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Alt. names: GTA3, GTA 2, GTAIII, GTA III

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GTA3: The Missions


1. Give Me Liberty: Introduction Mission 2. Luigi 1: Luigi's Girl
3. Luigi 2: Don't Spanka Ma Bitch Up 4. Luigi 3: Drive Misty For Me
5. Luigi 4: Pump Action Pimp 6. Luigi 5: The Fuzz Ball
7. Joey 1: Mike Lips Last Lunch 8. Joey 2: Farewell Chunky Lee Chong
9. Joey 3: Van Heist 10. Joey 4: Cripriani's Chauffeur
11. Joey 5: Dead Skunk In The Trunk 12. Joey 6: The Getaway
13. Toni 1: Taking Out The Laundry 14. Toni 2: The Pick-Up
15. Toni 3: Salvatore Called A Meeting 16. Salvatore 1: Chaperone
17. Toni 4: Traids And Tribulations 18. Toni 5: Blow Fish
19. Salvatore 2: Cutting The Grass 20. Salvatore 3: Bomb Da Base(Parts 1 & 2)
21. Salvatore 5: Last Requests
1. El Burro 1: Turismo 2. El Burro 2: I Scream, You Scream
3. El Burro 3: Trail By Fire 4. El Burro 4: Big 'N' Veiny
5. Marty Chonks 1: The Crook 6. Marty Chonks 2: The Thieves
7. Marty Chonks 3: The Wife 8. Marty Chonks 4: Her Lover
9. RC Toyz 1: Mafia Massacre 10. RC Toyz 2: Diablo Destruction
11. Patriot Play-Ground

1. Staunton Island Hideout 2. Asuka Kasen 1: Sayonara Salvatore
3. Asuka Kasen 2: Paparazzi Purge 4. Asuka Kasen 3: Under Surveillance
5. Asuka Kasen 4: Payday For Ray 5. Asuka Kasen 5: Two-Faced Tanner
6. Kenji Kasen 1: Kanbu Bust-Out 7. Kenji Kasen 2: Grand Theft Auto
8. Kenji Kasen 3: Deal Steal 9. Kenji Kasen 4: Shima
10. Kenji Kasen 5: Smack Down 11. Ray Machowski 1: Silence The Sneak
12. Ray Machowski 2: Arms Shortage 13. Ray Machowski 3: Evidence Dash
14. Ray Machowski 4: Gone Fishing 15. Ray Machowski 5: Plaster Blaster
16. Donald Love 1: Liberator 17. Donald Love 2: Waka-Gashira Wipeout
18. Donald Love 3: A Drop In The Ocean
1. King Courtney 1: The Interwiew 2. King Courtney 2: Uzi Rider
3. King Courtney 3: Gangcar Round-Up 4. King Courtney 4: Kingdom Come
5. RC Toyz 3: Casino Calamity 6. 4x4: A Walk in the Park 7. 4x4: Multistory Mayhem

1. Shoreside Vale Hideout 2. Donald Love 1: Grand Theft Aero
3. Donald Love 2: Escort Service 4. Donald Love 3: Decoy
5. Asuka Kasen 1: Bait 6. Asuka Kasen 2: Espresso-2-Go
7. Asuka Kasen 3: S.A.M. 8. Ray Machowski 1: Marked Man
9. Catalina 1: The Exchange
1. D-Ice 1: Uzi Money 2. D-Ice 2: Toyminator
3. D-Ice 3: Rigged To Blow 4. D-Ice 4: Bullion Run
5. D-Ice 5: Rumble 6. 4X4: Gripped 7. RC Toyz: Rumpo Rumpage

Big 'N' Veiny mission: Easy completion:
Go to the Portland Dock where the emergency crane is located. Enable the "Tank" code. Note: Other autos could also work. Get in the tank and drive it between the emergency crane and the doors at the left of the crane . Repeat this step four times until you have at least five tanks between emergency crane and the doors. Then, walk to the telephone where you start the mission. Do not steal or drive a car, as this would take the tanks away. Instead, go there by foot. Walk to the phone both to start mission, drive up to the third magazine, and the mission will be complete. The mission is completed because the tanks will have destroyed the van, and the explosion kills the man and that stops the timer.
Bling-Bling Scramble mission: Easy completion: Enable the "Tank" code. Get in the tank and pull up to the starting dot with your tank facing the first checkpoint. When the race begins, the Cheetah or Infernus (differs from game to game) will swoop at you in an attempt to knock you off course. If it hits you, it will explode. If not, then it is an easy shot for the turret. The Patriot is easy to destroy because it is slow. The Bobcat will probably take more work, because it drives smarter. Once all three cars are destroyed, finish the race. Try to destroy the cars within the first five checkpoints.
