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Alt. names: GTA3, GTA 2, GTAIII, GTA III

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GTA3: Game Glitches

Ghost Town: After mastering flying the Dodo for long distances, you can get to the town that is used in the opening FMV sequence. Take off from the main runway in Francis International Airport, heading towards the island. Fly all the way around the coast, behind the dam, and when you are almost to the front of the island there will be a small road and the "Liberty City Bank" building including the Securicar in front of it. There is only a very small solid part of ground which may be possible to land on.
Upside-down world: Fly to the Ghost Town using the Dodo. When you reach it, go under it (making sure not to land in the water) while facing Shoreside Vale. Go under the mountains and everything will be upside-down. It will remain this way until you land.
Invisible weapon: Have a weapon and enable the "Different costume" code. If you want to get a certain weapon, pick the weapon before the one you want.
Invisible/no people: Get to a part on the coast of either Staunton Island or Shoreside Vale where you can easily see the other island closely with a sniper rifle. Look at the other island through the scope while zoomed in, and there will not be any people on the island.
Invisible cars: Go to liberty city and steal a flatbed truck. Enable the "Better driving skills" code then go to the multi-level parking garage and drive to the top. Press L3 once at the top and every car in the garage will vanish. Note: This also works with the bus.
Get to any island earlier than normal: Drive a Yankee down to the tunnel that is blocked off by a blue wall. Park the Yankee on the little edge on the side of the road. You can jump on the hood of it and get halfway into the little ceiling. Jump , and you can now jump on the other ledge there. Walk to the blue wall that is one to two feet tall. Jump over it. Walk on the tunnel roof until you fall halfway through. Enable the "Tank" code. Drive the tank over the edge of the roof. You then fall into blue hell and land in the tunnel. You can now go to any island early.
Fall through game: Go to the overpass of the bridge between Portland and Staunton Island on the Staunton side. Go to the southwest edge of the bottom of the overpass (with the radio station ads). Note the tiny space in-between the brick building and the overpass. Walk up to it and you will fall through the game, reappear in the sky, fall through the overpass, and only lose five health points.
Fall through game 2: On the second island at the police station are two gates. Enter the one on the right with a police car and drive around the back of the station to the left side gate. Go though the gate to the bottom of the ramp. Exit the car and walk into the corner where the walls meet. You will then fall through the wall and land on the street corner above.
Fall through game 3: While on any island, take a car and drive it into the subway. Go onto the tracks and park the car a few yards inf ront of where the subway train stops. Wait for it to approach and start up again. If you park in the correct position, the train will ram you through the wall and you will fall into black for a few seconds before landing on the street directly above the subway. If you land on your wheels you can be rewarded with at least $5,000.
Fall through game 4: Go to Staunton Island and enter the hospital parking lot. Enable the "Better Car Handling" code. Build speed while driving towards the hospital then use the hydraulic jump to get onto the roof. If you drive into at the hospital building, you will fall through it, through "blue hell", and arrive inside the Porter tunnel.
Fall through game 5: Enable the "Faster game play" code find a corner or a similar place. Run at sprinting speed into the corner and you should fall through the level and eventually end up somewhere else on the island you are on.
Fall through game 6: Get on top a building that is not usually accessible by jumping with hydraulics or going through an invisible wall. Exit back through an invisible wall and you will fall through the floor and the screen will turn blue. After a short while you will appear back on land.
Fall through game 7: Enable the "Better driving skills" and "Slower game play" codes. Line yourself up with your garage in Portland. Cross the street in front of the entrance of your hideout. Drive and jump your car exactly at the start of the sidewalk in front of the entrance to your hideout. You should land on top of your garage and fall into a blue glitch.
Fall through game 8: Go to the Mafia house in Portland (on top of the cliff, where you enter it and hear the piano). Get a car and enable the "Better driving skills" code. Drive from where the two black Mafia cars are located in the dirt area, and jump over the small round poles that block a car from driving onto the stairs. Continue straight and jump onto the rooftop in front of you. If you can, turn the car left to where the rooftop connects. If you cannot, just get the car to a stop and get out of it. Walk on the rooftop over by the chimney. You might be able to hear the piano. Walk into the chimney, but not too far, because might just walk through it. You will fall into it, and see inside. If you get stuck, just walk into the middle. You will then fall for a couple of seconds under the ground, and have view of the beach and the sky. You will then land in the street directly in front of the Mafia house. You also may lose a few health points.
Jail clothes: Start the game and wait for your first mission. You will be dressed in a "jail" type of clothing. From there, load a saved game. Once you start your saved game, you will still be dressed in the jail clothes. Note: If you happen to save the game, the "Different costume" cheat is will always be disabled.
