to your hideout and go to Save. Either save or leave without saving and your health will be restored to full. Your wanted level will not go down.
Increase Health By 20%: Enter any ambulance and watch your health raise by 20%.
Increasing Armor: Get your wanted level to 4 stars and when the SWAT Trucks come after you, attempt to hijack one. Your armor will rise to 100. Note: Hijacking a SWAT car is not an easy task.
Clearer graphics: To make the game much clearer, pause game play and go to 'Display', then select 'Trails' and turn that option off.
Wanted level to zero: Go to your hideout and go to "Save". Load the most recent save and your wanted level will drop to zero.
Wanted level to zero 2: You can clear your wanted level by entering a RC Racer Competition. You do not have to complete the competition to clear your wanted level..
Run longer: Tap the X button instead of holding it to make Tommy's stamina last a little longer.
Hideouts: The following properties can be bought for the indicated price.
1102 Washington Street: $3,000
3321 Vice Point: $2,500
Elswanko Casa (with 1 garage): $8,000
Hyman Condo (with 3 garages and a helipad): $14,000
Links View Apartments (with 1 garage): $6,000
Ocean Heights (with 1 garage): $7,000
Skumhole Shack: $1,000
Stores to rob: The following stores can be robbed.
Island 1
Gash (in North Point Mall)
Countdown Vinyl (in North Point Mall)
Jewelry store (in North Point Mall)
Hardware store (in North Point Mall)
Jewelry store
Hardware store
Island 2
Jewelry store
Hardware store
Cafe´ Robina
Deli restaurant
Money Tip: It is more likely that you will get more money from a guy in a suit in tie than some bum hobbling around. So, choose who you beat up wisely if you are in need of more than a few bucks.
Easy money (1): Occasionally as you wander around the city, you will encounter a cop fighting with a gang member (especially in Northpoint Mall). If you step in and hit the gang member, you will receive a $50 Good Citizen's Bonus when the gang member dies. Once the guy is on the ground, you can continue to kick him and receive the bonus two or three more times (until the body disappears). This is an easy way to get some quick cash, and do some fighting in the process.
Easy money (2): Purchasing the strip club or the docks will earn you extra money.
Easy money (3): Knock over the parking meters on the sides of the streets to get money.
Easy money (4): Enable the "Tommy groupies" code. Run around until you have a large group of women following. Lead them to the nearest alleyway or garage and just beat them all to death. Using weapons calls too much attention from cops and paramedics.
Easy money (5): Enter any store and point a handgun at the clerk until he gives you money. Hold the gun for a few seconds until he stops giving you money, then run away and hide or enable the "Lower wanted level" code. Note: Do not do this in an Ammu-Nation store as the clerk will pull a gun.
Easy money (6): Enable the "Rhino" code and press L3 to start the vigilante missions. After every kill, you will begin to get more money. After a while, you will have over $1,000 per kill. When the cops are on you after a kill, enable the "Lower Wanted Level" code.
Easy money (7): Go to a hideout that generates money. Get the money and save the game. The game time will advance three hours and more money should be available. Repeat this as much as needed. Note: This does not always work.
Easy money (8): Stop someone a cop is chasing and get a good citizen bonus. Now if you keep on kicking the person the cop was chasing, you will keep on getting the bonus. I have gotten $300 before he disappeared.
Easy Money (9): On the street racing, you can blow up the other cars you have to race when they are lined up before the race begins. Then you will be able to run the race by yourself and win a large amount of money.
Easy Money (10): Hijack a Taxi at any time during the game and get about twenty bucks. If you are in need of a quick 100 dollars or something, just repeat this. But it must be different taxis. You can't just keep getting in and out of the same one.
Drowned pedestrians: Go to any dock with people on it while you are on a motorcycle and drive slowly on it. Some of the people (including cops) will dive in the water to avoid you, as they do on the street. Get off the bike and look down into the water without falling in. You can see their dead bodies floating in the water.
Blood splatter: Kill someone with the chainsaw while you are running and blood will splatter on the screen.