Blow Fish mission: Easy completion: Get the Dustcart from 8-Ball and drive it over to the Triad secret hideout. On the way, enable the "Full health" code to lower the damage level to 0.
Bomb Da Base mission: Before you park your car into the blue space to start the mission, take a big car (Tank recommended) and ram it into the entrance part of the ship so 8-Ball cannot get onboard and get himself killed. Go back to the car and park it on the blue space. He will say "Get a good vantage point, then I'll head in when you fire the first shot". After he runs off to get ready, take the sniper rifle aim it with R1. Shoot the first guard, then the other should run out into the distance to see what happened. As soon as he is in view, shoot him because 8-Ball will already be on his way over. Kill the other one so 8-Ball does not get shot. Quickly enable the "Slow motion" code. If you are facing the ship's entrance directly head on, then look to your right. Climb up the a staircase located there. You will have an absolute perfect shot of every thug on the ship. Use an explosive or quick killing weapon (bazooka preferred). Shoot them all down. For the ones that you cannot quite see, get on the ship and finish them off. At this point it will not matter whether 8-Ball gets on the boat. He will activate the bomb and complete his part of the mission. Get off the boat and the mission will be completed.
Bomb Da Base mission: Kill guards easily: Go to the ware boating dock and drop off 8-Ball in the blue light. Turn around and head for the entrance. Take the first left, then another left. There should be a flight of stairs located there. Go up the stairs and get on the roof, close enough to where you can see the guards. Hold L1 to aim, and press Square to zoom in. Shoot the first two guards at the entrance ramp. Note: If you shoot the one at the top of the screen, the one near the bottom will shoot at you. Shoot the guard that is shooting at you. Go up to the boat and shoot the rest of the guards, working from left to right. Move quickly, but not too fast where you will not have any accuracy.
Bomb Da Base: Extra time: After getting a good vantage point, shoot the first two guards. When 8-Ball runs up the ramp, shoot him in the arm or leg. He will be on the ramp, injured. You can then kill all the other people. Then, just wait for the paramedics to appear and sort him out.
Bomb Da Base: Act II: Easy Completion: Jack a car and drive it to the ship before the mission starts. Then, drive it onto the ship and park it anywhere in the middle or front. Next, jack another car and place it near the first one. Then, jack a third car and place it in front of the ramp leading to the ship. You may add more cars if you feel it is necessary, but three should be enough. Then, drive to 8-Ball's place and start the mission. Let him out of the car and climb up the ladder to get a good vantage point. Once up there, enable the "Destroy all cars" code. The cars you placed should all explode and kill most of the men. Anyone that survived can be picked off with the sniper rifle.
Bullion mission: Drive underwater: On the Bullion mission in Shoreside Vale at the pay phone, get the BF Injector, a police car, or any other car with some power. Collect 15 to 20 platinums. Go to the dam (the place on top where you get the two hidden packages). Get near the place where you are leaving the industrial area and going to the houses. There is a green patch of grass that will lead you by the water by the damn. Carefully drive off the grass and into the water. You will not die because you are weighted down with platinum. You can now drive underwater. If you fall into the area where there is no ground, you will land shortly on the damn without dying. If the mission time ends, you will lose all of your mass and be unable to do this further. Also try jumping off the grass ledge to the river by where you are supposed to deliver the platinum. You will sink all the way to the tunnel and be rewarded with a varying stunt bonus.
Chaperone mission: Get a Cheetah: Go to meet Chico at the Waterfront. When Maria has picked up her usual drug packet, take her to the party in Atlantic Keys. Do not drop Maria off at the party. Instead, park the limo a short distance away. Get out of the limo and blow it up. This will kill Maria and end the mission -- do not worry, you can do it again, Go up to the building where the party is located and there will be three cars parked near the entrance. One of them is a Cheetah. Drive it to your garage and save the game. You can now drive the Cheetah around Portland.
Chaperone mission: Extra handgun ammunition: Once the police arrive at the warehouse party, wait for them all to get out of their cars. Then, take the limo (it does not matter if Maria is already in), and run into them. Once they are all dead, pick up their ammunition to get about 400 rounds.
Cipriani's Chauffer mission: Get stuck in Joey's garage: You can get stuck in the garage if you park an ambulance in front of the door. While inside you, go through everything and you cannot get out.