No cars: Repeatedly enable the "Tank" code eleven times. There will be no cars (including police) driving around. Parked cars will still be there. Note: Enable the "Destroy all cars" code before saving your game.
Interior car view: Get any car that will fit in the subway tunnels. Take it down into the subway from Chinatown going towards Staunton Island. Enable the "Better driving skills" code. When you pass into Staunton Island (and the welcome screen appears ) press L3 to begin jumping. If done correctly, you will get stuck in the top, allowing you to see through the roof and view the driver turning the wheels and changing the gears.
Drive a burned wreck: Stand in front of the car you want to hijack and enable the "Destroy all cars" code. You character will try to enter the car and it will explode. Immediately enable the "Full health" code to put out the flames on the wreck. You can now drive the black twisted piece of metal around town.
Drive a burned wreck 2: Enable the "Faster game play" code two times. Then, enter the "Destroy all cars" code up to the second Triangle. Carjack a non-parked vehicle by pressing the second Triangle in the code and finish it while your character is opening the car door, but before he is completely in. Quickly enable the "Full health" code and your vehicle will stop burning. You can now drive around, pick up prostitutes, and get in and out of the car. If you do not like driving with only three wheels, take the car to a Pay 'N' Spray and it will be brand new, and it will still be exploded. Note: This trick does not work on special vehicles (ambulance, fire truck, FBI car, Rhino, police car, Barracks OL, Enforcer) or parked vehicles.
Flying helicopter wreck: Raise your wanted level to three stars to attract the police helicopter. Shoot the helicopter with the rocket launcher. While it is exploding, quickly enable the "Lower wanted level" code. If done correctly, you will see the half-destroyed helicopter fly away.
Drive up dam: At Shoreside Vale, go to the bottom of the dam with a fast car (police cars work best). Slowly drive up the dam and you will be able to drive around almost vertically.
Drive through door: There is a "ghost" door in Portland at the Atlantic Quays area. Atlantic Quays is where you drive Maria to the party. You can drive through the fourth garage door, however anyone can get in.
Drive under Staunton island: Get a boat from Azuka's Condo and drive it in the direction of the little bridge with the secret package on top of it. Go to the part where you can beach the boat on the road. Go back in the direction of Azuka's slowly and look at the land beside you. When you see a triangle of grass coming down where there should be just gray roc correct the boat so that you hit it straight on. If done correctly, you should go underneath.
Drive on top of cars: Look around Staunton Island or Shoreside Vale for a Cartel Cruiser. Jack it and look for cars with a very low center of gravity. Enable the "Flying car" code and approach it at full speed. You will drive over it like a monster truck.
Go through walls: Enable the "Faster game play" code twice. Get any car except the Dodo or a bus. Drive up to a corner where two walls meet. Get out of the car. Run into the corner of the car that is closest to the wall. Keep trying until you are inside the building or wall. Note: This does not work on all walls. If you go inside some buildings, the game will glitch and you will fall through "Blue Hell". The game will not freeze.
Go through walls 2: In Staunton Island, go to the police station. Go up the stairs leading to the station, turn right, then jump over the glass ledge and carefully ease along the narrow ledge. Soon after the fourth segment, you should be able to go through the wall. This leads to a room with "Blue Hell" on the floor. However you will be able to fall through on the clear floor on the far left.
Go through walls 3: Go to the police station on Staunton Island. Steal the police car and enter the gates. Once in, steal the Enforcer. Go back to the gates you just entered from, but do not leave. Parallel park against the building so that you are up against it. Then. jump onto your Enforcer's roof and jump onto the window ledge. You can walk inside the building through a window (the fifth one from the gate or somewhere near that). You can see the jail cell once you are inside. If you keep walking straight to the far wall, you will fall through the floor and fall out of the sky. This is not a way onto the roof, so you still cannot reach the helicopter.
Go through roof: At Staunton Island, go to Pay 'n' Spray and enable the "Better driving skills" code. Go into the garage and jump. You will jump through the roof and land somewhere else.
Walk through the air: Get an ambulance and drive it to Saint Mark's Bistro in Portland Island. Drive the ambulance up the stairs to the top of the Bistro. Then, climb on top of the ambulance onto the narrow wall. Walk on the wall until you reach the next rooftop it meets with. Switch to overhead view to avoid accidentally falling off. You can now walk around in the air over the other rooftops. You can tell where the invisible ground ends by looking for scraps of paper laying about you.
Drive on air: Drive a car to the top of Saint Mark's Bistro in Porland Island. Enable the "Better driving skills" code and jump your car (Bobcat or Taxi recommended) on top of the building to the right. You can drive on air for awhile, and also jump to other buildings. Watch for the newspapers on the ground to make sure you do not fall off.