Possible reference to next game: Listen to the VCHAT radio station and you will hear a football player call in and say "Hey, I'm a first time calla". They will start talking about different football conversations. Listen for about one minute and you will hear the caller say something similar to "Well, we were beaten by San Andreas". In the original Grand Theft Auto, the cities were Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. This may be a hint towards the location or title of the fifth game in the series.
Media coverage: Get your wanted level to six stars to get your pursuit covered in the media. A helicopter and chase meter will appear. Keep running from the helicopter to increase it. Every 100 seconds of game time will result in an increased level of media coverage. Pause game play and look at your statistics to see messages that indicate at your media level. You will start with a story in UFA Today and progress to television news and continue until it is a crisis.
Easy weapons: Free weapons are hidden all over the city. The flamethrower and rocket launcher, are two especially powerful weapons. They can be found near the boat yard and car showroom. These all respawn within a few game hours. Collect all the desired weapons, then save at a nearby hideout. The game will advance six hours and all your hidden weapons will have respawned. Do this three to five times, and all your company assets will be close to full, and you can make the rounds to get paid.
Unlimited ammunition (1): Go to any Ammu-Nation store and choose a gun. Keep buying it until you get close to 9999 rounds. The next time you buy it, the ammunition count for that gun will disappear and you will have an unlimited amount.
Unlimited ammunition (2): Use the following trick to get unlimited ammunition on the MP5. Buy unlimited ammunition for a submachine gun-class weapon for $300, then buy (or find) the MP5, which is $3000. It uses the same ammunition, and you will save a couple thousand dollars.
Unlimited ammunition (3): After you finish the last story line mission, the mobsters who are outside of your house carry Uzis. Kill a lot of them and you should have unlimited ammunition for that weapon. Then, but or find the MP5.
Giant shark: The giant shark from the InterGlobal Films studio can be seen in the water. You may need to complete all the missions for InterGlobal Films for it to appear. Since it moves around, there is no way of knowing where it can be found.
Quick reloads (1): Go to the Rifle Range at the Ammu-Nation in Downtown and get a score of 45 points.
Quick reloads (2): When using a gun, instead of using up an entire clip and waiting for Tommy to reload, quickly switch out your weapon and then switch back to it, It will be fully loaded without having to wait through the normal reload animation.
Shoot police helicopters with one sniper shot: Use the sniper rifle and aim at the joint between the rotors and the helicopter to take it down with one shot.
Scare passenger: This trick works very well at a red light. Find a car or truck that has a passenger as well as a driver. Run up to the car or truck's driver-side door and press Triangle to open it. As soon as Tommy starts to get in, press X to accelerate. If done correctly, the passenger will still be in riding along, screaming and scared. When you slow down, they will run away.
Easy health: While in a mall, buy something to eat at the food court.
Clothing reactions: Your clothing will result in different reactions during missions. For example, when you go to the Cubans for the first time, try wearing golf clothes. Your new contact will make fun of you, calling you a woman and you will make fun of him.
Save money with prostitutes: Get a convertible or another open top car. Pick up a prostitute and drive directly to a bush, grass or trees. Your health will jump up and she will get out almost as soon as you stop, without all the car rocking. If you decide to watch the rocking car or cannot find a convertible, jump out as soon as your health reaches 125 (and save the final charge), or kill the prostitute to get your money back.
Submarine and cargo ship: You can find a sunken ship and a submarine up north off the coast. The submarine is directly north of Ammu-Nation and The Tool Store at Vice Point Mall. The cargo ship is east of the submarine. Note: The submarine is Soviet, as indicated by the red star on it.
Kills Increase: If you want to get a lot of kills on your resume, do the following: Enable the "Ladie's Man" cheat which gets different kinds of women to follow Tommy around(Up to 8 at one time) Then find a bus. It could be a coach or the bus you find down at the docks. They will enter the bus when you go in. Then, get out one of your powerful weapons that can blow up a vehicle quickly. Get far enough away and before they can get out, blow up the car. You will get 8 easy kills.

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