Cutting The Grass mission: Easy completion: When you go to wait for the man, steal a taxi. Instead of getting in the taxi he was supposed to enter, he will get in yours. He will tell you to go to the Portland docks. Once you get there, an intermission sequence will begin. Then, just complete the rest of the mission.
Dead Skunk In Da Trunk mission: Dead body in trunk: Do the "Dead Skunk In Da Trunk" mission for Joey. Before you get into the car, enable the "All weapons" code and blow up the car that chase you. Then, bash the trunk until it opens. Get out and look at it.
Dead Skunk In Da Trunk mission: Easy completion: After Joey tells you what to do, go to where the car is located but do not get in. There should be a Moon-Beam (van) located at the side of the cafe. Take it and drive it backwards towards the two poles at the front of the café. Make sure not to hit the Forelli brother car. Park the van in-between the two poles, so that the back of the car is barely touching the poles. Next, get out of the car and enable the "All weapons" code. Get on top of the van and jump on the thing the poles are holding up. Take out the rocket launcher and shoot the first Forelli brother car. If you are facing the street, it should be located the left. It is the only car with its lights on. After that, the second Forelli brother car will come after you. Shoot at it. The car will not be able to hit you if you stay on top. Do not shoot it when it is next to the car with the dead body in the trunk. After that, you should have a safe, uninterrupted ride to the crusher.
Decoy mission: On the Decoy mission given by Donald Love, you will have to take an armored van and evade police capture. This can seem very difficult when you have six stars and every police car available is after you. When you arrive at the location of the van in Shoreside Vale, you will notice that there are SWAT cars and police cars all around the van area. Simply use a Rocket Launcher to blow up all police vehicles around the area. Then, use the "No wanted level" code. Use this until all police cars that are just sitting there have been destroyed. You still will be tracked by police helicopters and new policemen, but this will make the mission much easier.
Don't Spank My Bitch Up mission: Free paint jobs: You can Pay N Spray any vehicle for free during this mission for as many times as desired.
Escort Service mission: Easy completion: Get in any car and get near the oriental gentleman in the armored car. He will begin to drive. Do not follow him. He will get to his destination safely. If you are having trouble getting the Securicar for the car boosting in Portland, now is a good time to find one.
Espresso-2-Go mission: Do not go to the first stand. Drive around town until all of the nine stands have shown up on the map -- some are in Shoreside Vale. When you hit the first stand, the eight minutes will start and you now have that time to just destroy the stands instead of looking for them while the timer is running. You should finish the mission with plenty of time remaining.
The Exchange mission: Defeating the Colombian Cartel: To have an easier fight against the Colombian Cartel in the last mission, you must collect every hidden package. Once you leave the mansion in Shoreside Vale you can return to your hideout in Wichita Gardens and have all the ammunition you need. Then, just use rockets on the Cartel Cruiser barricades and the Barracks OL trucks. Use a strong car for cover and use the sniper rifle to pick off any Cartel guards. Then, move to the roof. After all the guards on the ground are gone, move up the stairs -- but not all the way. Snipe the two guards covering Maria and the one behind the smoke stack.
Farewell Chunky Lee Chong mission: Easy completion: Go to China Town, where Chunky Lee Chong is located. Do not activate the intermission of Chunky Lee Chong counting his money by stepping past the row of poles. Enable the "All weapons" code, take out the Bazooka, aim it at the booth that Chunky Lee Chong is at, and the mission will be done. Note: Speed away quickly so the Triads that were guarding Chunky Lee Chong do not chase after you.
Gang-Car Round-Up mission: Saving time: Take the Diablo Stallion, Mafia Sentinal, and Yakuza Stinger and put them in your garage. Go to the phone and deliver the cars to save time and miles.
The Getaway mission: Pantyhose on head: When the Mafia men get in the car, change to the first person view in the car. Press R2 to see one of the mafia men in the passenger seat is wearing some pantyhose on his head. Press L2 + R2 to look in the back, where the other two mafia men are wearing pantyhose as well.
The Getaway mission: Easy completion: When the robbers get in the car, the alarm will go off inside the bank. The cops will then be on you. After all the robbers get in your car, enable the "No wanted level" code to prevent this.
