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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
GTA San Andreas, GTASA, GTA SA
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F4411710 7170430E
F441B610 7374451E
Infinite Health
(Cars blowing up will kill you)
249852EA 1857D340
24900268 9074D36A
249012C8 1056D378
24100268 1074D3CA
24911AC8 955693D8
24911AC8 155693F9
2411106E D97CDB62
2485107A 9D7ED350
2481BC70 13BE9874
Infinite Cash
2443D886 FEA14EEE
2443D886 FEA14EDE
Infinite Ammo
249017C8 3074450D
Extra Ammo
241017C8 3074450D
Infinite Clip Ammo
249014C8 30F4452D
Extra Clip Ammo
241014C8 30F4452D

24909028 14B0C37C
1 AM
24109028 14B0C37C
2 AM
24909028 14B0C37E
3 AM
24109028 14B0C37E
4 AM
24909028 94B0C37C
5 AM
24109028 94B0C37C
6 AM
24909028 94B0C37E
7 AM
24109028 94B0C37E
8 AM
2490902A 14B0C37C
9 AM
2410902A 14B0C37C
10 AM
2490902A 14B0C37E
11 AM
2410902A 14B0C37E
2490902A 94B0C37C
1 PM
2410902A 94B0C37C
2 PM
2490902A 94B0C37E
3 PM
2410902A 94B0C37E
4 PM
2490902C 14B0C37C
5 PM
2410902C 14B0C37C
6 PM
2490902C 14B0C37E
7 PM
2410902C 14B0C37E
8 PM
2490902C 94B0C37C
9 PM
2410902C 94B0C37C
10 PM
2490902C 94B0C37E
11 PM
2410902C 94B0C37E
Select+L1 for Midnight
D4A0BF37 BE381C06
24909028 14B0C37C
Select+L2 for 6 AM
D4A0BF37 BF385C06
24909028 94B0C37E
Select+R1 for Noon
D4A0BF37 BF381C0E
2490902A 94B0C37C
Select+R2 for 6 PM
D4A0BF27 BF381C06
2490902C 14B0C37E

Big Jump
2491A1E8 12B6C60D
Very Big Jump
2491A1E8 12B6860D
Even Bigger Jumps
2491A1F8 12B6C60D

Super Slow Motion
24D880A8 1433D15D
Slow Motion
24D8C0A8 1432D15D
Quicker Game
24D8C088 1433D15D
Hyper Mode
24D09028 0430D15C
Crazy Speed
24D09028 0431D15C

Max Fat
2592B488 66F4C1AC
Minimum Fat
2598E4A8 36F7C1AD
Max Stamina
2592B488 66F4C19C
Max Total Respect
25D29588 6674C10C
Max Muscle
2592B488 66F4C1BC
Max Lung Capacity
25D2B788 6674C3AC
Max Sex Appeal
2592B788 66F4C12C
Max Flying Skill
25C0BF3A 3E74833C
Max Bike Skill
25C0BD3A 3E74832C
Max Cycling Skill
25C0BD3A 3E74831C
Max Luck
2543FD86 FE65CAAE

Max Bullets Fired
2543DF86 FEE5C81E
Minimum Bullets Fired
25D09728 36F4C11C
Max KGs of Explosives Used
2543DF86 FEE5C83E
Minimum KGs of Explosives Used
25D09728 36F4C13C

Max Number of Wanted Stars Attained
2543DF86 FEE5C8BE
Minimum Number of Wanted Stars Attained
25D09728 36F4C1BC
Max Number of Wanted Stars Evaded
2543DD86 FEE5C80E
Minimum Number of Wanted Stars Evaded
25D09528 36F4C10C
Max Times Busted
2543DD86 FEE5C82E
Minimum Times Busted
25D09528 36F4C12C
Max People Wasted By Others
2543DC86 FEE5C88E
Minimum People Wasted By Others
25D09428 36F4C18C
Max People You've Wasted
2543DC86 FEE5C8AE
Minimum People You've Wasted
25D09428 36F4C1AC
Max Road Vehicles Destroyed
2543DC86 FEE5C89E
Minimum Road Vehicles Destroyed
25D09428 36F4C19C
Max Boats Destroyed
2543DC86 FEE5C8BE
Minimum Boats Destroyed
25D09428 36F4C1BC
Max Planes & Helicopters Destroyed
2543DF86 FEE5C80E
Minimum Planes & Helicopters Destroyed
25D09728 36F4C10C
Max Cost of Property Damaged
2543DF86 FEE5C82E
Minimum Cost of Property Damaged
25D09728 36F4C12C
Max Tires Popped With Gunfire
2543DF86 FEE5C8AE
Minimum Tires Popped With Gunfire
25D09728 36F4C1AC
Max Number of Headshots
2543DF86 FEE5C89E
Minimum Number of Headshots
25D09728 36F4C19C

Max Territories Held
2543FE86 FEE5CA0E
Minimum Territories Held
25D0B628 36F4C30C
Max Highest Number of Territories Held
2543FE86 FEE5CA2E
Minimum Highest Number of Territories Held
25D0B628 36F4C32C

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