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GTA3: Shoreside Vale

Out on the tarmac at Frances International Airport, near the police helipad, is a parked police car. This is useful if you are found car-less after crashing the Dodo or in a similar predicament. There is also a hidden package on the helipad. There are also vans scattered about, and one is in the terminal area. If you drive around the terminal (the big, spider-like building) you will find a hidden package.
2. Go to the front of the Cartel hideout in the day and face the opposite direction as the guard is standing. Go forward, and you should see a house on your left. Enter that yard and check the front porch. There should be a hidden package located there or in the backyard. Be careful not to fall in the pool. After getting the hidden packages, check in front of that house's garage for a car you can steal.

Go to the industrial side, then climb the hills until you are past the police station, towards the dam. There should be an opening in the wall, with a jump facing you. Go up to the jump, and turn right. Do not jump. There should be a corridor of crates and objects. Accelerate down it, and jump off the jump located there. Your car will land in a group of storage garages. There is health (free), armor (free), and Molotov Cocktails ($5,000) and the Flamethrower ($25,000) scattered about. If your car is not totaled, there is a road hidden behind the end garage on the Molotov side that leads up to the police station; or you can just make the small jump off the trailer.
2. There is a Flamethrower under the bridge in Shoreside Vale, on the lawn next to the statue opposite the airport.

Sniping location:
Get on to the bridge that leads to and away from Shoreside Vale. Then, go straight and stay on the main road until you reach an intersection. At the top right corner of the intersection is a lot you can pull into. Go into it. There will be a small ramp, a 18-wheeler trailer and some storage crates. There are stairs on the side of the warehouse building. Go up them until you are on the roof of the warehouse. Once there, you have the best vantage point in the game.
Sniping location 2: Go to the back of the police station. There should be a parking lot there. Behind the parking lot is a group of garages. There is a line of garages you can jump on. Park your car next to the barricade that is in front of the line of garages you can jump on. Jump on your car then jump on the garages. Next, jump down. You can shoot people from here. The only threat to you are the police helicopters. Just shoot them down with a rocket launcher.

Enable the "All weapons" code behind the middle of the three signs facing Francis International Airport.
2. Get a car bomb at 8-Ball's Bomb Shop in Shoreside Vale. You will get a remote detonator like the one in the ice cream truck mission from El Burro.