After you escape the Cartel Mansion, enable the "Tank" code then follow the dot on the radar the Cochrane Dam. Before you approach the Cartel roadblock, enable the "All Weapons" code. After you activate the code, shove through the two Cartel Cruisers. About 150 feet ahead is another roadblock of two Cartel Cruisers. This time, shoot them with the cannon on the tank. If done correctly, the two cruisers and the two Columbian Cartel men should be dead. You should have also killed a Cartel hidden in a corner to the right. Next, you will see a Barracks OL and a Cartel Cruiser with a Columbian Cartel in front of you. When you get close enough, shoot the Barracks OL at the correct moment and it will knock off one more Cartel Cruiser, Columbian Cartel, and Barracks OL off the to-do list of completing your game. If you miss, just plow through the vehicles. However, this is not enough to kill a man on a ledge to the left. You will have to deal with him on your own. After you get past the ledge with the Cartel on it, an intermission sequence will begin, showing Maria being held hostage on the helipad by two Cartel on both sides and one sniping from a corner on the left. After the intermission sequence, you will see another Barracks OL and another Cartel to the left. You have two options. The first is that you can take the Tank, run over him, and risk your life by getting the Tank blown up and wasting time. The second is to enable the "Armor" code and shoot him when you exit the tank. After you dispatch him by either method, quickly select your rocket launcher and wait for Catalina and her helicopter to appear. Carefully aim and pull the trigger. After she goes down, select the sniper rifle (recommended) or the M-16 and shoot the two Cartel by Maria. Then, shoot the Cartel to the left.
Gone Fishing mission: Enable the "Faster game play" code. When you get close to the man, an intermission sequence will start and he will throw a grenade. However, because the code is active, the grenade will explode on his boat or in the water.
Gone Fishing mission: Get Ghost Missing boat: Shoot the blue boat until the damage indicator is full, then leave it to run around. It will make its way to shore where it will beach itself and the man will get out and run. Run yourself onto the shore, hopefully killing the man and completing the mission. If not, get out and shoot him. Then, walk over to his blue boat and start bumping into it to push it back in the water. Once its on the water, jump into it (will be a bit damaged) and sail off. You will notice the boats graphics are not fully finished and it is called "GHOST missing".
Grand Theft Auto mission: Free Stinger, Cheetah, and Infernus: In Staunton Island there is a mission named Grand Theft Auto that is given by Kenji. In the mission, you have to bring a Stinger, Cheetah, and an Infernus to Kenji's friend's garage. Instead, bring them to your hideout. When the time runs out they are all yours.
I Scream, You Scream mission: Get Ice Cream Truck: To get the Ice Cream Truck without failing the mission, get the briefcase then get the Ice Cream Truck. Go to Atlantic Quays. Turn on the siren and leave the truck. Pull out the sniper rifle and kill the four men. The truck is now free for the taking. Park it in the Import/Export Garage.
Killing Kenji mission: After talking with Donald Love, steal a Colombian Cartel cruiser. Go to the parking garage where Kenji is holding his meeting. Enable the "All weapons" code. Drive the cruiser to the level in the garage directly underneath where Kenji is located. Use the Bazooka and shoot at the ceiling of the level you are on many times until everything above is destroyed. You will need enable the "No wanted level" code often while shooting the ceiling. Get back in the cruiser and the message "Kenji is fender meat" will appear. Enable the "No wanted level" code, drive the cruiser out, and get rid of it.
Liberator mission: Before starting the mission, get a Cartel Cruiser. Go to Donald Love. He will ask you to "jack a Cartel gang car". Get in yours and the game will instruct you to go to the Cartel hideout. Enable the "All weapons" code and go in front of the hideout. Get out and take out your sniper rifle. Zoom in and shoot the people you see inside. Get back in your Cartel Cruiser and drive it in front of the gate. Get out and your sniper rifle should already be out. Zoom in and shoot the other people you see. Run forward, then zoom in on your sniper rifle and shoot the rest of the people. They will not see you. Go to the garage next to the Cartel Cruiser that you can see. Before you open the gate, take your Uzi out. Open the gate and press R1. The cartel member there should be targeted. Shoot him and go to the door with the old man. Get in your Cartel Cruiser and take him back to Donald Love's place.
Love's Disappearance mission: Yakuza in Fort Staunton: Once completing Love's Disappearance, go to Fort Staunton to find Yakuza members fighting the Cartel.
Marked Man mission: When you have to drive Ray from the park to the airport, you will be told to find another route because the bridge is being covered by cops. Get the bulletproof Cheetah and drive to the airport through the bridge from Staunton Island to Shoreside. You will encounter heavy fire from several cops with AR-15s, but the Cheetah is bulletproof. The Cheetah is fast, so you will finish the mission in a short amount of time. After driving him to the airport, you will get his keys to the garage that contains a bulletproof Hummer with guns and money.