Stuck in subway: Get a Banshee and drive on the handrail in the center of the steps leading down to the subways. It will get stuck. When you get out, sparks will start flying and you will not be able to get back in. Blow it up and it will shoot down the steps and into the subway. Note: If you get hit by It you will lose lots of health and possibly die.
Teleport: At Staunton Island, go to the subway at the southern most part of the island. Wait for a train to appear. When it does, go in the second door from the left. There should be a dip in the platform where you have to get up, but you will make it. Ride the train to the next stop at the airport. When you get off, you will be transported to the top of the subway tunnel.
Teleport 2: At Shoreside Vale during the boat mission, go to a hill/mountain. Bump into a certain part of it and you will appear on the street with your boat.
Bad bump in Portland: Go to Trenton at the Portland docks. On the other side of the fence near the third semi trailer is a lump in the ground. If you follow the lump up and down, you will find a glitch that will also damage your health by 5 percent.
Get into Portland hideout without having to save: This glitch allows you to get in the hideout where you go with 8-Ball to change clothes. Get a Tank, go to your hideout, then park it in the garage. Get out and you will fall through the ground and into the room. There is a bed with a refrigerator in side. However, you cannot get out.
Unlimited time on taxi missions: Do a taxi mission and make sure the timer is on. Before you get your next fare, try to run down the timer and before it hits zero attract your next fare by stopping in front or around him/her. The counter should disappear, but the passenger should still enter the car and tell you where they want to go. You can keep using the same taxi with unlimited time for each passenger. Turning off the taxi mission or getting out of the car will result in the return of the timer in game.
Taxi passengers that cannot be picked up: Do the trick of doing a taxi mission in other vehicles by holding R3 when you are inside the taxi, exiting, going into another car, and releasing R3. Attempt to do the taxi missions in an emergency vehicle and the game will slightly glitch. The people that you could pick up will rarely flash green on the map and you cannot pick them up. However, they will wave to you as usual. Try this with the Police Car and turn on the siren.
Easy checkpoint missions: If you are having trouble with some checkpoint missions, such as Multistory Mayhem, put your car directly in front of a checkpoint and allow the timer to run down. As soon as it hits "0", accelerate into the checkpoint. If done correctly, the timer should stop but the checkpoints should still be there. This gives you an easy ride to the last checkpoint, which when hit, will result in about $20,000.
Car alarm: After getting into a car that has an alarm system, get back out after it goes off. Throw a grenade or shoot a rocket at the car. The car will explode, but the alarm will keep sounding.
Get crushed by car crusher: Enable the "Better driving skills" code in Portland. Get a car that jumps high, and jump into the top opening of the car crusher.
Smashed by bridge: Get a Banshee and go to the bridge from Staunton Island to Shoreside Vale. While the bridge is up, take your Banshee and drive it to the edge so that your front wheels are hanging over, then get out. The car should stay there and not fall off. When the bridge comes down, watch it get smashed and get wedged in between the normal road and the rising one. Note: After that is done, you can stand in front of it and jump. Your character will act as if the car is driving at him and jump out of the way.
Car on water: Get any car and go to Asuka's condo in Staunton Island. Drive down to the docks where you enter Staunton Island and drive your vehicle on top of the boat. While it is on it, get out and drive the boat away. The car will fall off into the water, but will not explode. Note: You can jump on top of it, and even get in the car. However, once you are in it, you cannot get out and will die.
Car on water 2: Get a Coach or other long vehicle and go to the Portland Harbor next to the Linerunner. Back the rear end of the vehicle off the edge of the harbor, and get out. Go to the front of the vehicle and push it off (run at the vehicle). You can now jump down on the vehicle.
Car under fire truck: Drive a fire truck and hit a car head on, If done correctly, the car will go halfway underground or into the fire truck.
Disappearing people: When your walking and see people in the distance, press the button to look behind you, then turn back. The will have disappeared.
People go through bridge: Drive any car onto the bridge between Shoreside Vale and Staunton Island. Create a road block in the part that goes up. Wait for a car to appear and then wait for the bridge to go up. When the bridge is going up, pull the person out. They will get sucked through the roadway. Sometimes when entering the car, you will get sucked through as well, you will come back out. Most cars will disappear after awhile with the person in it. If they do not, you can make people fly.
Upside down people: Go to the Shoreside Vale subway. Go to the steps and go to where the subway stops and picks up passengers. Go back to the wall directly by the stairs. Press R3 button to look behind and the game will show a group of blue lights and people walking upside down.