Cars driving off bridge:
When part of the bridge rises, tap a car with your car. Most of the time they will casually drive off the bridge. This also happens if you shoot the cars.
Secret walkway on bridge: On the Shoreside Vale lift bridge, find a piece of cement that is slanted. This piece of cement holds a beam on the bridge on the far left or right sides of the bridge. Once it is found, get your car and place it so you can jump on the car to the piece of cement. Once on top, find the blue walkway. Jump towards the walkway to get on it.
Stuck under bridge: When the bridge lifts up, walk very slowly off the edge. You should land on the underside of the bridge. No one can get to you down here, but you also cannot get back up.
Hidden bazooka ammunition: Head north across Cochrane Dam. Make the right turn when you get across, then take the first left to get on the street behind the houses. Enter the back driveway of the house on the corner, then go behind the garage and face the house. Jump on to the roof of the house, walk all the way around, and on the other side will be five more bazooka rounds.
Ammunition and items: Go to the police station and go around the back. You will see two rows of garages. Jump down and go to the row on the left. You will see a open garage, with Molotov Cocktails and a Flamethrower that you can buy, and they regenerate. Opposite, there areanother two garages open with health and armor.
Walk on dam: Go up to the first or second sniper posts. Make sure you have no weapons out and run rapidly by tapping X repeatedly.
Get a tank into Catalina's pool: Get a Cartel Cruiser and open up the gate in front of Catalina's house. Park the Cartel Cruiser next to where the end of the gate is once it is open so it cannot shut. Enable the "Tank" code. Note: Make sure you are not in the middle of the road or the tank will probably fall on you. Take the tank and head into the open gate. You can blow up the Cartel Cruiser you parked if necessary. Go around the right side of the house through some bushes and trees and drop into the pool. You can do this multiple times, but make sure you do not die before you save or all the tanks will disappear. If you get stuck under tank if it falls on you, enable the "Destroy all cars" code.
Rainbow: Go to Cochrane Dam just after it has been raining and the sun is coming out to see a rainbow.
Finding hookers: Wait until it is 21:00 or later at night. Go to area where the police station and the hospital are located.
Francis International Airport messages: Go outside the main entrance to Francis International Airport and look up at the electric sign. It will read 'Welcome to Francis International Airport. Please do not leave luggage unattended. Follow 1 for long and short term parking. The time is (the actual time)"
Shoot cone off statue: Outside the subway in Francis International Airport is a vandalized grave with a "In memory of those who fought for our freedom" inscription and a statue with a large red cone on his head. Use a Rocket Launcher to blow it away.
Cone for a hat: Go to the subway entrance at Frances International Airport and look up at the statue in the water.
Hidden city: Enable the "Tank" and "Dodo City" codes. Fire the tank turret backwards continuously until you fly. Fly high enough to escape the boundaries in the game. Fly high over the closed tunnel near the dam and the observatory. Then, look for a tiny levitating town. Note: Some games freeze up at this point.
Stupid cops: This trick must be done before the Cartel Ship mission. Get yourself to a wanted level then travel to the Cartel barge. If the cops are chasing you, they will park their car near the corner of the sniper building (with stairs). As they run, they will shoot at you. They will run off the bulkhead, waving their hands in the air while falling.
Posters: Go to the airport. Once there, go to the gate that you have to break through. Stop and look at the booth directly next to the gate. There will be four posters hanging inside the window. One shows a woman in a black dress that says she always liked to be taken up dark alleys. The next one features a woman in a white bikini with a caption of fun bags at the bottom. The other two are the same as seen on billboards. Use the Sniper Rifle to zoom in and get a better look. The other booth near the parking lot in the airport also has these posters.
Secret boat: At the airport, go to the runway that veers to the right. Get to the end, then jump down on to the ledge to your left. Look in the water to find a speeder.
Two speed boats: To get two speed boats, go to the airport and get in the Dodo Cessna plane. Drive on the runway but do not take off. When at the end of the runway, disembark the plane and run to the speed boat that you can see. Get in and drive around for a few seconds. Drive back and you will see a new speed boat. Note: You must drive the Dodo to get the speed boat.
Hummer checkpoint mission: There is a small dirt park at the edge of the island on the residential side. You can, if you feel lucky, drive off the road going past the mansions and land there. Or, you can drive the switchbacks down, take a left to go towards the water (you should be descending), take a left, then take a right onto the dirt road at the bluff. Follow it to a Humvee that has another checkpoint mission. Note: the Hummer can climb near-vertical walls, just switchback your way up, going right, then left, and so on.
Import/Export: Leave Cochrane Dam (the dam itself) going towards the industrial side. Immediately after leaving the dirt road, there should be an opening in a wall. Enter it, get out, and walk up to a whitish area on the wall. This is a list of cars to steal. Swipe them, return them to the garage door next to the list, and once all are collected you will be able to walk into the garage and pick whichever one you want.
Shoot down Dodo: Drive to the Cedar Grove neighborhood. Behind the Cartel mansion is a mountain with a gray bottom and a top that turns green. Steal a police car and drive up the mountain. It gets fairly steep -- find pockets of space and pull through. The top is needle sharp. Get out of the car before it rolls down. Stand on top of the mountain, which has a great view of the city. Wait awhile, and you will hear an engine noise from above. Look up and a full winged Dodo will be flying. Use a rocket launcher to hit it. It will explode in a mass of debris and light. You now will have four stars.
See inside of plane: Go to the airport in a fast car (Cheetah, Inferus, Banshee, etc.). Then, wait until a plane leaves the runaway or lands. Drive up to it and get directly underneath. You should be able to see the inside of the plane. Although it is hollow, you can see the windows.
Re-enter Cartel mansion: After completing the last storyline mission (rescuing Maria), the Cartel mansion will be closed again. You can access it, however, if you are in a Cartel Cruiser (large ugly chromed trucks). There is armor in the garage and a package in the pool out in back.

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