Payday for Ray mission: To complete this mission easily, enable the "Tank" code about a dozen times. This will remove all the cars. Also, do not take an all-around fast car because they do not turn well. The Bobcat is recommended.
The Pick Up mission: Before you pick up the briefcase, get two cars that you can jump on top of and park them so that two entrances are blocked. Then, pick up the briefcase. Kill the two Triad members that rush at you, then jump on top of one of the cars and shoot two more Triads members. Be careful, as one might have a gun. Next, at the entrance where the Triads parked the fish truck, kill the one Triad member then get into the truck and run over the second one to complete the mission.
Plaster Blaster mission: This mission can be difficult if you cannot ram the ambulance fast enough before you get destroyed by cops or gangs. It could also be very annoying when the plaster man falls out right in the middle of gang territory and they shoot you until you die. Take a heavy-hitting car such as a Fire Truck or a Barracks OL and hit the ambulance at top speed. With some luck, you will fill the damage meter with one hit. Then, just finish the mission with ease by blasting the plastered man with your bazooka.
Pump Action Pimp mission: Go to Ammu-nation to get the weapons, then enable the "Destroy all cars" code.
Purge The Paparazi mission: Rather than chasing down the boat, simply walk over to the wall next to A's apartment. When you have a clear view of the photographer's boat, select the "bazooka" weapon and pump three shots into the boat. If done correctly, this will result in instant victory without getting your feet wet.
Ransom mission: Cartel with AK-47s: After completing the Ransom mission, the Cartel have access to AK-47s and Uzis on the streets. This is the same in Fort Staunton. Yakuza member there will have increased.
Salvatore Has Called A Meeting mission: Easy completion: After you pick up Luigi and Joey and are picking up Tony, turn into his parking lot and get into the back of the lot. Make sure that you have already enabled "All weapons" code. The Triads will setup a roadblock with their trucks at the entrance to the lot. Get out of the limo and switch to your missile launcher. Shoot a missile at the trucks. This should destroy them. Finish off the rest of the Triads with your M-16. Then, get out of the lot and go left up the big hill. When you get to the top, get out of the limo and switch to your missile launcher. There should be Triad truck blocking the path you take to Salvatore's. Shoot them with a missile. Then, drive into that opening and you should have a easy ride to Salvatore's.
S.A.M. mission: A better way to take out the plane at the airport would be to take a fast car directly to the airport as the level starts. Use the bridge to get to Shoreside Vale instead of the boat. Try to get to the bridge as fast as possible. When you get off the bridge at Shoreside Vale, turn left into the airport and take a right turn to head for the planes. Keep going until you see the fire truck to the left of you. Pick up the fire truck and park it on the runway before the plane lands. Ignore the time as the plane lands after the clock ticks away. You will see the plane crash straight into the fire truck without you having to bazooka it. Pick up the cargo and enable the "No wanted level" code.
Sayonara Salvatore mission: Instead of ambushing Salvatore's car, go to Luigu's early. Go to the back door. When time is up, Salvatore's bodyguards will appear. Mow them all down with your machine gun and finally get Salvatore.
Shima mission: Collect the first two briefcases then enable the "Tank" code. Next, drive to Portland and go to the green dot. Drive into the parking lot and run over the Diablos with the Tank. Get the briefcase and take it back to Kenji at his casino.
Silence the Sneak mission: When you find the apartment and the window is zoomed in, look on the same wall for a garage door. Find a vehicle (the bigger, the better) and block the garage with it. Next, throw the grenade into the window. When the sneak tries to escape, the vehicle will be in his way. Quickly throw a grenade at the car placed in front of the garage. Both cars and anyone inside should explode. Throw extra grenades into the garage if needed. You have now completed the mission with no chasing.
Speedboat mission: Easy completion: Before you go to see Donald Love (the mission after saving the older oriental gentleman), pick up a 2 1/2 ton truck in the weapons yard at the northern most part of Staunton Island. Go to see Love, then after the mission begins, head for Asuka's. Back the truck slowly into the opening for the docks and leave it there. Go down the stairs and get in the speedboat. Pick up the packages -- when you have them all, your wanted level will be at 5. Return to the dock outside Asuka's. You can land the boat onto the dock. Run up, get in the truck, and head back up the road. Take the alley on the hill. This is where the Pay 'N Spray is located. Park the truck so it will block traffic from behind you -- you cannot paint it. The black cars are loaded with four FBI agents with assault rifles. You can now do one of two things. Either get in the mini van and get in the Pay 'N Spray; but if for some reason you cannot, then run up to the Pay N' Spray and hide in the garage bay. In a few seconds, the only thing around will be the helicopter. Once you get near the road again, the FBI comes out in force. Get one or two cars to follow you into the alley area, then run back up towards the Pay 'N Spray and get out your assault rifle. If done correctly, you should have at least one FBI car near the ramp. Take out the agents and be careful not to shoot the car too much. Steal the FBI car and take it to the Pay 'N Spray. They will paint it since it is unmarked. From here, you can park the car in your garage. You may want to keep it since it is one of the hardest cars to get. Steal a car and take the packages back to Love. Note: You must go in the Pay 'N Spray to get rid of your wanted level.