Standing dead people: Enable the "Faster game play" code twice so it is at its maximum effect. Get a fast car such as a Banshee or another sports car. Run over pedestrians as they cross the road. They will be dead, but continue to stand in a puddle of their own blood. You can walk through them, and other cars will drive through them.
Blow up cars in garage but still have them later: Put some cars in your garage, open your garage, then shoot a bazooka to blow them up. Hurry and run away so the garage door will shut. Go back to the garage, open it, and the cars will still be there. If you catch a car on fire in your garage, close the door then open it again. The fire will be gone.
Teleporting limo: When playing the Salvatore Has Called A Meeting mission, park a Tank in front of the garage at Joey's. Go inside and the limo cannot get out. It will try a few times, back up, then the game will show the building, then the street. The limo will be there. It will crash into some poles and may lose a hood, but it will get to the other side of the tank in perfect condition.
Disappearing boat: Start the Gone Fishing mission. Once you get the boat and get far enough, Ray's partner will not shoot at you. Crash the boat on land and run away from it so it is out of sight. Return and the boat will be gone, except for the barrels that were on it will be floating.
Floating car: In Portland, complete the emergency cars list so that you can get an FBI car or a police car from the boat's crane. There should be a Yankee truck next to it. Select either the police or FBI car and get into the Yankee. Get directly under the car where it would normally drop to the ground. It will not drop because you are under it. Make sure all four tires are lined up to the top of the Yankee, then exit the car. When you walk away from the truck the crane will drop the police or FBI car on the top of it. When you get back into the truck and pull away, the police or FBI car should stay where it is, in mid-air.
Floating car 2: Go down to the tunnel where all of the islands are connected. Enable the "Flying car" code. Go down the tunnel, then press L3 to jump, Your car might get stuck up there. You can get out, or go through, looking at an upside down world.
Floating car 3: Get any car and go to the part of the bridge from Staunton island to Shorside Vale that moves up and down for the boats. Park your car sideways so that you will block cars that are passing. Wait for the bridge to go up, then allow the cars go past. They will drive off of the raised part of the bridge. If you get out of your car and look at the cars, you will see that they just float down to the ground just as if they were driving normally.
Jumping hobos: In Portland, enable the "Better driving skills" in the tunnel by the shop where you can get the Banshee. Begin jumping and all of the hobos in the tunnel will jump with you.
Wiggling gates: At the gate to the airport in Shoreside Vale, get a car and drive into them very slowly. The gates will begin to bounce around, then wiggle on the ground.
Maria pretends to drive: Immediately after the Chaperone mission starts, enter to the "in-car" view. Press R2 and L2 to look back at Maria, who will have her hands out as if she were holding on to the steering wheel. Note: This only works for the first time she is in the car. It will not work after the party.
DJ announcement: On the radio station Lips 106, the female DJ tells everyone "If you wanna dance your ass off, try Sex Club Seven in the Red Light District. If Jazz is your bag, try Luigi's Bar that's also in the Red Light District." However, in actuality Sex Club Seven and Luigi's Bar are the same place.
Police radio in ambulance: When in the ambulance, listen to the radio. Once you hear a voice on the radio, get in a police car and listen to all transmissions.
Rain inside building: Enter a building, such as Salvatore's place and enable the "Rain" code. It will rain inside the building.
Drive around in airport: Enter the airport at Shoreside Vale. Immediately when you get in, take a left driving by the side of the airport building. As you keep driving, you will see a building ahead of you with two vans parked out front. Off to the left side of the building is a white square-shaped air walkway going from the building and into the airport. It starts low at the building, inclines up, then straightens out into the airport. Walk straight into the lowest wall of the white air walkway to enter it. You can then make your way up the entire ramp, however there is a wall just at the entrance to the airport. You can bring a car up there as well. Note that you can only walk in the lowest part of the front side, closest to the vans.
Fly into Staunton stadium: Get to the Ghost Town and fly past and through the hill near the pipe. You will end up miles higher than the stadium. Dive into it and you may or may not fall into the underworld.
Fly onto cargo ship: Get a Dodo and take off from Francis International Airport and fly to the Ghost Town. Fly past and you will see a pipe. Fly through the hill there then fly towards Portland. You will appear twice as high as you thought you were. Fly at the boat and nose-dive into it. From here you can walk around on the boat that takes your emergency vehicles.
Army in the ocean: Get a boat and go out somewhere in the ocean. Enable the "Raise wanted level" code and increase it to six stars. Destroy the helicopters and go to Portland with the boat. Then, return to Staunton Island while still with the boat. You should see two tanks in the ocean. You can destroy them with a flamethrower, but make sure you do not start to burn.

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