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Grand Theft Auto 3
Alt. names: GTA3, GTA 2, GTAIII, GTA III

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GTA3: The People

Singing paramedics: Kill a lot of people and the ambulance should appears. If you get stars, enable the the "No wanted level" code. The paramedics will jump out of the ambulance to heal the injured people. While they are healing the people, they will sing parts of songs from the radio.
Scared pedestrians:
Shoot cars with an M16 until they catch on fire. The person driving will accelerate and try to stop. Watch the car explode. The car might stop and the driver will get out and hit another car while the other car speeds up (before stopping and exploding).
Singing pedestrian: Throughout the game, a pedestrian can be heard saying lines from Village People songs. He says things like "YMCA", "In the navy", "You can sail the seven seas", and many more.
Forrest Gump pedestrian: If you look around enough you will notice a pedestrian with reddish hair, a funny walk, blue shorts, and a white and blue Hawaiian-style T-shirt. Bump into him just enough to nudge and he will say things in a "Forrest Gump"-type voice. His phrases include "I'm gonna start joggin soon" and "I bet the diner's open."
Pedestrian with Rockstar hat: Look around for a man that has a white coat and some kind of earmuffs or headphones. Take out the sniper rifle and try to zoom in on his hat. You should see the Rockstar logo on his hat.
Pedestrian with Rockstar shirt: While in Staunton Island, near your hideout is a girl in a blue sweatshirt. She usually says "Hi, how are you?" . The Rockstar name appears across her chest.
Hit a pedestrian very far: Load up on adrenaline pills while the game is slow motion mode. Use your fist and get in a fight with someone on the streets. Note: You can get chased buy the cops as this is violence. If you knock him down, he will go flying through the air. He will die or get back up again to fight.
Take a pedestrian out of car without getting in: Walk up to a car and press Triangle. As soon as you start pulling the person out, hold either Down or the opposite direction of the car. This will cause you to just pull the person out and not get in. This is helpful for when you want to get more pedestrians to kill by hand or to not get a wanted level. Tthe police will only chase if you steal the car and pull the person out.
Pick up two prostitutes at once: Get a four door car such as a Landstalker or a Limo. Find two prostitutes that are together on the street and then have them enter the car. You will not get extra health.
Get a prostitute to follow you on foot: Pick up a prostitute in the usual way and increase your health to 125. When she gets out of the car and walks away, slowly follow alongside her without making her run away. Continue following her until she turns to walk back to your car. Before she gets back into the car, get out of the car and run a few feet away. She should follow you when you run and stand by you when you stop. She will not get back into a car with you, but if you get into a car and drive slowly. She will follow you, running behind the car. Be careful not to run her over. If you stop the car, she will try to stand by the car. You can look at her with the M-16, Sniper Rifle or Rocket Launcher, but she will run away and leave you if you aim auto-targeting weapons at her (such as the Uzi, AK-47, Shotgun, etc.). She will stay with you if you shoot pedestrians, gang members, etc., but will run away if you shoot someone who is fighting her. She will not start a fight or join in if you start fighting a bystander. However, if someone hits her she will fight back.
Make pedestrians jump: Get a car and drive it to an area where there is water close to a road. Next, drive your car to the edge while there are people around. Get out and push your car into the water. Wait until it explodes. All the people around will run into the water, trying to see the explosion and consequently drown themselves. They will float down there for awhile.
Make pedestrians jump 2: Go to Asuka's on Staunton Island and take one of the boats that are docked. Turn so you are facing Portland. Then, make a left and follow the Staunton Island coastline. Keep following it until you see the second small bridge. There will be a little inlet there. Turn into it and go to the right. Go to the end of it and take out a bazooka or a sniper rifle and shoot cars or people. If gang members come after you they will fall into the water. When pedestrians come to see what happened they will also fall in. Get a wanted level and watch the police fall in the water when they come after you.
Kill a lot of pedestrians: Kill a pedestrian with a gun. Then, wait until everyone nearby approaches to see the dead person. Enable the "All weapons" code and select the rocket launcher. Get far back and blast everyone standing around the first dead person.
Pickpockets: There are two kinds of pickpockets in the game. One looks like a Nines gang member, but wears darker clothes. The second type has a black shirt and blue and white pants. When you see them pickpocket, aim at them with a gun and they will drop the money.
Pickpockets 2: To attract pickpockets, go to Hepburn Heights and get a get a good car such as a Diablo. Drive slow and look for pickpockets. Honk the horn and after awhile they will approach, get in your car, and drive off. Arm your car with a bomb so when they drive off, the car will explode with them inside.
Repeating thief: Look around Liberty City for a white thief. Either start a fist fight or point a gun (handgun, Uzi, AK-47) at him. Sometimes he will say things such as" I'll get ya get ya" and "What, are you nuts? Nuts!?".

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