The Thieves mission: Locked car: Begin The Thieves mission from Marty. After dropping off the thieves, re-spray the car then knock off the driver's side door. Take the car to Marty's with the door off, then get out. The mission passed mission will appear. Then, use the door that is busted off to get in the car. Take the car to Pay N Spay. Fix it, and your doors are now locked. The police, prostitutes, and gangs cannot get in your car. You can just sit there and watch.
Toyz mission: See what is in safe house: Drive your remote controlled car to the safe house. Drive it into the house. You will see everything that is inside.
Toyz mission: Easy kills: Pull in between two of the cars you are going to destroy and blow both of them up to get a double kill.
Toyz mission: Keep playing: If you like driving and destroying things with the RC cars, instead of driving away with the "Toys" van when the mission is complete, get out and get back into the van again.
Toyz mission: Return to Toyz truck: Do the Toyz mission outside of Tony's Resturant. Get in and drive the toy car to the car crusher. The magnet will pick up the car and crush it. However, when you get inside the crusher, the screen will glitch and take you back to the Toyz truck.
Triads And Tribulations mission: Easy completion: In the Triads and Tribulations mission for Toni, you have to kill three men working for the Triads. Kill the man on the street by doing a drive-by. Next, get out of your car and kill the man in China Town. You should be set up to approach the last man from behind. Make sure you kill this man last. Do not actually pull into the Triad headquarters to kill him. Instead, pull off into the park and you will see a hill in the grass. Get on top this hill to look over the fence surrounding their headquarters. Enable the "All weapons" code and use the sniper rifle to kill the last man. When you are done, the gangsters that are riding along with you will start walking towards the fence. Follow them there after a few seconds they will bend over and stick there heads through the fence. This is an easy way to beat the mission with a humorous ending.
Turismo mission: Easy completion: When doing the first Diablo mission, "Turismo", go to the starting grid. Start the race and once it begins, jump out of your car. Run into the bushes to the right. When you get there, enable the "Destroy all cars" code. The other racers will explode and put you in first place. Then, just complete all the check points to complete the mission.
Turismo mission: Head start: On the Turismo mission that you receive from El Burro in the phone call, use the following trick to get a head start on all the Cheetahs. Instead of going, throw the Blue Marker and wait for the countdown. Get good enough speed and go straight through them. This will start the race and give you a head start. This will only work if you do not go through them cleanly -- you have to touch at least one.
Two Faced Tanner mission: Killing Tanner Take the Yakuza Stinger from Asuka, and find 8-Ball's auto shop on your map. Take the Stinger to 8-Ball's and rig it. Next, drive to Kenji's casino and pull in front of Tanner's car (the stationary Esperato). Press Circle, quickly get out of the Stinger and speed run to the blue circle. If timed correctly, Tanner will run out, pull open his door, and attempt to enter.
Under Surveillance mission: Stand at the top of the stairs leading to the docks. Take out the rocket launcher and carefully aim at the boat. Press X, it will take a few seconds to reload, then press X again to finish the job.
Van Heist mission: It may be difficult to get the damage meter all the way filled with any car. The easiest way is to find a Coach. Use the Coach, and not the Bus, to hit the money truck. A small hit will come close to doing the trick.
Vehicle crane missions: This mission will be tedious, but well worth it in the end. Eventually the game instructs you to use the crane to grab emergency vehicles for some money. The vehicles you will need are as follows: Police Car, Enforcer, Fire Truck, Ambulance, Rhino, FBI car, and a Barracks OL. Each time you get a vehicle, take it to the Portland docks and park it under the crane's magnet. You will receive $1,500 for each one you take there; if you get all seven, you will get $200,000 and pick-ups for each. Also, you can return to the crane anytime and use those vehicles for your own use. Note: The Police Car and the Enforcer are the easiest to get, the others require some time and patience.

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